The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12: Watch The Promo for “The Devil Inside”

Katherine and Nadia in "The Devil Inside" - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 promoNow that the highly anticipated Vampire Diaries‘ 100th episode has aired, we can officially freak out. Klaroline sex? Rebekah saving Matt? Bonnie and Jeremy interacting with Alaric and Vicki? Elena forgiving Katherine only for Katherine to stab her in the back and use Traveler magic to possess her body? Basically, we’re battling a case of heightened emotions right about now.

Well, if you’re as anxious as we are and can’t wait to see what’s coming up in the fast-paced supernatural world of Mystic Falls, we’ve got you covered. The official promo for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12: “The Devil Inside” promises lots of juicy twists and Nadia is overheard telling her manipulative vixen of a mother, “Once Mia does her spell, Elena will be gone and this body will be yours for ever.” However, there’s a catch. Damon refuses to part with Katherine’s body because he suspects something is amiss! “You ain’t getting it,” he tells the gals. Watch the preview trailer below for more!

There are so many things we love about this preview trailer, especially Katherine trying to pull one over on everyone and failing. Ha! That being said, do you hope Kat gets dibs on her doppelganger’s body for good? Or does homegirl need to get the hell outta there ASAP?

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12: “The Devil Inside” airs Thursday, January 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.  Be sure to tune in!


  1. nafisah ahmed Said:

    wow, so it ends in season 5?

  2. Meg Said:

    I`ll stop wacthing the show if katherine dies,and i know I`m not the only one, i even think she has more fans than elena. Elena is so boring and I love katherine`s character. Elena may be the main character but I truly hate her, she`s so irritating and needy.On the other side Katherine is funny and the sarcastics comments are awesome. She totally brings the life in the show.

  3. Amber Said:

    Agree Elena needs to die and kathrine needs to stay!

  4. Amber Said:

    When Elena choose Damon I was done with her

  5. Briana Said:

    Loveeee Katherine Elena is okay but she can get boring but Katherine is like the life of the party. !! I don’t wont Katherine to die I know that her getting inside of Elena is wrong but idc as long as shes alive. <3

  6. John Said:

    No,Katherine needs to get out. If Elena dies I’m done
    I like Katherine but I want Elena to stay in too,
    Find some other way for Katherine to stay alive Idc just keep Elena in.

  7. lex Said:

    looks like damon’s back to his awesome self…he’s the best part of the show

  8. stephanie Said:

    Katherine needs to die, i like her but if its going to be that “elena” and stefan get together forget it!! DELENA 4 EVER.. I liked the idea of Katherine with Stefan just not on Elena’s body!!!

  9. Kristina Katson Said:

    Omg DELENA 4 EVER!!!

  10. Caitlin Said:

    I think that Katherine should die. After everything she has done, and all the terrible things that she has done she should just die. She shouldn’t get to cheat death over and over again. One day karma should catch up to that bitch and just give her a slow and painful death. I love Elena sooo much more than Katherine. Elena stays and Katherine goes or I am going to stop watching the show and I am not the only one who thinks this.

  11. Yasmin Said:

    I kind of feel sorry for Nadia I mean she is such a devoted daughter but has a bitch of a mother but she is fighting for her mothers life even though Katherine has dismissed her twice as far as I’m concerned the only problem right now is Katherine I she’s going to mess up everything in Elena’s life

  12. Chelsea Said:

    I love all the characters but I don’t even care about Elena or Katherine right now. hello Caroline and Klaus?! and Tyler is back! I want more of that love triangle!

  13. sharon Said:

    i hope katherine doesnt die oh and hey i was wondering if anybody can check out my page on facebook

    please ………..

  14. karen rogador Said:

    i hope elena and stefan will be together

  15. whitney baker Said:

    whats wrong with u all lol Kathrine has got to go! shes a vindictive cow and I want elaina to stay. I like her with both brothers bt u cant have the two but if I had to pick I think she should have stayed with Stefan :-)

  16. Stelena Said:

    Disappointed of the way the show turned in season 4. Elena should of never betrayed stefan. They should of showed stefan trying to revive elena they would of in the book that would of been a good opportunity to show how much stefan loves elena. Seasons 1 and 2 were the best

  17. Alas Said:

    I already stopped watching TVD when Elena kluase sister that she has no any feeling for stefen but if Elena going make up with stefan it is good for the show bcoz stefan deserve happy ending after what he has been through with elena

  18. Hilda Said:

    Delena forever! I like Kathrine, but I love Elena. If Elena dies or gets back with Stefan.. I would cry for days! Damon is the one who makes this fun too watch. I love him so much! I like it when Stefan is with Kathrine so If both Elena and Kathrine survives, I would be so happy! And I love Carolines triangle, love too see more soon! :)

  19. Jenny Said:

    How can you seriously expect them to kill the main character of the show. Tvd is about Elena and her relationship with two vampire brothers. Expecting them to kill the main character is pretty unrealistic and stupid.

  20. Sonja Said:

    If Elena ends with Stefan I’m so pissed. He’ s so boring. She should fight against the Universe for Damon. He’s the only one!!!

  21. Mindy Said:

    Keep Elena with Damon, let Katherine come back and b with Stephan. I also love Caroline and Klause. They should just have moments of uncontrolled passion occasionally on both shows. Ha I love both both shows.

  22. Elena *not really* Said:

    amber…. u are stupid
    katherine should die
    she is a bitch
    go to hell

  23. Fan Said:

    I hope Katherine stays forever and Elena’s trapped away somewhere else. And I hope they doll up Katherine all sexy while she’s playing Elena because Katherine’s taken over Elenaas body for good

  24. Sophia Said:

    Let Elaina stay. I will stop watching the show if she dies. Just make her stay alive! And be with Damon, plz!

  25. TVD Fan Said:

    I honestly hate Katherine. She’s a disgusting, terrible bitch who needs to die already! And what is with Elena dying? I am not watching TVD if Elena dies. Yes, she was boring, but she did not deserve to be cast out of her body! Katherine is honestly so annoying. Get rid of her, and bring Elena back.

  26. LaTashae Said:

    I will not be watching the vampire diaries anymore. I like Katherine but Elena should not have died. The show has no purpose for me anymore. It was more interesting to watch the feud between Katherine & Elena. I was hoping that maybe Bonnie or another witch could have come up with a spell to save Katherine. The show started off with Elena not with Katherine.

  27. Andrea Said:

    Katherine needs to stay and hook up with Damon and Stefan and Elena Is a bitch and slut kastefan equal Katherine + Stefan forever

  28. kaayyllaa Said:

    If elena dies for ever I will NEVER watch this show ever again. Katherine is a stupid bitch, I hate her she shouldnt even be in this show she completely ruins it I have watched this since season 1 and if elena dies I will NEVER watch it again.

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