The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18: Official Synopsis for “Resident Evil”

Stefan and Elena in TVD Season 3 - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 synopsis

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There are many reasons why we’re ecstatic for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18. Not only is the show’s dangerous new villain, Markos, prowling around town and wreaking havoc, but the upcoming installment also happens to mark Paul Wesley’s highly anticipated directorial debut. Talk about an incredible milestone moment! We couldn’t be prouder of the hard-working actor, and after hearing the glowing reviews Nina Dobrev and executive producer Caroline Dries gave in regards to his creative input and leadership abilities, we know we’re in store for some riveting visual storytelling.

Anyway, want to know more about what lies ahead for Elena, Stefan, Damon and the Mystic Falls gang? (Psst. According to Ms. Dries, the ep features a lot of interesting Stelena scenes and, according to Paul, it’s not exactly what you think….) Bite into fresh spoilers in The CW’s official synopsis for “Resident Evil”!

Both Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are suddenly having unsettling dreams of an alternate version of the life they might have had together. Bonnie (Kat Graham) has a disturbing encounter with Grams (guest star Jasmine Guy), who warns her about frightening changes on the Other Side. Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey) gives Damon (Ian Somerhalder) unwanted relationship advice, then admits he is searching for a woman he loved decades before while he was held captive by the Augustines. Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) enlists Matt (Zach Roerig), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) to help track the Travelers and keep them from taking control of Mystic Falls. Bonnie is hurt and angry when she learns that Jeremy is working with Liv behind her back. Luke (guest star Chris Brochu) shows up at the Salvatore house and explains what he knows about Markos (guest star Raffi Barsoumian) and the Travelers to Damon, Elena and Enzo. Matt has a terrifying encounter with inhabitants of the Other Side. Finally, when Damon finds Markos, he is both relieved and disturbed by what Markos has to tell him. Paul Wesley directed the episode written by Brian Young & Caroline Dries (#518).

First of all, Bonnie’s grandma Sheila is back. Hooray! Second, making cameos in your ex-lover’s dreams sounds pretty uncomfortable and awkward. What do you think Markos’s overall goal is? Why is he so obsessed with the doppelgangers? Post your theories in the comments!

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18: “Resident Evil” airs Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Tune in for one of the most harrowing TVD events yet!


  1. Gauri Said:

    I will stop watching if Stefan and Elena get back.She needs to be back with Damon and work her relationship out.It will be utterly stupid that Elena keeps running between Damon and Stefan.Common please Damon and Elena.Stefan and Caroline make a cute couple.

  2. Jennifer Said:

    I really want stelena back I don’t like delena it’s fake stelena is epic

  3. joshua Said:

    I thnk caroline’s goin to fall for stephan. I can relate damon and elena’s love story t mine, difference is, Im no vampire! This is really Excitin!!

  4. joshua Said:

    I thnk caroline’s goin to fall for stephan. I can relate damon and elena’s love story to mine, difference is, Im no vampire! hahhahahah This is really Excitin!!

  5. Angel King Said:

    I LOVEEE STELENA, ALAWYS AND FOREVER! Even thought I love them both, I hate Elena for what she did to Stefan, so I don’t really care about her. I think Steline is quite a nice couple. Can’t wait till episode 18, an’t wait this long…

  6. Joanna Said:

    I want Stephan and Elena be together.They had a beautiful relationship,with love and honest, until Damon appears.Delena’s relationship isn’ t based in love, but in pation. But when the pation goes away, you need the real love….

  7. Maria Said:

    All I know for sure is that DELENA needs to come back. They NEED TO BE ENDGAME.

  8. mitch Said:

    STELENA forever. I watch this bcoz of them. Pls bring their loveteam back.

  9. LYNN Said:

    stefan and elena!!!!!! please …. they belong together. damon and elena = fail! stefan and elena = epic!

  10. rayssa Said:

    Mano se louco, eu sinceramente amo/sou stelena mas com os acontecimentos que ocorrem ao tempo, não acho que a elena venha merecer ficar com Stefan, essa palhaça da Julie não deveria ter começado se ela queria que Elena e Stefan tivessem um amor verdadeiro, a Julie estragou o amor mais lindo, epico, verdadeiro da série, agora paciencia né

  11. Crystal0422 Said:

    Although it would be great to see Stefan and Caroline have at it, I’ve always been a Stelena fan. Damon IS a better person with Elena, but it’s platonic. Elena and Stefan were truly and passionately epic in every way! Damon needs to find a girl that brings out a happy medium in his personna. Glad to see Grams again!

  12. Karolane Said:

    Stelena needs to come back !!! it is the hope to see them back together again that kept me so tuned with this show, Delena was good entertainement for awhile but long run become same old same old so please bring back what was so special about this tv show and the reason why so many kept watching it Stelena for ever plz

  13. Kristelle Said:

    Stefan and Helena Back together !! No no no HATE THAT

  14. lisa Said:

    I love the Vampire Diaries but wish they would get on with it,like why cant they just let Caroline and stefan, and Elena and damon get on with there lives and come up with some other deep dark story,come on give us something different…..

  15. Joy Said:

    Stelena won’t be back together. Elena and Damon obviously still love each other so much and I’m looking forward to their scenes in next episodes! ;)

  16. Just_a_Fan_of_TVD Said:

    I loved Stelena but now I just want that Julie Plec leash Steroline in peace.. They’re so happy and peaceful together then why should her make sh*t between them with doppelgangers flashbacks??!! Why..??!! We, Stelena fans, aren’t able to accept another couple with Stefan but we all love Caroline, obviously she’ll never cheat on him like Elena did. Steroline are honest, we’re ready to watch more of them!!! We.. uhm.. I love Steroline <3 pls no more Stelena even if we loved them!

  17. Just_a_Fan_of_TVD Said:

    My theorie? Julie Plec don’t want Stefan happy -_- She love to watch TVD with a sad Stefan. But it’s too much. 3 seasons of Delena, we’re over with it. Please more Stefan and.. don’t know, why not Caroline?! We want Stefan with someone he loves. We want.. ah so much words for nothing.. it’s just a waste of time. I’m sure it’s something like: if stelena comes back they can end the doppelgangers history, but if they don’t, the eternal circle will continue over and over, or maybe the opposite.

  18. Shonte' Pyles Said:

    We have had enough of Stelena what we need now is Steroline!! Delena will figure out their issues and everything will be epic!!!

  19. Nat Said:

    Damon and Elena all the way , so I hope they do get back together

  20. Butch pleas Said:

    Stelena is endgame this universe is plotting for them face it delena sure damon and Elena are cute together but they shouldn’t be more than friends but Stelena shouldn’t be together either ever since season 2 Elena has hopped from brother to brother and whoever she was with she had some type of romantic feelings for the other brother Stefan Elena and damon must move on from this stupid triangle and meet other ppl until they r more develop as characters and then will see

  21. Ifeoma Said:

    The storyline is getting annoying. Elena moving from one brother to another. Hope the show ends here in season 5 cuz i don’t tink anyone wants to continue such irritating storyline

  22. Neziel Said:

    It has to be Stafan and Elena. So please just let them get back together for STELENA sake! Pretty Puhleeeeease! Damon should understand that they are just meant for each other. :)

  23. nazri adam Said:

    come on guys.. do something fresh.. stefan and caroline(steroline) would be epic.. give them a chance!!

  24. sahar Said:

    com’n please…………….stafan and elena!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you kidding me!!! be honest! stafan came to love elena for she looked like kathrin!!!! and elena!she was just trying to be loyal to him!!! there was no so called LOVE!!!
    but damon and elena!!!although they make soooooooooo many mistakes at the end of the day they are with each other because they know each other,their love may be not very dramatic or cute but real!

  25. marcus Said:

    stelena should be together .damon is not correct person for elena
    when elena break up with stefan he didnt hurt people and kept his sadness inside him wherelse when elena broke with daman he stated killing people . this show that stefans love is true

  26. zoe Said:

    Could this be the return of Stelena? It better be! We have been waiting so long for Delena to be officially O.V.E.R OVER! I think all along her and Stefan never did stop being in love with each other. Stefan has already made it obvious he still has strong feeling for Elena when he kissed Katherine thinking it was Elena, and lets be honest Elena is still in love with Stefan from what SE05 EP4 showed us. After all they are literally made for each other! Too bad we have to wait until April 17th!

  27. kayla Said:

    I cant stand the thought of Stelena!!! Elena has already made it clear that she cant stop loving damon nomatter what!even when he killed aran!an back a few episodes,when they were all trapped in the school undr Rebekah’s compulsion, elena said she was no longer in love with Stefan!history kept repeating itself with Stefan and Elena,but now I think its time for history to change.DAMON AND ELENA ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!SCREW HISTORY! im gona stop watching if stelena coms back! DELENA ALL THE WAY!

  28. nanyabuznzz Said:


  29. raeesah Said:

    Elena and stefan are meant to be together . She hurt him so much. If damon and elenastay 2gether . Ill nver watch vampire diaries again

  30. Anonymous Said:

    I want Stefan and Elena back they were great together

  31. Delena fan Said:

    Damon and Elena should be together. Damon never gets the girl who truly loves, so I think they make an awesome couple. Damon belongs with Elena. Damon was always the one saving her. If Stefan and Elena get back together, I will stop watching the show. It was not a true relationship. Stelena hardly fought like Delena. Delena really love each other, it doesn’t matter what Damon does, Elena forgives him and thats what you call true love.

  32. veyonce' Said:

    Guys SPOILER ALERT Markos is the reason Stelena are having those dreams and he is the reason they were drawn together so is he like Mr.Universe or something can someone answere that please so Delena =complicated more problems cray to the cray cray to the crazy oh So give me a report Enzo ans Caroline Stefan and Caroline or Maybe just the messed up relashonship Tyler and Caroline they made something up Denzo guess what it means Damon and Enzo worst possibility everrrrrrrrrerrrrrrerrrrerrreeeeerr

  33. jr Said:

    i think katherine should come back lol she makes it more interesting :)

  34. Carolyn Said:

    I want Stelena.I hate Delena. I have already lost interest since they parted ways. I believe Caroline and Klaus would be a good combo. Thou I really liked Caroline and Tyler. Destiny Hello Stelana is met to be don’t you see what everyone keeps saying.Damon is a waste of time and a big turn off for the show.

  35. Nicole Said:

    Delena forever and bring steroline together ! :-)

  36. Emily Said:

    Is Elena pregnate?!?!!!?!

  37. mj Said:

    I think Stefan and Elena need to get back together. They have started it all until people wanted Damon for Elena. stefan and Elena is epic. i have nothing against Damon but show perce it should be stelena!!!

  38. Theo Said:

    @Emily That would be crazy lol. But you never know…hopefully not though because #poorbaby.

  39. Sofi Martin Said:

    hi I’m from chile and I just love TVD so much it’s the best TV show in the world!!! I love Stefan and Paul (his an amazing actor). Please, Paul if you’re reading this, can I ask you something? Where are ou going to be for the holidays? I’m going to LA in July 4th to July 17th (I can’t go to USA all the time) and my dream is to see Paul!!! Paul please answer me: Thanks so much I will be the happinest person in the wordl! Love to all the cast of TVD you’re amazing! xoxo :)

  40. jhe Said:

    Enough for Delena,they’re such a destruction..Please get back the Stefan-Elena tandeem they’re so cute and have charisma,,,they’re compatible with each other…Delena is only a passion not just like stelena a true epic love,,,,begging for stelena…Stefan is not worthy for breaking up,,,he’s just a true lover and a sacrificer since from the very beginning of the story in fact im tired watching Stefan sacrificing always,,please let his character happy again,,,

  41. jhe Said:

    I don’t agree of what Delena fan said,,,because Stefan and Elena are both doppelgangers,,so they’re for each other..whatever may happens they will back together in the end no matter what…same to silas and amara story…

  42. Michayla Said:

    Damon and Elena all the way. No one in the show, except Elena, can see what a good guy he can be. Yes, he’s made mistakes, but then so has Stefan. At least Damon could control his blood lust. I am fed up with this show. The story line between Elena, Stefan and Damon is getting really annoying. Why is everyone around them, enemies and friends, trying to put Stefan and Elena together so much? She made her choice they should let her get on with it now. What is so special about Elena anyway?

  43. Michayla Said:

    Elena isn’t anything really. She’s not as selfless and good and perfect as the show is trying to make her out to be. Even in the earlier seasons. I want the show to start focusing on the darker aspects of Mystic Falls. Like, What happens to Katherine now that she’s in hell? Is that where she even went? That’s just one of many things I’m wondering. They need to stop with the whole Damon, Elena and Stefan thing. Nobody watches it for that any more.

  44. Michayla Said:

    Caroline is another annoying character on the show. She spent all of season four and most of season five judging Elena for the choice she made in Damon. She hated the fact that Elena could fall in love with a murderous vampire like Damon. Because Damon will always be evil Damon no matter what, well that’s what she thinks. Then the next thing we know is she having some fun with Klaus in the woods. Talk about being a hypocrite. The writers really need to realize that they are making the show worse

  45. Estelle Mamode Jolicoeur Said:

    Hi. I think that stefan n caroline will make season 5 more interesting just bcause for the first time stefan could fall in love with someone else .I really want to see steroline couple bcause they always take care of each other n their friendship will be sincere forever

  46. Rose Said:

    Stefan and Elena…please! they need to come back. Stefan saved Demon, and Demon betrayed him…why? Elena belongs with Stefan.

  47. Lauren Said:

    I REALLY REALLY want Stefan and Elena to get back together. i dont like this bad girl image she has they ARE EPIC!! i just want it to end with them. If Caroline gets with Stefan i will die (in a bad way!)!! please do not mess this up for me!! I Love This Show!!

  48. Rose Said:

    @Lauren: I agree with you!

  49. Neo Said:

    WTF!!! alwz Stelena or Delena bullshit get it ovr wit n start a new story..its becomin pathetic evryday

  50. avampirediariesfan Said:

    Damon and elena must be together and i think stefan and coroline sholdnt be more then freinds. İ think it would be more exciting if caroline would fall for klaus

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