Songs from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22: “Home”

Elena crying in "Home" - songs from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries/The CW

We love The Vampire Diaries for a variety of reasons: the vivacious characters, the shocking twists at the end, the heart-rendering relationships and, of course, all the supernatural drama. However, the show is nothing without the beautiful music it offers viewers week after week; the tracks help elevate each gripping scene to a whole new level and always manage to make our bodies erupt with “feels” and goosebumps. Well, brace yourselves, fang fans, because no TVD playlist can ever beat out the emotional impact the songs from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22 had on us. From edgy rock beats to melancholy tunes, “Home” featured the most poignant and bittersweet offerings yet.

Get ready to ugly cry your way through the “Home” playlist right below!

No Rest for the Wicked” by Lykki Li: Plays when Stefan and Lexi search for Alaric at the Mystic Grill while on The Other Side. They talk about why Stefan never ended up traveling to Portland; Lexi then brings up Caroline’s name and basically implies that Stefan is crushing hard on Vampire Barbie.

Walking” by Ash Grunwald: Plays when Sheriff Forbes wanders through the crowd of partying Travelers. She tries to leave the Mystic Grill but Markos prevents her from doing so. He wants to chat about the town’s future over a drink. In order to not arouse suspicion about Operation Kaboom, she obliges.

“Love is Just a Way to Die” by I am Strikes: PLays when Damon comes clean with Elena about his plan to drive right into the Mystic Grill and set the gas-filled place ablaze in order to kill the Travelers and bring Stefan back from the Other Side. At first she objects, but then he asks her to respect his choice. They talk about their future and how much they love one another. Ultimately, he promises to return to her, and they share a trademark kiss as sunlight pours through and envelopes them whole.

Buried Alive” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (ft Dr. Octagon): Plays when Markos asks Sheriff Forbes why she hasn’t skipped town yet, especially considering how her daughter can’t step foot in Mystic Falls without dying for good. She drums up a viable reason, then asks him if he smells gas; she lures him away from the party and pistol whips him.

Finished Sympathy” by Glasvegas: Plays when Damon receives a text from Sheriff Forbes letting him know it’s time to rumble aka strike the match and blow the Mystic Grill to bits. Right before he drives off though, Elena hops into the passenger seat and tells him she’s not letting him go alone on this fatal mission. He respects her decision and together they grab the car’s clutch and speed into town.

Be Alright” by Lucy Rose: Plays when poor Damon, who’s stuck on the Other Side, tries to console a devastated Elena as she breaks down crying after realizing that her love is gone.

Wings” by Birdy: Plays when Alaric comforts Elena at the crypt and a heartbroken Jeremy streaks through the woods screaming Bonnie’s name. However, Bonnie and Damon are stuck on the Other Side spending their last few moments together. As they hold hands, they watch their loved ones grieve.

Which music moment from The Vampire Diaries finale moved you to tears? Let’s chat it out (and hug it out) in the comments below.


  1. becky Said:

    The end when elana and damon say good bye…. I hate good bye

  2. Theo Said:

    @Becky Agreed. That scene wrecked me. :*(

  3. nicole Said:

    I honestly would have to say the last two songs made me cry and made me panic, cuz 1. Damon was saying goodbye to Elana and 2. because it was the end for Damon and bonnie!

  4. Isa Fer Said:

    TVD will not be the same without Damon and Bonnie … hopefully they come back # delenasluto

  5. Vanessa Said:

    A parte q quase me mata é no final quando damon e bonnie tao do outro lado e começa a passar a musica da birdy :´(

  6. Lauren Said:

    The Last song really upset me especially when Damon and Elena said by

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