Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale Question: Will Damon or Stefan Salvatore Die?

Damon and Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries episode titled "Isobel"

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With the Other Side quickly deteriorating, the Anchor about to perform a disappearing act, and the last two doppelgangers in huge danger, it seems appropriate to bring up “death” in all our TVD-related conversations. (Sorry to be morbid, folks, but it’s true.) However, that’s not to say that the topic at hand amuses us in any way. Ever since The CW released official spoilers and photos for the The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale, which is poignantly titled “Home,” fans have been clamoring about the potential outcome of the show’s fifth installment. Their #1 burning question? The following: Will Damon or Stefan Salvatore die in the bitter end?

We don’t know about you, but the mere thought of a main character biting the dust simultaneously terrifies and thrills us. Talk about a shocking yet gutsy move! And, just for the record, we’re not being drama queens over here. With TVD Season 5 Episode 22 fast approaching, the show’s writers, cast members, and producers alike have been dropping tons of breadcrumb clues. They’re warning fang fans to brace themselves for an explosive conclusion to the series fifth installment and a handful of tear-inducing deaths as well.

Here’s what we do know so far:

  1. The official synopsis of “Home” definitely hints at an ultimate sacrifice on Damon’s behalf: “Damon (Ian Somerhalder) comes up with a dangerous plan that relies on split-second timing from Jeremy and Matt […] Damon’s plan causes a massive explosion in Mystic Falls, and everyone is caught up in the confusion, leaving a trail of heroism, sacrifice, relief and despair.” Whenever his loved ones are in danger — especially Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) — Damon resorts to drastic measures to save them. His motto is basically ‘kill or be killed.’ We can almost-always expect some risky behavior from this courageous, blue-eyed bad boy! (To be clear, the above tidbit from the network’s synopsis doesn’t mention anything about him dying….but the tone is ominous enough to raise alarm.)
  2. During E! Online’s Watch With Kristen segment, Ian joked, “When Damon dies, it is the dopest scene.” And, after explaining that Elena will be involved in this scene, he added, “The ending, I think, is really gonna throw people. It definitely involves Damon in a very cool way. There is some very very cool stuff with Damon, Elena, Bonnie…stuff you just didn’t see…It is definitely a cliffhanger.” Okay there. So obviously, the actor was kidding around. Or, was it one of those “reverse psychology” situations in which he states the harsh truth in hopes that we’d assume no person could be that flippant about a beloved fictional character’s demise? Either way, it sounds like viewers will be thrown by the upcoming mayhem. #FreakingOutBigtime.
  3. Paul Wesley told TV Guide that the finale establishes new parameters for TVD Season 6: “They reset things in a way, and the writers have the ability to now change the circumstances and locations of where the show takes place.” What bigger way to reset the series, which is widely known for its sizzling love triangle, than to kill off one of the three leads? Yikes!
  4. Producer and writer Caroline Dries teased that Damon is strapping on his “hero hair” in the finale. While the combination of heroism and self-sacrifice don’t always result in death, they do raise concern. Plus, a permanent, non-reversible injury is a possibility and that bodes well for no one.
  5. Stefan Salvatore is not pictured in any of the photos for “Home.” The synopsis mentions that Damon is left heartbroken by an “unexpected tragedy” and that Liv says something about Stefan that upsets Caroline a great deal. It seems like he’s MIA from all the chaos erupting in Mystic Falls. Did Markos and the Travelers — or perhaps wonder twins Luke and Liv — murder the poor guy? Let’s hope not.
  6. With a heavy heart, Julie Plec dished out a lugubrious spoiler during a recent interview with TVLine. “There are going to be a lot of goodbyes as we realize the other side is disintegrating,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “Not everybody is going to survive that. We’re going to have to say goodbye to some characters that we’ve grown to love over the years. That’s what we’ll see when we get to the finale.” OH MY SALVATORE. If that’s not enough to spiral you into a tizzy of saturnine speculations, we don’t know what is.

That said, what do you think will happen in 5×22? Vote for your top prediction in the poll below!

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Considering how the residents of Mystic Falls find themselves in peril every Thursday, we’re going to take all these spoilers with a grain of salt. Hope might be for fickle fools, but we’re going to have to think positively in this case or else we’ll be grieving prematurely (and perhaps for no reason) until the finale airs!

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale airs Thursday, May 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Tune in for the most intense supernatural event the network has seen!


  1. delenacrazyfan Said:

    Oh my God… if Damon dies I’m going to die too!!!! I love him. Delena is so perfect…they will kill Damon to separate them… Damn it!!!

  2. delenafan4ever Said:

    If Damon dies I will literally die! He is my ultimate bias, I just love him so freaking much! Elena and Damon are my BIGGEST top! Please don’t let Damon die!

  3. Cynthia Said:

    Stefan died at the end of episodde 21

  4. stephanie Said:

    i am pissed stefan died soo pissed thay better bring him back hes likethe main 3 characters i mean seriously im pissed

  5. Yai Said:

    Seriously ???? I can’t believe Stefan died !!!! For real???????? … I really hope they gonna bring him back or I won’t be watching vampire diaries again

  6. Theo Said:

    @Cynthia Yep. This was written a few days ago. ;) Praying they save him!

  7. james brooklyn Said:

    Stefan is my favorite character I do hope this isn’t for long I would be pissed

  8. james brooklyn Said:

    I would give this show up in a heart beat just like board walk empire

  9. Paige Arnold Said:

    If Stefan does not come back I’m am quitting the show… Actually if either of them die I’m not going to continue watching the vampire diaries…

  10. desi Said:

    stefan already died you dumbasses.

  11. Vampires' adict Said:

    If Damon or Stefan die, I’ll give up watching the series. So clear.

  12. Theo Said:

    @desi Please check the date on articles and comments before calling people dumbasses. This will posted prior to tonight’s episode.

  13. Kee Said:

    I will never watch vampire diaries if they do not bring back Stefan !!!! How could they rip my heart out like that. Vampire diaries will never be the same and I can’t take it :/

  14. stephandied:( Said:

    WTFFFFFFFFFF!!! I am actually sooooo pissed! this show will actually break my heart if they dont bring back stephen ! i will definitely quit watching this show in a heart beat and will never recommend it to anyone ever again !!!!!!

  15. stefandied:( Said:

    WTFFFFFFFFFF!!! I am actually sooooo pissed! this show will actually break my heart if they dont bring back stefan ! i will definitely quit watching this show in a heart beat and will never recommend it to anyone ever again !!!!!! (whoops spelt his name wrong lol)

  16. bobbi Said:

    wtf?? noooo!! yes def a shocker but ok you can bring him back now.. and -dont take my damon.. ahh im so looking forward/dreading next weeks f-inale… fingers crossed stefan comes back and no one else really die dies..

  17. tvdfan Said:

    Stefan died. They’ll find a way to bring him back. But they’ll say that only one person can come back with Bonnie.
    Damon’s big question ,Stefan or Enzo?????

  18. tvdfan Said:

    Stefan died. They’ll find a way to bring him back. But they’ll say that only one person can come back with Bonnie.
    Damon’s big question ,Stefan or Enzo?????

    If u wanna know…………………..Season 6 :P

  19. Katy Said:

    I feel sorry for Stefan! Bad stuff always happend to him :( surely they will bring him back though.

  20. andrea Said:

    stefaaan is dead

  21. Salvatore Said:

    The show has died along time ago because Julie Plec ruined the show should of stopped at season 4. Complete trash makes no fucking sence at all , ” they just want the fans to be happy” if Damon killed ure brother and etc… Would i still love him and etc… Complete trash what she has done. Stefan is the best character this is a love triangle , season 6 better have explanations about this.

  22. Esha Said:

    I still can’t believe they killed off Stefan. Gosh please bring him back by the finale or it will suck until the next season starts and if he is gone, then let it be known by the finale so that I do’t have to return to see season 6. They have always been unfair to Stefan, the characters and the writers. All of them can just rot in hell.

  23. Lisa Said:

    Julie Plec is crazy killing off Stephan. Need to get rid of Elena, breaks Stephan’s heart. he was so good to her, and she sleeps with his brother. What a tramp. Kill her character off and bring someone new for Stephan

  24. Evona A. G. Said:

    Here s my idea: They killed Stefan, so that he can go and get that spell, that returns people to the land of the living,..he give s it to Bonnie,..and she performs the spell, by using objects that personally belong to each of the people, that died, like Stefans Diary for example.
    They return, every one, that they loved and lost, and some how in this process restore the other side, and keep it from disappearing.
    That s my idea,..!
    Sincerely yours, Evona A.G. Phx, Az.

  25. Chelsea Said:

    Bring Stefan back pls come on if he doesn’t come back it won’t be the same anymore why can’t it just be markos with his travelers Stefan, damon , and elena can’t die they have so much chemistry so pls bring back Stefan and don’t let damon die

  26. Brb Said:

    Please bring back Stefan cuz I would stop watching vampire diaries so please bring stefan back I beg u cuz he is the main character and elane to and damion I hope Bonnie bring him back I hate Julian I wish I could kill him ring him back I cried when he died alot

  27. Brb Said:

    I still can’t believe Stefan died I would never believe that never ever

  28. Mark Said:

    wow i cant believe stefan died, anyway if they dont bring him back to TVD it wouldnt work anymore. All i know is that i wouldnt watch it anymore if they dont bring him back.

  29. Linda Walshe Said:

    If either Damon or Stefan are gone for good, so am I. Get rid of Elena!

  30. Alyssa Said:

    I can’t believe that just happened. Say it ain’t so TVD say it ain’t so.

  31. Laura Said:

    I watched the season finale an hour ago…. I did not see that coming… omg… I have never cried so hard on an episode… my next question is…. with the other side gone… does it mean that those characters are NEVER coming back?? ;(

  32. Sofi Said:

    I’m never ever gonna watch it if Damon’s out… He’s the only reason to spend my precious lifetime on staring at TVD…

  33. Aryanna Said:

    Only on season one but I have the hots for Damen!!!! Totally addicted

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