Casting Alert: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Welcomes Five New Characters

The Vampire Diaries Cast

The Vampire Diaries Cast

Our beloved Mystic Falls High graduates are heading off to Whitmore College in Vampire Diaries Season 5 and the dapper Originals are moving to New Orleans. So what does this mean for the fate of the fang-tastic CW series? Why, the opportunity to introduce smoking hot new characters of course!

According to Zap2It, Caroline (Candice Accola) will befriend an upperclassman on campus whose name is Jesse. This stud is brimming with confidence and is as “charming” as they come. However, viewers beware! Despite his sweet disposition and his wide-eyed gaze, Jesse probably won’t be falling for Goldilocks the way Klaus and Tyler have. This guy harbors an “understandable” grudge against vampires and hates on them more than non-Beliebers do on Justin’s diaper/genie pants. Yikes.

Additionally, TV Guide is reporting that Caroline and Elena — who will be living the dream as roommates — are going to find themselves embroiled in some major drama with a cruel professor who knows an awful lot about the town’s history and who is very focused on a research project aimed at helping humanity. (Are any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans experiencing flashbacks to Professor Walsh’s class lectures right now? RIP Initiative.) Luckily, we hear that while this guy is not easy on the grading curve but he’s sure easy on the eyes!

So where does this leave Mystic Falls’s residential bad-boy Damon (Ian Somerhalder)? Well, according to TV Line, Mister Sassypants is going to have a run-in with a mysterious male doctor who happens to know all of his dirty little secrets. (Here’s to hoping there’s some sort of Pretty Little Liars cross-over in which Dr. Wren drops by town to shake things up!)

And wait — that’s not all! Two more characters are joining the cast, including a love interest for Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). While the memory of Bonnie sacrificing herself to raise the veil and save Jer-Bear still brings tears to our eyes, we’re curious to meet this young lady. It’s sure going to take a lot to fill Anna and Bonnie’s shoes, that’s for sure!

As for the fifth newbie? The CW is keeping hush-hush about her but we do know that she’s an Eastern European beauty named Nadia, who crosses paths with Matt (Zach Roerig) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) at a bar. Interestingly enough, Bulgarian-born Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) is Eastern European too which is a little too coincidental if you ask us. Something tells us these two might share a past. Still, we might be wrong — this is purely speculation.

So tell us, fang fans: Which of these new Vampire Diaries Season 5 characters are you excited to meet? Are there any actors/actresses you can envision in a particular part?


  1. charon Said:

    Selena Gomez??

  2. aateka Said:

    I am really waiting for the season 5 of the vampire diaries but i would really like caroline and klaus to be a couple :)

  3. Ashley Said:

    Hi, my name is Ashley
    It would be so amazing to work with the cast of TVD!
    Such talented actors, and actresses in the show.
    I would love to fill the part of Jeremy’s new interest!
    My husband is my encouragement, and is pushing me to
    Put my name in everywhere for this!
    We’re cossing our fingers!

    Name Ashley
    Age 21
    Hight 5’5
    Weight 118
    Hair brunette
    Eyes green
    Dress size 2

    Thank You so much for reading!

  4. ally Said:

    AHHHHHHH! wren is such a hottie!! Every girl Jer-bear has, dies. I hope this next girl is here to stay. And hello!!!! It is soo obvious that Klaus and caroline should be together they are made for eachother. Some one should really find a girl for silas and brighten up his moody life. Super excited for season 5 to come out CANT WAIT!!!!

  5. Abigail Marinelarena Said:

    I would love to meet Ian somerhalder and the other cast . I’m a huge fan of the vampire diaries and I would love to be in the new seasone I don’t mind what part I play as long as I’m in the show with my favorite character (Damond , Elena , Stefan ) please reconsider me I always wanted to be an actress .thank you

  6. Rionna Said:


  7. Robin Said:

    Bonnie is my favorite character on the show and yet I have yet to see a reliable write up on her. I don’t see the point in throwing a guy constantly in Caroline’s face to get over her problems. How are Caroline and Elena supposed to be living “The Dream” when their B.F.F (Bonnie) is dead and only Jeremy can see her. Are they really that naive that they don’t care for their friend and forget about her? Are the writers going to make them forget Bonnie,the one that lays it on the line for everyone

  8. Stacey M. Eldred Said:

    Can you please provide casting call auditions. This would be such an amazing opportunity as Ashley said.
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 130lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde/Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin: Olive

    thanks in advance for your consideration and time.

  9. Asha Said:

    I want Damon to have a new love interest! He deserves better than Elena!

  10. Pamela Said:

    I’d really like to meet Davon,i have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes,
    Height: 1.70 m
    Weight: 60 kg

    I love vamps stories and dark atmospheres…

  11. Jayanne williams Said:

    Woot woot

  12. Clorrisa Moffat Said:

    I would love to be apart of the vampire diaries cast I look very similar to Katrina Graham (Bonnie) and would love to play Jeremy Gilbert’s love interest.

    Age: 20
    Height: 5’6 in a half
    Weight: 120
    Hair: Auburn chocolate brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    Dress Size: 4-6
    Shoe size: 8 1/2
    Keep me updated where everything is taking place acting has been my dream as an Ohioian and for my 15mos old this would be a dream of a life time.

  13. niyigena Said:

    Bonny will not appear in season 5???
    #VERY SAD#

  14. Theo Said:

    @niyigena These are just the new characters who will be introduced.

  15. Lucy anderson Said:

    I really love vampire diaries nd i wnt 2 b on the show cos i dnt really look like any one there but i knw that i luv acting and i hope u’ll consider my offer

  16. mirna Said:

    I would like to try out for any of the female characters for season 5. I hope I am what your looking for.

  17. mirna flores Said:

    I am Hispanic. I am 30 but I look like I am in my 20. my weight is 130 my height is 5,6 my height is average

  18. Talissa Said:

    Would be funny if Eastern European Nadia is Katherine’s daughter ^^

  19. kirsty mann Said:

    what r the dates 4 vampire diaries aire date neeeeeeed it to b soon .xx

  20. sheri Said:

    I would love to meet all of the cast as they are they are amazing actors and actresses. It would be a dream to meet ne one of them.
    If u ask ne of my friends about me they would tell u that I love to make people smile and I always smiling myself.
    hair: blonde
    height: 5.2
    eyes: brown
    I love to hear from u and thanks for reading this even if I don’t get pick. :)

  21. Dante Said:

    i am negative energy with a heartbeat. Great show. the worlds not ready for such dark intensity yet. i am pure untamed werewolf!!

  22. Desiree C Said:

    I love this show can’t wait for season 5. That would be cool to meet the crew or join. Im a very outgoin person always a smile nomatter what. Im friends say im pretty and funny.

  23. Jenny rose Said: happy ..when im watching all of you ,,you are amazing ..

  24. Anonymous Said:

    i love this show & i m wating for next season

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