Fangtastic News: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 is Happening!

The Vampire Diaries Cast

The Vampire Diaries Cast

Rain and snow and sleet be dashed! We have sanguine news that will add a splash of red to any fang fan’s day: The Vampire Diaries Season Five is a go! Yes, you read that correctly. Our favorite vamps, witches,  werewolves, and other supernatural badasses will return to The CW for another sizzling season in Fall 2013.

The network announced the marvelous news on February 11, 2013 and also revealed that Supernatural and Arrow are receiving a early pick-ups well. Here’s more about this year’s renewal process from CW president Mark Pedowitz: “We said last year that one of our goals was to establish building blocks to grow on, and now with our new hit Arrow and fan favorite Supernatural on Wednesday night, and the continued success of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, we’ve been able to do that.” He adds, “Not only do Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries perform well on-air, they’re also extremely successful for us both digitally and socially.”

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! We can’t wait to see what toils, troubles, and epic romances and adventures are in store for the unfortunate souls of Mystics Falls. And in honor of this momentous occasion, we’re celebrating with twenty entertaining Vampire Diaries fan made GIFs!

Let's get this party started!

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Did someone say season 7?!

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Elijah ripped out a few hearts in honor of this glorious occassion.

Jeremy's still in shock!

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Even sassy Kat's bee bopping!

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Damon's doing a happy dance!

Klaus is bringing out the bubbly! Nothing like fine champagne to savor delicious news!

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Is it just us, or is Bonnie just bursting with excitement?

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Tyler's not surprised. He knew season 5 was a shoo-in!

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Break it down, y'all!

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Caroline's just full of glee!

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Stelena rejoices the only way they know kisses!

Season 7?! Right on! Elena and Damon celebrate their own way...

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Bonnie looks super relieved! ('Express' yourself!)

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Woo woo! Party in the house!

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Ric's beaming with pure joy at the good news!

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Whoa there, Matt! Take it easy, buddy.

Damon and Stefan are overcome with emotion!

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Grinning from ear to to ear!

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Which storylines do think TVD Season 5 will explore? Which characters are you looking forward to following the most in the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments!


  1. fabricio Said:

    Katherine deserverd shes a bitch. I dont care about her. And Rebecka and matty is sooo perfect together
    Matt wants be happy and he will.

  2. sckmz Said:

    wats gona happen to stefan and wat is silas a doublegener of stefan?

  3. sckmz Said:

    bet its gona b exciting cant wait

  4. Alexa Said:

    Delena all the way ;)

  5. christian Said:

    In season 5 will they show what klaus and his brother are doing in new orleans? & how will silas die the cure has been taken by kathrine

  6. Bernadette Said:

    So much to comment on! I’m a vampire fanatic! Its like my drug! Can’t get enough! Please please please please tel me where and when I can get the full season 5!!!!!! Keep up the gr8 work

  7. Rui Said:

    Maybe katherine is now a cure source,like elena’s blood was for making hybrids.

  8. Joss Said:

    There you said some..
    And i didnt like vamp at first but now its like a drug.

  9. iony Said:

    I will realy like to se season 5 pliss can somebody save me :)thank you

  10. Ann Said:

    Stefan and Elena is sooooo perfect together, I don’t really want DAMON and ELENA,, Klaus with Caroline is good, and I DO NOT want CAROLINE AND STEFAN!!!!!OMG….

  11. fawnzie123 Said:

    stefen and elena are soul mates, damon and elena o good… I hope Klaus and caroline get together they are meant to be…. I hope damon can help elena save stefen and save the love and stay around cuz stefen and elena both need him.

  12. goldie Said:

    Luv to see Stefan n Elena bak togeda

  13. zeigh Said:

    klaroline all the way *(Klaus + Caroline), they r soooooo gud 2gda

  14. Taylor Said:

    I would really like to see stefan and elena get back togehter…

  15. Curtus Said:

    I love bornie she makes vampire diaries great with her witchy powers ….. Poor bornie why did u gave ur life up Bornie and Jeremy all the way and then there Elajah and klause the two trouble makers so liking those guys

  16. Cyber-X Said:

    is the role that I have to c the supernatural psychic power as a witch is Bonnie Bennet for sure is got to be her to c her in season five on the vampire diaries

  17. Anonymous Said:

    I like the idea of Katherine’s blood being like Elena’s was but to cure vampires! Could be an amazing twist!

    I’m sure Damon and others will realise that silos isn’t stefan if he tries to pretend he is! Elena may then realise how much she loves him after him being in so much trouble!

    Klous has to be Caroline’s last love!

  18. kalkidan Said:

    please please mbc4 producers air the vampire diaries season 5. every one here in ethiopia is dying to c the episodes.

  19. kalkidan Said:

    hi, i really love this movie and i have watched it step by step .
    love u the vampire diaries cast.

  20. kalkidan Said:

    i really love the vampire diaries and love to see klaus with carolie ,damon with ellena,bonnie with jeremy

  21. Jamie Said:

    Are we positive that Silas isn’t trying to trick Stefan, and make Stefan believe that he is his doppelganger? Not sure why yet, but could be to make Stefan do something for him, being that Stefan is already in a vulnerable state. And yes, the cure is gone so “no way” to kill Silas…but wait!!! Bonnie, a witch, died. She is probably able to talk to the original witch that created the cure. And, Jeremy can see her. That’s a good chance that she can help him. Not sure though, never read the books.

  22. Geesticov Said:

    I really cant enough of this movie.
    I wonda who wil be the next witch they wil count on, because there is no more Bonnie. Katherine wil be in sure hell, cuz any1 she once hurt want a revenge on her, especially Klause……….i cant wait for season 5.

  23. tess Said:

    When exactly is season5 gonna b on air?

  24. veronica daniels Said:

    I feel so bad for stefan.Elena and stefan were so perfect together.I also love klaus and caroline,they are sooooo cute.

  25. bianca rangel Said:

    im sooo excited for the 5th season… i cant wait to see what will happen next.. im a little sad stefen and elena arent together anymore.. but im still excited

  26. Mihai Said:

    This movie changed very much my mind and i like it.

  27. kk Said:


  28. Fahmida rahman Said:


  29. nkkmzz Said:

    i really hope that this silas thing will go away as season as the next season started. i also 50/50 about elena and damon. as i think she will hurt him, might be she will turn to silas aka stefan (remember how silas could mess up with anybody’s mind). mark my word for that.

  30. nkkmzz Said:

    i really hope that this silas thing will go away as soon as the next season started. i also 50/50 about elena and damon. as i think she will hurt him, might be she will turn to silas aka stefan (remember how silas could mess up with anybody’s mind). mark my word for that.

  31. Bnicole Said:

    I would love to see what happens in the next season and I’ve read some of these comments and I’m here to tell you that Stephen and Caroline won’t get together because Caroline is just acting like Lexi (his best vampire friend) helping him through hard times. Elana will defiantly figure out that the Silas “Stephen” isn’t the real Stephen but I think that Elana and Damon are good together I really wouldn’t care if Damon or Stephen got with Elana Season 5 will certainly be an interesting season.

  32. davecorey Said:

    :) <3

  33. Dann7000 Said:

    Is Bonnie really dead forever???

  34. Shadowreaver91 Said:

    nope bonnie is not Dead
    here’s a tip for Season 5: Bonnie comes back from the land of the dead to the land of the living.

    Bonnie using expression to get back to earth, with the help of her Grams who is with her on The Other Side.
    For more go to
    Some of the Spoilers are not confirmed yet but some are
    so enjoy
    Take this with a grain of salt though not all of the spoilers are confirmed

  35. TVDobsessed1864 Said:

    I’m just ready for my Delena!!!!! I’ve been waiting since season 1 for Elena to choose Damon and it finally happened!!!!!

  36. Ennie Said:

    Elena nd Damon ar best….bonnie nd jeremy ar cute,klaus nd caroline ar wow…jt cant wait 4 season 5..

  37. zainab Said:

    Stelena forever …delena(thumbs down)I love stefan,but hate elena for leavng him dey re soul mates ..Klaroline,mabekah and bonnie dey rule !!can’t wait 4r season 5 muah 2 stefan

  38. shay Said:

    im just ready for Delena, they better stay together:) Delena all the wayy <3

  39. wayne saiks Said:

    awesome cant wait for the new season,i really want to know wt will happen to stefan and silas

  40. khelJoy Said:

    ..,I hoPe damOn and Elena wil Sl be together. Will Damon save his brother Stefan from being locked up in the large metal safe? What will happen to Katherine? And the others., Im so clueless.

  41. Katherine cominghand Said:

    I love this show make a million seasons if you can. I love this show!!!!!!!! Can’t wait till season 5!!! So excited!!!

  42. Katherine cominghand Said:

    Love Stefan and Elena as a couple and Caroline with Tyler!!!!!!❤️

  43. Katherine cominghand Said:

    Stefan and Alania!!!!!!! They should get back together!! They are such a great couple

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