New Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers About The Finale, Delena & The Other Side

The cast on the set of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 photo shoot

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People always say that things need to get worse before they get better, right? Well according to what executive producer Caroline Dries revealed at a recent Vampire Diaries screening, this does not apply to Damon and Elena’s romance. Despite their clear attraction to one another, the two on-again, off-again lovebirds are in relationship purgatory….and it’s going to be mega uncomfortable to watch.

In fact, Damon is so devastated over their breakup — as well as over all those Stefan and Elena’s happily-ever-after doppelvisions — he doesn’t even want to see his leading lady’s face. However, as hard as he tries, keeping his distance from the beautiful brunette will certainly prove to be a challenge. The magnetism between them is still strong. “Every time one of them is in the room with the other, it’s like they don’t have to say anything but their tension or chemistry exists,” Caroline hinted during the event. She then teased, “Let’s try to do a whole episode where Damon doesn’t look at Elena,” Caroline hinted during the event. Oh boy….

And Delena drama isn’t all that’s coming up on The Vampire Diaries Season 5. The talented EP dished out several spoilers about the finale and the last few episodes that sent us into a near tizzy. Check out a handful below, and be sure to head on over to The Hollywood Reporter for more quotes about the upcoming mayhem!

  1. According to Caroline, “this giant thing happens” in the finale that leads up to TVD Season 6. “Season six will be a lot of bringing people back together,” she commented, “and picking up the pieces.”
  2. At least three characters will die. One of them will be a permanent one as in no ghost cameos. (NOOOOO!!!!!! We’re crossing our fingers that Matt Donovan doesn’t bite the dust.)
  3. Liv…the Bad News Bearer? Apparently the blonde witch dashes Bonnie’s hopes of ever using witchcraft again.
  4. According to E! Online, Damon will have a shining moment.
  5. Vampire Barbie is a-crushing on someone! Klaus? Stefan? Enzo? While the showrunner didn’t reveal any names she did drop the following hint: “She’s got a little relationship/crush/feelings for someone that will creep up to the surface and that is going to cause potential rifts between her and and one of her friends. It’s a little under the surface, and moving into season six, we’re going to see her actually set her sights on someone and make the move.” Judging by the friendship “rift” comment, there are only two possible contenders: Jeremy or Stefan. And judging by the way Care Bear spooned with him in a junkyard, our money is on the latter.
  6. Get ready for some adorable Deremy moments. Although Damon and Enzo tried to kill him earlier this season, it seems as Jer Bear has gotten over it. Heck, that’s what happens when you live in Mystic Falls, you know? Some days you live, some days you almost get choked to death by bad boy vamps. Anyway, Damon is ready to assume his parental responsibilities again. Ian Somerhalder who was also in attendance at the special screening teased, “When Damon looks at Jeremy, it’s the source of so much annoyance by virtue of having to protect him. If he hurt him, he wasn’t going to get laid or breakfast in the morning, so there was that little-brother annoyance.”
  7. Expect more Tyler scenes. “[Michael Trevino] had a storyline at the beginning of the season where he was missing Caroline, and he had all this angst. We were like we need to channel that. He’s a good actor, finding a storyline like that where he can be a little bit more front and center and it’s not just based on a love storyline.”
  8. The Other Side is deteriorating, and while we’re worried about Bonnie’s fate (the Anchor survives only as long as the supernatural ghost world does), there’s one silver lining: we’ll get to reunite with some familiar faces. “It’s basically a storage facility for all of our friends,” Caroline joked. (#BringBackAlaricPlease.)

We can’t wait to watch the last few episodes as well as the TVD Season 5 finale. What do you think is going to happen? Will The Other Side be destroyed forever? Who do you think will die? Post your predictions in the comments!


  1. Dee Said:

    Damon will have his shinning moment because damon is the main character that will die…saving Stefan and bonnie…picking up the pieces in s6 will be mourning the loss of damon and elena and Stefan getting back together…caroline/tyler bonnie/Jeremy matt/new witch will live happily ever after….now you don’t need to watch the horrible ending to this show…..

  2. May Said:

    Even if Damon dies, he will come back. There is no TVD without Damon. And Stefan & Elena will not be getting back together, they aren’t in love with each other. Damon & Elena are.

  3. Alyssa Said:

    Damon does sadly die, but he will come back in season 6. Matt, Liv, and Tyler will die. I think that Tyler dies forever. Delena, Beremy, Matt and Liv (??? guessing), Steroline. I’m not watching until Damon comes back. My baby…<3333

  4. karie Said:

    If Damon isn’t on the show anymore I will quit watching it. I like the the complete cast but Damon is my favorite.

  5. supriya Said:

    there can never be vampire diaries without Damon in it
    i swear to god….if damon dies u guys are ruined without him…..wat the hell ru guys thinking…..m so frustrated with the things r shaping up for damon……u producers r pathetic!!!!!!!!

  6. Sylvia Said:

    I’m going to stop watching TVD if anything ‘dying’ happens to Damon, you guys won’t do that, let’s face it ;) Cheers!

  7. Jess Said:

    Katherine is coming back :) I can feel it. I really can.

  8. Sidra athar Said:

    If damon dies…i will surely quit the show… I dont know what the hell the producers are thinking…

  9. GABBZ Said:

    You guys are dumb if you say “I am going to stop watching the show” it’s annoying! So what if you stop watching the show? IT’S JUST A SHOW… AKA: NOT REAL! You guys making stupid comments like that make yourselves look so stupid.

  10. Dekey Said:

    He must b alive in every season.. without him, no V.D. N Delena forever♥♥

  11. Rob Said:

    if Damon dies vampie dairies can stop forever and the only dead person should come back is alaric vampire dairies need him back

  12. Libby Said:

    I love watching TVD it’s one of my favorite shows! I’m so not liking the thought that Damon might be cut :( he’s one of the main people and the hottest, without him there is no show….. No one is better eye candy then Ian <3

  13. IanFan Said:

    If Ian leaves the show, I leave the show. He’s the only reason I ever started watching it in the first place and as a Damon/Delena fan, I’d be done watching if that is over or Damon is gone. The ratings should tell the writers/producers that their current storylines suck and keeping Delena apart forever doesn’t work. It’s a wonder I’m still watching this show. Don’t make me regret it.

  14. Sarah Said:

    Ian cant leave because Damon cant be killed off the series. You guys can kill him in the finale and bring him back but if Ian leaves TVD I go with Ian. There have been rumors flying around about Ian leaving the show. I don’t quite understand them but they started from something. Reassure us that this is impossible. Also I am a DE obviously and I am sick of the DE toying you guys have given us this season. Why cant they just be happy together? And actually be together in a room? Please fix. TY

  15. @beangelic1000 Said:

    My main reason for watching TVD is Damon and his continuinng love story with Elena. I would be very concerned if he dies a permanant death. If it is only a temperory death where he ends up somewhere else with Bonnie or whomever else, and the storyline is about what happens with them on this new plain, dimention or world, then I’m down for that. Please do not use angst to keep Damon and Elena apart, what is wrong with them being happy and united in the fight against any angst

  16. Jill Said:

    First… Don’t ever kill Damon off and for god sake…. Do what ever u have to do but get Alaric back on the show!!! He was one of the BEST characters!! Oh yea, get Damon and Elena back together and get this show back on track!!!

  17. kat Said:

    I really am confused by this delena chemistry. Dobsley has more chemistry when they are talking than delena ripping each others clothes off. The de’s want steroline s so that stefen wont interfere with elena. I think the last two seasons have been so painful and not true to vamp diaries.

  18. IanFan Said:

    The only problem I see is the show trying to make Delena all about sex lately as if the seasons before that where they grew to be friends and fell in love never happened. That’s what’s killing it. Trying to say they are bad for each other? It’s ridiculous! They really do need to get back on track with Delena and stop with the nonsense that they are bad for each other! If they kill Damon, even temporarily, just to keep Delena apart AGAIN, it’s just another in a long line of cheap tricks.

  19. Dannie Said:

    I understand people become followers of one couple or another. It is only normal in all shows to “ship” different couplings, but to say that Damon and Elena do not hace chemistry is like saying that vampires do not need blood. OMFG, if there have been a couple in a TV show that have chemistry and passion galore is them. They had chemistry when they were not together and they have MORE chemistry now than ever before. Say all you want, refute all you desire but the truth is clear as water. Delena!

  20. Sarah Said:

    The script writers would not lose the main three characters it wouldnt be in their best interest to do so as the ratings would fall

  21. Arianne Said:

    Am I the only one who wants Stelena again? I mean does anyone actually see Elena and Damon having a serious relationship? No! Plus Damon is so boring when he’s in a relationship. I also want Caroline and Enzo to become a couple, but that’s never going to happen because everyone wants Steroline. But oh well, as long as Stefan and Jeremy are happy.

  22. rayna Said:

    the only reason that people ship delena is because damon is more attractive so that makes them biased to the fact that stelena will be end game. I mean seriously lol. first loves always go back to each other in EVERY tv show.

  23. ashley Said:

    Okay none of you are going to quit watching the show if Damon dies in the finale and you know it. Why? Because you all know that he will be back in season 6.

  24. Anonymous Said:

    plz plz bring elena and stafen relation again

  25. ima Said:

    Stelena i think eventually Stefan and Elena will find their way back to each other i think something is going to happen to Stefan he is going to get seriously injured or maybe is going to putt a spell on Stefan that let him die but he can be brought back because he is really dead but comatose so looks like he is dead.

  26. anonymous Said:

    OMG Stefan is dead!!! He has to come back. As hot and beautiful as Damon is, Stefan and Elena belong together.

  27. Linner Said:

    This all depends on if they go by parts of the books.. Stefan does die. Damon also dies but is brought back to life. It says 3 will be gone completely from the show. I’m keeping track! And Damon and Elena are seriously meant for each other. Stefan is too pure. I think I know what’s going to happen and it’s going to hurt my heart because I’m all for Damon and Elena. They should have them get married! Lol. Also all for Caroline and Stefan. Those two just seem like a better match.

  28. Meme Said:

    Stefan died really? so u send out spoilers saying damon dies in season 6 and u kill off stefan just before season 5’s finale…wth? what is the point of having the vampire diaries if u are going to kill off the main vampires for gods sake u should have just named it the Elena gilbert vampire show since obviously u will let her live….Come on CW and Paul wesley write a better script/ending fed up

  29. Tiffany johnson Said:

    I’m seriously crying my eyes out I thought it was sad when Stefan died but it much worst know that Damon and Bonnie died in season 5 finale I’m honestly pissed and don’t want to watch this show anymore Elena has had so much happen to her why can’t she be happy for once, an same with Bonnie she already died an had to sacrifice her life why does she have to die I love her character

  30. Delena Said:

    IF Damon dies the show will not be as great as it is…. this can’t be happening, Damon has to live!!! He has to be in the show

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