The Vampire Diaries Season 5: Seven New Spoilers from Julie Plec!

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 cast

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We don’t know about you but during the Vampire Diaries‘ summer hiatus, we feel like poor Stefan Salvatore — as though some evil being plopped us into a steel box, chucked us into the ocean and now we’re struggling to survive beneath the murky waters of TVD-free weeks.

Thankfully though, the show’s executive producer Julie Plec is a fellow fan herself and understands how hard it is to be apart from Damon, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, and all their wonderful friends. So what’s her perfect solution to curbing our cravings for all things Mystic Falls related? To dish out delicious spoilers about TVD Season 5, which she happily did at the 2013 ATX festival in Austin, Texas. And guess what? They certainly hit the spot!

Check out five spoilers (courtesy of Hollywood Life) about The Vampire Diaries Season 5 below:

  • On TVD the College Years: “We always knew that Grams was a professor who taught the occults and that Aunt Jenna was off getting her master’s degree. So we set up Whitmore knowing that we’d be going to college in year five.”
  • On Actually Attending Class: “Class is boring. We might see it once or twice.”
  • On Katherine’s Ordeal as a Human: “We were just in the room the other day talking about the first time she catches a cold, just how freakin’ pissed she’s going to be about that.”
  • On Damon and Elena’s relationship: Delena will start a “new relationship,” and “try to make it work.” However, things won’t be too easy for the new couple as there’s a “villain in their midst they don’t know is a villain at the beginning.”
  • On Karoline versus Hayley: “Hayley is, by no means, the Cinderella in the Klaus love story. Hayley is a girl who’s pretty tough, fiery, independent … a survivor in her own right who got drunk, had sex and got knocked up. She’s going to have her own journey. She’s not really meant to be a threat to Klaus’ love life.”
  • On Silas & Stefan’s Connection: “[It’s] a  pretty cool mythology that will carry on in terms of Silas, and the mystery of his past — 1,000 or 2,000 years ago.”
  • On Explaining Jeremy’s Surprise Return: “What the hell cover story is that going to be? How’s he going to explain that? He had a memorial service! There were flyers!”

Which Vampire Diaries storyline and/or mystery are you eager to revisit in Season 5?


  1. Cassie Said:

    Is Bonnie going to stay dead? Or are they going to find a way to bring her back too??

  2. Ashley Said:

    if Elena isn’t human what will happen to Katherine if there both dead

  3. haley Said:

    Is klaus and karoline going to start dating?

  4. nefeli! Said:

    i believe that stefan was the past silas and elena the past love of silas , remember that katherine was someones doubleganger thats silas true love !!!

  5. judyth Said:

    @ nefeli…’ve got a point…sounds logical to me too…..cant wait for season 5!

  6. tamara Said:

    i cant wait but wat happens to matt and rebecca also katherine n elijar

  7. Paul Said:

    Jeremy’s return, the whole Stefan/Silas doppleganger storyline, and Katherine’s new life as a human… those are the ones I’m looking forward to seeing.

  8. Amber Sachs Said:

    Katherine as a Human & The Delena relationship

  9. Danielle Peel Said:

    I’m so excited about Delena…but the Silas/Stephan thing is confusing a bit. If there’s Silas/Stephan doppelganger and a Katherine/Elena doppelganger, then does that mean Stephan and Elena are meant to be together. I mean those are the only two we know of so far. I have always been team Damon since season 1, but that seriously changed the storyline.

  10. InewtoTVD Said:

    Nefeli: I think the first young human Pratrova(however you spell it) girl, Katherine and Elena’s ancestor, was the one the witch killed and that was Silas’s true love. Then if you recall, in flashback of Klaus, human Katherine, and Elijah. Elijah when he first saw human Katherine said, “You remind me of someone else”…..cont.

  11. InewtoTVD Said:

    cont… Then of course he found out she was a vampire and he freaked and couldn’t handle her not being human. Then along comes human Elena. And Stefan, who now we know is actually Silas at just another time and place, falls in love with the new human Pratrova. Then when human Elena turned into vampire Elena, Stefan once again freaked and couldn’t handle her not being human. cont..

  12. InewtoTVD Said:

    part 2.. Making it clear I think, that Katherine looked like the young Pratrova girl that Klaus and Elijah were in love with and their witch mother killed for her blood to do the vampire spell on her husband and the children…. Then when it was vampire Katherine and human Stefan and they met once again, they fell in love (rekindled the original Silas and original Pratrova true love). cont….

  13. InewtoTVD Said:

    Part 4.. I think that is the key. And if so, it means by Katherine now being the human Pratrova (for the second time) and Stefan who is Silas, will finally have his true love once again.Just a theory.

  14. reju Said:

    i cant wait pls immediately start the season 5.i like only stefan character.he is very cute

  15. Chester Said:

    I hope they put more focus on kathrine throughout Season 5….let Silas play around with every1 mind while Stefan rots in that steel coffin under the lake for half of the Season.

  16. Cathy Said:

    Get Stefen out of the ocean, I love him and Damon. I can’t wait for season 5, it can’t come soon enough for me. I Love TVD.

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