Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Julie Plec Teases Season 5!

Elena - "Into the Wild"The fourth season of The Vampire Diaries is nowhere near done yet but that doesn’t mean that viewers aren’t speculating about Season 5 already. Luckily for us all, during an interview with TV Guide Magazine, showrunner Julie Plec indulged our curiosity by dishing out clues about what’s coming up in Mystic Falls during and after the epic Season 4 finale!

Here’s what J.Plec revealed:

  • On the cure: “[It will] be ingested by a vampire,” she confirms. “This will be one of the finale’s final moments.”
  • On graduation“Definitely not all of our wayward, delinquent students will be present when it comes time to collect their diplomas. I’m not saying they won’t be alive — they just won’t be able to extricate themselves, as graduation falls right in the middle of a crucial supernatural time.”
  • On tearjerker scenes: “There is a line in the [penultimate] episode when Elena is filling out graduation announcements and she says, ‘Who am I supposed to send mine to?'”
  • On Season 5 Travel: Some of the Mystic Falls High residents will enroll at a nearby university, Whitmore College. Others, Julie hints, “may choose to run off to Europe, New Orleans or parts unknown.”

Well there you have it — four scrumptious clues to sink our teeth into. Enjoy more spoilers over at TV Guide!

Now it’s time for predictions! Who do you think is going to run off to New Orleans? We know the Originals are all headed there due to the potential spin-off in the works, but could certain characters (coughCarolinecough) pack a suitcase and venture down to the Big Easy to join Klaus?


  1. Lindsey Herzig Said:

    I know who ingests the cure in the books, lol. I hope that’s not what happens in the show but who knows…sometimes the show will pull little details from the books that you would never have thought of! And for the record, this is one instance where the movie/show is MILES better than the source material! :)

  2. REGINA Said:


  3. Michelle Said:

    WAIITTT I CAN’T EVEN OH MY GOSH IF CAROLINE JOINS THE SPIN OFF I WOULD DIE. Don’t mess with us plec. We are dangerous fandom to piss off. Klaroline<3

  4. Leila Said:

    Caroline Hope for New Orleans . In The Originals she can be a protagonist and she deserves it. In TVD is a secondary role and history gives to be more important, especially next to Klaus ♥

  5. @beangelic1000 Said:

    The person running off too parts unknown will be Tylor since this is his graduation as well, but he’s on the run from Klaus. Rebekah will be going to New Orleans, Whitmore College could be the girls, Bonnie, Elena and Caroline, that leaves Matt. Stefan will either attend college or just not go.

  6. Eugenia Said:

    Caroline WILL NOT go to New Orleans! because we already know that Hayley is going, and after that hot sex scene with Klaus, I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be his new love interest.

  7. Lauryn Said:

    Joseph Morgan said it will be a big surprise who takes the cure, so my money is on Katherine. She’d want it the least and it’d be an interesting twist considering Elena wants her dead.

    I’m hoping for a Delena ending (Paul Wesley said he thinks it’s time for Stefan to move on and I agree), and if that happens then maybe Stefan will go to New Orleans, and Katherine too since Klaus could use her to make hybrids if she’s human.

    I think Caroline will end up there eventually, but not right away.

  8. Mrs-N-Uzumaki Said:

    Thanks to a huge spoiler mouth, someone revealed who takes the cure in the books. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that WILL NOT happen. I honestly didn’t know who would take the cure and wasn’t sure if anyone should. But now I agree with Lauryn, I never thought about Katherine. It’d be a really good idea.

  9. Ashley Said:

    Holy crap someone who went to high school there goes to New Orleans!!!!!?????? That has to be Caroline!!! Are we actually going to get Klaroline

  10. Lorren Said:

    I think Stefan will take the cure… He was explaining to Elena that he has had to feel every inch of pain and loss and how much he hates it…and if Elena chooses Damon (or neither) it’s a better reason for him to take it.

  11. Sierra Said:

    Eugenia: Have you ever heard that true love lasts beyond distance? Uh, sex never implies that people love each other. That’s absolutely shallow. If sex created love, then Damon and Stefan would have ditched Elena and be in love with Rebekah by now. Hayley, as of now, has been a useless cardboard cutout that the writers insert to make plots work. I’m not particularly interested in her story.

  12. Briena Said:

    I am just hoping for STELENA. They belong together, there epic love story! She cares for Damon but loves Stefan! That’s all want to happen. They are perfect for each other. Stefan saved her life, when her parents died, hes always been on her side through everything and saves her life everytime. It’s need to be STELENA!!!!!

  13. Ron Said:

    If Caroline goes to New Orleans, how is she going to feel about Klaus having a baby!!!

  14. ctvampirediaries Said:

    Just watched the final episode and am extremely disappointed, as it does not seem believable. I sincerely hope that it was Silas who kissed Damon and professed his love to Damon to trick Stephan to leave, so he could kill him, because I just can’t believe that she would choose him. Even many Delena fans seem to be in agreement that although they love Damon, Stefan and Elena were meant to be together! Boo!!!!! Not a satisfying ending. Feel like it was a cope out ending to please fans.

  15. cassie Said:

    I really hope that Elena and Katherine will both come back in the next season because they can not just have Katherine take the cure and not have anything else about that. I really want to know if Katherine can survive a human life. And if Elena trys to kill her.

  16. VampireDiariesLover Said:

    I hope Elena and Katherine come back because I got to see if Katherine can survive a human life and what she is like when she is a human this is going to be so awesome but I can’t wait for the next season I wish it stated this Thursday!!!!!!!!

  17. sasha Said:

    I seen fans write better ideas for the season finale. The season finale was a huge disappointment. It seems like a child that is a delena fan wrote this. There was nothing interesting and creative about this.The book is a lot better. Please take the pen from this person and let someone else do this.

  18. sasha Said:

    What sense does it makes for Bonnie to die or be a ghost??? This is stupid!!!

  19. John Said:

    so stop watching if you disagree no one is forcing you to watch!

  20. zuki Said:

    omg I just watched final episode and I was disappointed,lol I know it sonds weird but I am a STELENA fan and I can`t stand DELENA…they really suck.And damon omg i know he is sexy and he loves elena very much but he is an asshole… and I just hope that in season 5 will be stelena because they are made for each other and their love is epic no matter what happend,but I can`t wait till Octomber.xoxo

  21. Melanie Said:

    I didn’t love the season finale, but I didn’t hate it either. I was happy that Damon and Elena ended up together but I was sad about Bonnie. Silas caught me off guard, but I didn’t think much of it. All I really want for next season is for Klaus and Caroline to happen as well as Matt and Rebecca.

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