Julie Plec Teases The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Spoilers about Alaric, Tyler, Bonnie & Damon!

Tyler is not a hybrid anymore - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22

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We don’t know about you but our minds are chock-full of questions after all the chaos that erupted in the Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale. It’s safe to reason that the cliffhangers in “Home” not only left us traumatized and utterly shattered, but it also raised left us grappling blindly for answers. What the freak happened to Bonnie and Damon? Is Alaric sticking around Mystic Falls? Is Tyler a human — and does this mean every other bloodsucker who returned with him has also been cured of their vampirism? Luckily, we don’t have to wait until The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premieres to bite into juicy details about what’s to come now that The Other Side has been demolished and a handful of fan-favorite characters are presumably dead; executive producer Julie Plec has shared some exciting tidbits in an interview with TVLine.com!

Dive into a fresh batch of spoilers below, and be sure to check out Andy Swift’s FULL amazing interview over at TV Line: http://bit.ly/S0LlFd!

  1. Heaven Versus Hell: Julie revealed that Grams, Lexi, and Aunt Jenna have definitely found peace and that Markos, Silas, and the other unfortunate souls who were sucked away into oblivion, are gone for good from the show. (RIP for Real Vicky Donovan and Katherine Pierce.)
  2. Tyler is No Longer A Hybrid: The good news? He won’t have to worry about pesky vampire weaknesses (stake to the heart, sunburns, etc) anymore. The bad news? It’s back to chains and dungeons for this raven-haired dude. According to Julie, Tyler is once again a human with a werewolf gene. “He won’t be that messed-up kid with all the aggression he can’t understand; now he knows where it’s coming from,” she explains. “But he’s still going to have to work hard to keep his temperaments reigned in, and to find an outlet for that physical frustration that comes along with having the werewolf gene.”
  3. Alaric Still Has Fangs: Yes, he’s a series regular. Yes, he still looks like a rugged handsome mofo. And, yes, he’s still a vampire. “He’ll struggle with what he’s become and how he’s supposed to live with that,” Julie points out. Uh-oh. Watch out! (FYI: No word yet on whether or not he’ll return to teaching history.)
  4. Stefan’s Mental State Remains Questionable: The poor guy lost his brother and his best friend all in one night. The real heartbreaking kicker? He didn’t even get to say goodbye to either of them. So where will TVD Season 6 find Mister Hero Hair? Will he be able to cope with these profound losses or will he turn off his humanity (much like we have) and turn into a full-fledged Ripper? Julie has decided to keep Stefan’s mourning process a mystery for now but she did tease the following: “He could go light, he could go dark, he could go pure, he could lose his mind and get on a motorcycle and drive to Miami. So what he ultimately ends up doing will be an interesting reflection on his state of mind at the moment — and very fun for Paul [Wesley] to play.”
  5. The Return of Enzo: According to Julie, Michael Malarkey is now a series regular, and we’ll be hearing his sexy accent a lot more often. Oh, yea — the handsome devil will continue to be a “thorn in a couple people’s sides.” Hooray for more Enzonator drama! Drinks all around!
  6. Are Bonnie & Damon Officially Dead? Julie Plec teased the following: “I think it means there’s a mystery attached to how the show ended. Did they die? Did they find peace? Are they still on the Other Side? Does the Other Side still exist? If not, where the hell are they? And will they ever come back? Certainly, we will see Ian [Somerhalder] and Kat [Graham] again, but where and in what context? That’s part of the mystery of Season 6.”
  7. Matt Donovan is the Luckiest Lad of Them All: While everyone was off dying and crying, Matty Blue Eyes was living large. And, for the first time in a long while, he actually didn’t have his neck snapped like a twig by a Traveler, vampire, or some other worldly creature. So what does the future hold for him? We may very well be mistaken but it sounds as the former Mystic Grill bus boy, fresh out of a job considering how his workplace went kaboom, is going to take a page out of Sheriff Forbes’ book and explore law enforcement. (Those eyes? That uniform? We ship it.) “Weirdly enough, in spite of the grief attached to the circumstance of what happened, Matt Donovan came out the other side in the strongest way. He’s in a town with no supernatural entities, he’s out of high school, he’s grown into a young man, and he begins to find his way as he steps out on a new career path that might lead him to being someone you’d like to have protecting you in the town of Mystic Falls,” Julie teased to TV Line. “He’s living a pretty decent life, so it’s sad that his friends can’t be there with him, but at least it’s peaceful.”

What’s the biggest question on your mind about The Vampire Diaries Season 6? Which character’s journey are most looking forward to watching when the show returns to The CW in October 2014? Hit the comments below and let us know!


  1. Jazz Said:

    Will Elena ever become an angel like being, similar to the books?

  2. lisa Said:

    I been watching Vampire Diaries since day 1 and no info about Damon was really answered which i know the writers cant reveal everything,i know in the book Damon becomes a ghost i think thats right but if Ian leaves the show and doesnt return then im sorry to say but thats the end for me to,the show would not be the same and i think a lot of fans would agree to that,so please bring him back…..

  3. jennifer Said:

    Are any of them gonna be able to go back to Mystic Falls or is the traveler magic still up around the town?

  4. Cyber-X Said:

    my favorite actress is Kat Graham and i hope 2 c her all over again please

  5. Paula Cardoso Said:

    If Damon becomes a ghost, not able to interact with anyone, with no corporeal form , it’s the same as NO DAMON at all. I won’t stand for something like that. We know that Ian is on season 6, but Julie doesn’t tell a damm thing, and seriously, if Damon becomes a ghost, or be stuck in another place unable to came back to Elena, i’m done with TVD. I won’t be watching anymore

  6. Bronye Williams Said:

    I swear if Damon does not come back in season 6 as a vampire/human, i will be done with watching TVD, because i think this is a bowl of crap that he had to die. Yes it makes every single fan wonder what will happen next. And yes we will want to see what will happen but if its Bullshit and we do not see what we want to see, then i personally think everyone will lose interest in this circus going on.

  7. April Said:

    DAMON, DAMON, DAMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh.

  8. CHANTELLE Said:

    Please bring Bonnie and Damon back I just love the Vampire Dairies it’s the high light of my week to Watch, and I’m all in favor for DAMON and ELANA

  9. Sarah Said:

    Seriously. I dont give a rats ass about anyone other than Damon. It’s bad enough that he lead such a tortured life, now he’s dead!!? That being said, I swear on his grave that if he doesn’t come back, I am SOOOO done with TVD.

  10. shalki Said:

    Im team Damon or rather team Ian. N ig hr is not returning to the show in vampire form n if there is no more Delena thn im sitry to say but in my opinion TVD wont be renewed for S7.. theit TrPs will fall like anything. And 8f Ian’s exit is due to his breakup wd Nina Dobrev thn there is noyhing to say. I mean they should be mature enough n keep their oersinal and private lives separate. .. ian ure the best thng to happen to TVD. I jus want u to be bak. @Julie plec and Kevin: I hope u guys re list

  11. sah Said:

    Damon needs to come back or else I will also stop watching the show. Having him officially gone or even as a ghost would be the show’s “jumping the shark” so to say. I think if it would have been Stefan killed off for good or turned to a ghost we fans would not be so appalled as to what happened during the season finale.

  12. Rebecca Said:

    Omg defintley damon like when he died i died with him i cried for half an hour when i first watched it cried walking to school and cried at school then i went silent and started grieving. So he cant be dead he wont be dead its not right he wasnt meant to go never he wasnt he wasnt he wasnt ever supposed to go never x

  13. Lagacie Said:

    I am pretty sure Bonnie and Damon is coming back. They brought up how Bonnie’s grandma told her that she was staying behind to make sacrifices.
    Also, the title for next season is called “The Journey Back To You: or something like that.
    As for Tyler, he was still a werewolf. Just no vampire. He was also the only one who completely died from returning to his original form. Also the characters have announced they will not be returning to Mystic Falls next season. Since they are vampires.

  14. Amber Said:

    Please bring Bonnie and Damon back! The show will not be the same without them! I was so happy to see Damon and Ellana finally realize they are ment to be together and Jeremy running towards Bonnie! It all got to me that I started to cry. I’ve been watching the #TVD since the beginning. I’ve even watched the series over a couple of times. I love this show, but with that said I’m sorry to say that I will stop watching #TVD if Damon returns as a ghost and can’t be with the one he loves!

  15. selena Said:


  16. betty moore Said:

    No we want Damon in real form, NOT a ghost or all of us are done with vd. we have been there since first one, but that will be it. Having him be a ghost is not acceptable. You did not answer much of anything, so not much of a spoiler speech

  17. Katrina Said:

    Damon an Bonnie did NOT DIE YET! they were holding hands an looking into the bright light. Damon Stephan an Elena are main characters in the story. I love TVD but I like all of the characters. If Damon dies I will probably quit watching it. They should bring him back somehow an Bonnie. They’re not dead yet an they don’t need to be ghosts either.

  18. Joy Said:

    I see everyone feels the same way I do bring Damon back with Elena without Damon I am done watching the show as well.

  19. Danny Said:

    Hello does anyone mentioned anything the original vampire who was the first one to warn them from the collapsing of the other side? I don’t think they.. We don’t know if he was sucked by the dark or not. Everything we know that Julie brought all the originals back except for Kol although he was the favourite original ( from the dead originals) for people.

  20. sandra Said:

    i really really what too see damon in season 6 if not the sowe will boring with out him he is one the best acterse so he have too came back atherwhy the will suck with out him

  21. Kay Said:

    I would love to see Bonnie back and with Jeremy out in the open! Elena with Damon who some how comes back! Stephan with Caroline! Tyler with the Witch girl (can’t remember her name) and Laric with someone maybe Rebecca from The Originals. This would make for some VERY Interesting writing!!!!!

  22. ian Said:

    Alaric never got a daylight ring and without a witch to make him one. What will they do about that?

  23. Amy Said:

    He would have to use Damon’s ring *cries some more*

  24. stelenaxxx Said:

    Well, I, like a lot of people, have watched The Vampire Diaries since the beginning and I just have to say: wow. Bloody wow. This episode acted as vervain on me – it weakened me to my knees and allowed the writers to swoop in a stake me dead. Thank you to all of the writers involved; this episode was so powerful and had me crying enough to fill the entire lake outside of the Gilbert’s family lake house! I can’t wait to see Jeremy next season – Damon was like a father and Bonnie was his love!!!

  25. boitumelo Said:

    I luvv dat series n I never mic it

  26. Cazz Said:

    Damon cant die, vd needs someone whz alwaes willing to do wat needs to be done. he shud b wth elaina, Caroline wth Stefan theyx r perfect togther, Bonnie should also cum bck Jeremy cant alwaes lose his girlfrnz. And i cnt believ they killed off lexi for good that was jst horrible… cant wait fr season 6 tho.. #countdowntooctober.

  27. Becca Said:

    I think everyone should realize by now that if any character on the show dies, it does not mean they necessarily stay dead. Also, Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham have been confirmed as main roles in Season 6 (check their Wiki pages), so there is no need for all these “I’m not watching if Damon’s not in it” threats. The series is not all about Damon, there are other characters too. Wondering why Tyler is untriggered? He died crossing the boundary, going back to pre-hybrid, the others didnt.

  28. Southafrican, chick:) Said:

    Like it or not Damon is da main reason that tvd is sooo good, Ian plays his role amazingly , WOW, damon will be back, tvd is ntn without him. Love u ian

  29. susan Said:

    IM team damon and if they dont bring him back ,im done with watching vampire diaires ,they have to stay together damon & ilena ,i read it was about ian & nina splitting up thats why he is leaving but what about us who got the show where it ,its the last one you would think they could just do this one right for us damon fans ,there is not much to look forward to in this world so having our vampire disires kept us felling alive ,please damon or ian just come back to us ,xxxxx

  30. mj Said:

    I am a TVD fan since day1. and i hope. really hope that Stefan and Elena will still end up together :( (

  31. Kathy Said:

    The only good part of Season 5 was that Silas was the one who swooped in and saved the day only to be sucked into the void. Karma is a B! Stop recycling story lines. Killed Jeremy and brought him back, killed Bonnie and brought her back, killed Alaric and brought him back,killed Tyler and brought him back. See where I am going with this? There is no watchin TVD without Damon and half-assed ghost form or flashback form ain’t going to cut it!!!

  32. Kandall Said:

    damon cant die that would be the worst thing ever it would be awesome when trying to bring back Bonnie’s life they go to new Orleans and seek help with witches that live there!
    its so heartbreaking looking at Eleana’s state bcoz she lost Damon they were/are the best couple ever! :) #TVD.

  33. Ainara Said:

    Even if the writers were going to bring Damon back as a ghost or in flashbacks before , they’re defenetly going to change it now , because every single person with a blog that is a fan of TVD is saying that they won’t watch the show if damon is a ghost or only in flashbacks , so if they care about they’re viewers and the show still being a hit they’ll bring at least damon back to life .

  34. Vanessa Said:

    No, just let Bonnie come back. Damon can keep on being dead, so that elana can go back to stefan!

  35. Sayre Said:

    Maybe they will turn Elena into a villain. That would be interesting. Damon becomes good (or better) while she keeps going down the compelling road she’s been on.

  36. Chandra Chavez Said:

    Damon IS the Vampire Diaries. Without him, this show would be tedious. I know I certainly won’t watch it anymore if he is no longer a main character. TVD is my absolute FAVORITE show. I love it. But this show is what it is, because of Damon. His character is so charismatic, spontaneous, and compelling (no pun intended). He brings allure to an otherwise bland group of characters.

  37. aires Said:

    please make Stefan realize that Caroline loves him! i want to see steroline together! please make them go on a date! :D

  38. sky Said:

    team demon/Ian too..he has 2 come back, TVD can never be the same.Ian Sommerhandler thank you for entertain me and keeping me glued to TVD..pliiiz Juli and kevin bring Demon back or we will ask him to compel you to put him in season 6

  39. Nastine Said:

    Oh, it broken my heart, how could it happen or why not? It was so pretty nice to see how Damon and Elena were together and were full in love to each other…so what the hell has happened?
    I do hope that TVD makes pleasure for fans of Vampire Diaries and will return with mystery powers Damon and Bonnie for alive, if not, it means end of my love to this serial because i don’t see the sense to continue to watch it because Damon is too much popular here and his relationship was amazing,i miss him

  40. Ruby Said:

    they should bring Bonnie and Damon bac but let Damon and Elena stay together just for a little while but I think Caroline and Stefan is 2 predictable. I think Stefan nd Caroline should start to have feelings for one another but when Elena sees them2 showing interest it reveals the true feelings she still has for Stefan but was just blinded by Damon. And as should be Stefan and Elena eventually fall back in love with each other because they are destined to be together. I would write more but out

  41. Bear Said:

    Yes, I agree. The Klaus & Stefan plotline can lay off a colpue of episodes. I really don’t have to see them repeat this kill a whole bunch of werewolves, try and fail to make them into hybrids’ thing. Though, I’m positive Klaus is suspicious (or already has an inkling) that Elena isn’t dead. It might be interesting to see that development. I can’t wait to see how the Jeremy plotline is going to works out too. Caroline’s plotline I’m not so sure about. The Daddy’ shocker was great, but it might be another Damon saves the day’ moment. Hopefully, they will shake things up a bit. Haha! I LOVE the Damon and Alaric bromance this season. They’re M.F.E.O. Yes! I really hope there is something (or someone) more powerful working with Klaus. That would make an amazing twist. Maybe that would bring Elijah back too. Of course, Elena having doubt about the brothers doesn’t surprise me, but I did love the conversation she had with Alaric in the car. It was nice to see the two talk and share a stronger connection. They really do need eachother. I agree, showing Elena is having doubt, despite how strong she seems, was a good way to round out her character. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I find Elena’s character too predictable. I seriously have no idea how the whole Vicki/Jeremy/Anna storyline is going to play out. No doubt, things are going to get crazy. Hmmm another person involved, manipulating Vicki? Sure, I can see that. Though, it might not really be ghost Anna and Vicki, but someone else entirely trying to mess with Jeremy. Yes? No? Maybe? Tell us, TVD writers. Tell us! I’m glad Tyler finally told (showed) his mom about the whole wolf thing. I still don’t like her character, but it’s nice that an actual parent is involved with her child’s life now. You know, without trying to kill them. Lol.

  42. kc Said:

    I hope Damon returns as a vampire. I like vamp Damon. Or a human, as long he’s the one in the spotlight without Elena getting worse scenarios like in season 5. Let Damon have his own story. And dark Stefan is a big no, I like Paul and he plays Stefan good but this bad Stefan is booooooring. Same goes for Damon really, but that’s because Damon never really get to be bad because there is always someone he needs to save or the storyline gets cut in the middle.

  43. Sumita Said:

    First!So I don’t need to say how awesome this epi was but I’m kind of over the whole Stefan/Klaus/Damon thing now. It’s gtoetn old for me and Caroline’s and Jeremy’s storyline’s have much more appeal at the moment.Fav Scene Damon pushing Elena in the water. Hilarious. Damon calling Alaric brother . Sweet (the bromance is officially official). Hmm Scene Klaus saying he did everything he was told. Makes me feel like he could be just another player here. Sure he could be talking about what a witch told him but it would make sense (and more interesting) for there to be a more powerful force at work here. Also, I wonder when he’s gonna find out that his little turning binge didn’t work bcuz the doppleganger is still alive?Real Scene TVD prominently portrays Elena as a bad-ass who isn’t afraid of everything and so it’s nice when they highlight the moments of uncertainty showing that she really does not know everything and is still a kid. Telling Alaric that she really does not know what she’s doing by having feelings for both brothers was definitely a good way that point across. What the hell is going on Scene Even in death Vicki is still one messed up character. I look forward to see how this plays out and yes I believe Anna. I feel like someone is probably using Vicki and that bringing her back (however that’s done, is gonna make things bat-shit crazy).Whoa Scene Essentially this should be the cliffhanger but I was genuinely surprised at the reaction of Mrs. Lockwood as Tyler was turning. It’s probably the most acting she’s done the whole show. I think I literally jumped when she screamed after seeing Tyler change.Cliffhanger You summed it up perfectly Kim. Fudge!

  44. charles Said:

    Does this mean dat Katherine is dead for good?

  45. harsh anand Said:

    if damon is gone then d show will b doomed

  46. Jenna Said:

    i want to here about elena and stelena, also caroline

  47. Kel Said:

    Ummm question…..how does Tyler come back cured of Vampirism but Alaric and everyone else doesn’t ?

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