Casting News: Sonja Sohn Set to Star in The Originals Season 2

Sonja Sohn cast in The Originals Season 2

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If you were already excited about welcoming Teen Wolf heartthrob, Daniel Sharman, to The Originals Season 2, brace yourselves, because there’s even more cause for celebration. According to E! Online, a talented alumnus from The Wire has been cast in a recurring role. Who? Why, the fabulous and utterly talented Sonja Sohn, of course!

And much like the other newbies who have set foot in the Big Easy, Sonja is set to take the city by storm. Apparently she’s playing Lenore, a powerful salt-of-the-Earth kinda witch, who, just like Daniel’s handsome-yet-devilish character, Kaleb, is keen on wreaking havoc in New Orleans and making Klaus’s life a living hell (more so than usual). E! Online reports that she will prove to be quite the foe for Mister Hybrid.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sonja’s extensive resume, just know she’s a gifted actress with lots of screen presence — so clearly we’re eager to see her in action in New Orleans, conjuring up bad-ass spells. She starred Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs for five seasons on the sensational HBO drama The Wire and then moved on to Body of Proof alongside Dana Delany. She’s also had guest-starring stints on critically acclaimed shows such as The Good Wife, Cold Case, Law & Order: SVU and Burn Notice.

That said, Sonja is already hard at work filming scenes for Season 2, which returns in October on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. “These vampires wore me out! Look at ‘em-obviously bred for 3am shoots,” she recently joked on her official Instagram account. Check out an adorable behind-the-scenes photo she posted of herself hanging out with Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan. (Psst. They’re looking super dapper!)

So, sweethearts, do you approve of this casting news? Are you excited to Sonja Sohn as Lenore? Post your thoughts in the comments!


  1. susan Said:

    so glad its coming back for another season love it ,can you bring damon in it to

  2. Ayaa Said:

    I’ve watched all 3 TSC epiedoss and I really think Britt R is the weak link. But, I didn’t flip over TVD until 5 epiedoss (went from hate to OMG love!) so I’m giving it time. Locke & Key if you ever find it online, watch it. It’s basically the entire first series of the graphic novel, adheres strictly to the story and is terrific. But, I have never seen it leaked yet. Terra Nova aired last Monday it’s on to watch. I enjoyed it dinosaurs! Yes, I understand the criticism but the fun outweighs that. Thanks for commenting!VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

  3. Divanildo Said:

    Right? Right? I couldn’t stand the wrtinig style, but a friend told me that I should give it a chance or something. Meh. There are lots of indie authors with far more amazing novels than that.

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