Spoiler Recap for The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 11: Klaus is a Born Orator

Klaus and Caroline share an intense scene on Vampire Diaries episode 311.

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SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched The Vampire Diaries episode 3.11, “Our Town.”

What a night! Vampire Diaries episode 3.11 had us screaming in sheer terror one second and clutching our hearts with tears in our eyes the next. From Stefan decapitating Klaus‘ hybrid minions to Matt comforting Elena on the same bridge her parents had died on (or under, technically) to Tyler biting Caroline in a moment of blind ecstasy (otherwise known as “putting Klaus needs first”), “Our Town” teemed with GASP!-worthy moments.

However, there can only be one Scene Stealer winner per Vampire Diaries episode, and the award for “Our Town” goes to Mister Niklaus (or just Klaus if you’re monosyllabic like that) for his unexpected display of humanity.

You see, at the beginning of the episode Klaus was being a total buzz-kill (emphasis on kill if you will). Instead of minding his own business after the whole Jeremy debacle (where he asked Tony to run the poor kid over), Klaus decided it was high time to turn into an old school brother who tears off his sister’s Barbie doll’s head —except, in this case, Klaus asked Tyler Lockwood (practically his son if you ask us) to bite (not behead — phew) a real-life Barbie doll… Vampire Barbie aka Caroline Forbes. (Let’s just say it all now in unison. 1…2…3…poor Caroline!)

As everyone knows all too well at this point, a werewolf’s bite is fatal to a vampire. So, in a nutshell, Klaus was trying to eliminate Care-Bear on her birthday just to teach Stefan a lesson. (Take notes, Ripper, and watch a real villain in action!) And, the worst part is that his diabolic plan almost worked! Even though Tyler put his foot down with his sire and told him he would never ever hurt his blonde boo, he eventually did bite her (due to his lack of free will and all). Furthermore, the incident unfortunately occurred after one of Tyler’s finest moments — during which he professed his love for Caroline and swooped in for a kiss. (DAMN IT!)

However, in a totally incomprehensible sweep of mercy, Klaus appeared at Caroline’s doorstep and asked to be invited in so that he can save her. The sheriff obliged and Klaus officially gained 24/7 access to the Forbes household. After that, everything that followed blurred into a blissful dream: Klaus entered Caroline’s bedroom. She asked if he was going to kill her and he replied he wouldn’t do that to a lady on her birthday. Then, Klaus sprung into the most beautiful, inspirational speech our little ears ever did hear:

“I could let you die, if that’s what you really want. But if you really believe your existence has no meaning…[He gets a little choked up.] I thought about it myself, once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities and art and music. Genuine beauty. You can have a thousand more birthdays — all you have to do is ask.”

Caroline swooned and confessed that she did not want to die. He fed her his powerade blood. She healed. And then some intimate upper torso cradling took place. (The best part of their whole interaction though was when Klaus scoffed at the charm bracelet Tyler had purchased Caroline and, in turn, gifted her with an even better version — one with “genuine beauty”!)

So, either Klaus has a soft spot for birthdays, a weird fetish for his sidekicks’ lady friends, or his loneliness has finally gotten the best of him to the point where he’s making amends and comforting much-younger vampires! Or, maybe –just maybe — he’s up to something treacherous and evil. (Who knows with these hybrids!) Either way, we smell a new romance blooming, and this time around it’s between a blonde beauty and a 1000-year-old hybrid king. Oh sweet honey boo boo love! 

Now it’s your turn! Which scene from Vampire Diaries episode 3.11, “Our Town” took your breath away? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Jas Said:

    all the moments were breathtaking! :) one of the best episodes!

  2. VampireRed Said:

    Klaus and Katherine… that moment was breathtaking =) OMG… i’d love for them to fall in love =)

  3. VampireRed Said:

    I meant Caroline… =P

  4. Theo Said:

    @VampireRed We knew what you mean ;). They are off to a great start so far! Klaus really knows how to romance a lady.

  5. louisekhozouie Said:

    i really thought it was emotional! there is another side of klaus i just think caroline reminds him of his sister really, and the fact that he saved her life i believe is to get his coffins back which will be definitely must be the first partova girl inside that coffin! thats why hes all lovely!

  6. Blondie Said:

    Ok seriously when i saw last nights episode there were alot of cute scenes. Although one scene in particular blew me away! YES!! The klaus and caroline scene it was so breath taking, a known evil vilan showing some humanity.. Or should i say feelings. It was really nice to see klaus from a different perspective. When he left her that bracelet i was shocked.. That maybe klaus is falling for caroline! It would really be an interesting couple. I mean if that were the case would caroline betray everyone to have a love with klaus!! So many questions!! Anyway the klaus and caroline scene was breath taking. I loved it

  7. Susy Said:

    I’m loving that vulnerability from Klaus- deep down, he’s just a lonely man. Caroline seemed amazed/shocked at this side of Klaus. The most shocking moment for me was Stefan using Elena to get Klaus to remove his hybrids- he “loves” her sooo much, right?! Please! More than ever, DELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Natalie Said:

    Amazing episode as usual:) I loved so many scenes but the Klaus and Caroline one had to be my favorites. I am so excited if it will turn into something more and maybe create a fight between Klaus and Tyler. Also Im so mad at Stefan for doing that to Elena can we please put him back in the dungeon!

  9. Bad Wolf Said:

    The Klaus/Caroline scene was my fave. But this was a nearly perfect episode. Damon’s incredulous reaction at the way the council is responding to Klaus. Stefan beheading the one hybrid. Damon dehearting the first hybrid. And Stefan. Wow. Stefan and Elena in that whole Wickery Bridge thing. Man is Paul Wesley RIPPING it (pun intended) but if I had ANY doubts that they’re over, that scene erased them. Then there’s Damon’s “It’s right; it’s just not right now”, line. I mean the whole thing was amazing.

  10. Susy Said:

    @Bad Wolf, OMG! Were you as surprised as I was when Elena says to Damon “Are you going to kiss me again”? WTH- she almost looked disappointed when he said “not right now”! Episode was freaking amazing- as usual!

  11. Anvistern Said:

    Didn’t she say “You can’t kiss me again.”? At least thats what I heard ;)
    Still another distinctive Delena moment! Also Klaroline, what a wunderfull scene with those two. To sum it up: Great episode, Loved it ^^

  12. Keyra007 Said:

    I was blown away by Klaroline scene, it was a surprising twist in Klaus storyline and I loved their chemistry. Well Klaus is an evil character but audience loves him, I’m actually looking forward to see his romantic side!

    Stefan is so lost, revenge is the only thing he’s got left. Really I have no idea what the hell the writters are going to do with him.

    @Susy, Elena said to Damon “you can’t kiss me again” but her tone was as sweet as if she actually had said “kiss me”. Elena did kiss him back last week, she clearly has feelings for him but it’s not the right moment, yet to get involved in a romantic relationship and Damon knows it, he always knows what she needs.

  13. Susy Said:

    @Keyra007, Elena did seem disappointed when Damon said he wouldn’t kiss her right then. When he walked away, she looked at him longingly. Obviously, Elena is conflicted with what she is feeling. But at least now, there is hope in that Elena doesn’t reject Damon openly anymore. That is a breath of fresh air. Delena forever!

  14. Roxsington Said:

    I wonder why no one is tyler to klaus stuck thing to Elena I mean the only reason hybrids can live is through her blood they should do her bidding instead but I guess that would ruin the drama that we all love

  15. peppermint_paddie Said:

    If Klaus and Caroline hook-up the next couples I’d expect are Damon and Elena, and Katherine and Stephen and Alaric and Dr. Mary Fell

  16. Fatimah Said:

    OMG! That Klaroline scene was just so amazing, my sister actually thought it up even before the episode was released, amazing! Then again I love Delena and all but what’s going to happen 2 Stefan? He’s so lost and I’d hate to see the love that he and Elena shared fade away. Anyway maybe Katherine might be his partner right? Anyway I’ll be watching

  17. Theo Said:

    @Fatimah I agree! So much going on — all the characters have an interesting story line! :)

  18. enialde Said:

    I smell something fishy about the bracelet thing…….maybe its a mind controlling thing???wat cha think???/em I paranoid or something?????? I’m just being aware because they always have this surprises or twist ( can’t wait for that )….I miss the RIPPAH thing of Damon….being the bad bad vampire…. PLease Bring him BAck….I like to watch Damon Ripping Mr. MAte (Klaus)…..

  19. Caroline Said:

    Honestly one of my favorite Klaus and Caroline moments is the one at the ball standing at the horse and when they have a heart to heart on the park bench when they attempted to kill Kol

  20. kathleen Said:

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