Stefan vs. Damon

Ian Somerhalder as Damon, Paul Wesley as Stefan / Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009

Fans tend to prefer Damon over Stefan—but Katherine doesn’t. In her eyes, what is it that Stefan has that Damon can’t compete with?

Let’s compare their stats:


  1. He says he’s never truly loved Katherine…
  2. He’s been totally head over heels for Elena since the day he met her.
  3. Stefan claims to hate Katherine–and no matter how hard she tries to seduce him, it never works.


  1. Katherine was his first love.
  2. It took him more than a century to get over her–assuming he truly is.
  3. Damon tries to get the upper hand with Kat, but she’s an expert at manipulating him.

When Damon played hard-to-get last week, Katherine suddenly wanted him more. If he keeps it up, will she finally choose him over Stefan–or do you think he’ll always be second best to TVD’s resident vamp-bitch?


  1. Jessie Said:

    Kat is just trying to use Damon, and lets face it any1 posting on the page would do the same thing. I don’t know if she actually loves Stefan but SHE thinks she does but he isn’t going there, at least not any time soon, and Damon would probably be the more fun ;) brother. Kat is impatient and manipulative so if she has an itch shes gonna scratch, and if it causes problem, cuz lets face it Damon & Kat hooking up would cause issues with the boys, thats all the better for her. I can kinda see where Kat is coming from because Stefan is more stable reliable boyfriend type, but that doesn’t mean you (or her or I) wouldn’t still want to spend some NIGHTS with Damon… best of both worlds! although I find Stefan boring & would choose Damon in a heartbeat!

  2. Dizzy Lizzie Said:

    I think Elena is a bit more than little miss perfect & there’s a part of her that is truely entranced by Damon’s dangerous yet gooey-on-the-inside personality. There may just come a day when she lets her guard down & admits she feels something for him – I’m hoping for that day.

  3. tarjo Said:

    don’t know, if viewed from the book LJ Smith, could know how his character stefan bored, and on the other hand Damon’s character is so developed.

    and Alena, she seems to like the same Damon.
    so kat to, she (or Directed / Writing / producer) seem to hide the “reality” if he had “something” with Damon, as the character he has.

    stefan? don’t know. he denies the fact, that he loves kat. and when the opportunity was there (elena), he immediately took it. the other hand, long time – eventually Elena knew that she really loved ……. Damon.

  4. cookies n' cream Said:

    stefan has really found his true love, so he doesn’t care about katherine anymore. damon is a lost soul, and though he doesn’t know it, he is seeking love. ill take u anytime damon ;)

  5. Angelica Said:

    I don’t like Katherine and her conniving ways one bit, and I love Elena… So it’s funny how ONE actress plays both character that are so different from each other! But, honestly Stefan belongs with Elena and Damon with someone hot… I’d say Bonnie, but then her and Jeremy have a thing. I also like Caroline with Tyler better than Matt, ugh! That’s why LOVE BITES!

  6. squib Said:

    DAMON should b with ELINA

  7. pandoracat Said:

    okay, I’m a fan of Damon, hugely :) he’s just too good looking and irresistable. but the story started with stelena and thats how it should end :) i mean thats the point of the whole show right? stelena is true love and it would be weird if by the end it turns out to be delena. I love Damon and I care less about Stefan but really stelena all the way.

  8. Bonnie Said:

    If not a Bamon, then Damon should deff be with the Kat. I dont think we should have a Delena, it will only complicate things, besides if he gets together with elana then he’ll lose his bad ass loved side that all fans loves about him. So lets have a Kat & Damon, if not a Bamon.

    Also I just hate the writters for making Bonnie such a bitch that she tries to kill him, just to make fans stop wanting a bamon relations. thats not how bonnie character should be. Besides the only think thats keeping this show going, is only thanks to 4 people, well mosly three; Kat, Bonnie and Damon.

    So my point is, if the writters keep making bonnies character such a bitch, and make damon boring by paring up with elana and kill off Kat, than the show is as good as OVER.

  9. tia Said:


  10. joesr31 Said:

    ok duh damon should be with elena that is like common sense which only elena and stefen dont see….katherine maybe should just stay he play girl lifestyle and just be friends with damon and stefen, shes kinda helpful to them. but if its me personally i would choose damon without even needing to think

  11. Lacy Said:

    The common thread is that Damon and Kat seem to always want what they can’t have.

    Stefan did love Kat one time and I believe he still feels something for her. There were a couple of moments when their eyes met in the last episode and “he” looked away. I think he’s hiding his feelings. Where that goes, if anywhere, who knows? I don’t want him to ruin Stelena, but I am very curious.

    Julie Plec says this show is about Stelena’s epic love affair, but recently I haven’t seen it on the screen. She also said the show is about a girl who falls in love with one brother and ends up chainging the other brother.

    I agree with Olivia, I couldn’t sleep with my boyfriend’s brother. And if Elena ever crosses that line, she’ll no longer be the moral compass in the show. She’ll just be another slut like Grandma Kat. hahaha

  12. Sashelle Said:

    Stefan and elena all the way. Damon needs to realize how to be a good brother and back off!!!! If Elena does anything with Damon I will lose respect for her

  13. Kimberley Said:

    Hi the vamprie diaries

  14. Theo Said:

    @Kimberley Hey hey!

  15. delena Said:

    i just love damon……………..n dat is the reason why i don’t like stefan.damon deserves to be loved .it took him a century and a half to forget katherine,it will take his another 250 years to forget elena coz she will be in front of him every time with stefan .he has turned into a good guy for love…so he deserves love. elena has turned damon into a good guy…katherine would also turn good for elena is perfect for damon and stefan is perfect for katherine……….
    love u damon soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh…………

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