Hottie Alert: Steven R. McQueen Participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Steven R. McQueen participates in the ALS ice bucket challenge.Just when we thought we’ve seen the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos yet, courtesy of Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham, along comes Steven R. McQueen to prove us wrong. And what exactly set his footage apart from all the rest? Um, not to sound shallow or anything but….his abs.

Yep, the 26-year-old Vampire Diaries actor blessed his fans with fifteen whole seconds of himself standing shirtless and shivering. Poor guy! But, hey, this is for a great cause so it needs all the attention it can get — even if it means having a screen stud bare his torso and put his muscular Hunter arms on display.

With a genuine-yet-nervous smile widening across his face, Steven glances at the camera and thanks everyone who nominated him. Then, as his friend appears out of nowhere and dumps an entire garbage pail filled with frigid water upon his dark locks, Steven curls his upper body up into a ball and releases an unearthly yelp.

“Ahhh! That’s terrible!” he sputters through clenched teeth. He instinctively leaps to the side in an effort to warm up, but he’s already soaked to the bone. However, he wastes no time in inviting his family members, including younger brother Jessarae, to partake in this charitable mission to find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Watch the hilarious moment unfold in the video below!

Aww. Way to brave up and take the plunge, Steven — for your sake and fang fans worldwide!

That said, which Vampire Diaries cast member should step up to the plate next? Tell us in a comment, and to learn more about the ALS Foundation’s goals, click HERE! (Fun fact: This ice bucket craze that has taken over social media has led to the non-profit organization raising over 41.8 million dollars in donations. How incredible is that? It’s so nice to know that people are not only accepting the dare but also making a monetary contribution to ALS!)


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