7 Reasons Why Steven R. McQueen Should Play Nightwing on Arrow

As we await the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries to begin (where are you October?!), we’re trying to focus on other important occurrences in the TVD family. For example: Is Steven R. McQueen going to play Nightwing, a DC Comics character who is a later incarnation of Batman’s sidekick, Robin, on Arrow alongside the ever-smoldering Stephen Amell? The brown-eyed hunk recently tweeted a photo of himself hanging out with Stephen at an L.A. Kings hockey game and, were it not for hashtags such as “#arrow” and “#nightwing,” we would have assumed it was just an ordinary sports-themed night out.

Ever since last year, Steven has been publicly hoping for this role and posting photos of himself working out in preparation for its physical demands. Although Arrow‘s showrunner, Greg Berlanti, has yet to confirm the news, it seems as though Steven has his heart set on it. And guess what? So do we! We don’t want Steven to leave TVD of course — we want him to star on both shows so that we can get our double dosage of those arms — and if there’s anything Steven’s time as vampire hunter/ghost whisperer Jeremy Gilbert has taught us, is that he deserves more shirtless action-packed scenes.

That said, although we personally cannot grant Steven’s wish to play Nightwing, we can certainly lobby for him to land the role when it becomes available. Check out five reasons why he was born to play the mysterious superhero!

1. First and foremost: He looks the part! Black hair? Check. Muscular physique? Check. Air of mystery? CHECK.

Steven R. McQueen as Nightwing

Photo Credit: DC Comics/The Vampire Diaries

2. He’s hard-working and talented as an actor on a supernatural series, understands that action roles can be grueling. But he’s willing to put in the time and effort — even many hours at the gym — to bring the character to life!

3. He can tear a shirt apart with ease. Superheros need to conduct wardrobes changes on the go so this is a handy skill to have!

Jeremy rips his shirt open


4. He’s already good friends with Arrow’s leading man, Stephen Amell, who also guest-starred on TVD in Season 2.

Steven R. McQueen hangs out with Arrow star, Stephen Amell.

Photo Credit: Steven R. McQueen via Instagram

5. He is adept at portraying tough-yet-vulnerable characters — which he has proven on TVD by dying several times and losing loved ones left and right. I mean, just look at him being all broody and stuff…swoon!

Jeremy on TVD

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries

6. He cleans up real well. He’ll need to be able to rock a suit — and woo some sassy ladies — in order to run with Oliver’s rich boy/vigilante crew.

Jeremy and Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries Season 2

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries

7. Before he ever shed his Robin identity to become an independent warrior, Nightwing’s real-life name was Richard John “Dick” Grayson. It seems like Steven has that word down-pat!

Jeremy Gilbert

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries

Would you love to see Steven R. McQueen as Nightwing on Arrow? Hit the comments and let us know!


  1. Keyanna @vampentries_24 Said:

    As long as he ALSO plays Jeremy. I’m all for it. He’d be perfect. :)

  2. desi Said:

    that would be amazing if he played nightwing! right now he isn’t doing anything good playing jeremy since he hasn’t had any real development this last season. steven as an actor should take this chance to leave a failing tv show and go on one that will ACTUALLY give him a decent storyline.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Absolutely! Love Both shows and he would be perfect.

  4. Willow Said:

    Jeremy is Amazing (Note To Desi: TVD IS NOT FAILING) and as long as he does the vampire diaries aswell I’m rooting for him :) :D ;P

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