Teen Choice Awards 2011: Let’s Get The Vampire Diaries Some Well-Deserved Wins!

Photo Credit: Ian Somerhalder as Damon, Nina Dobrev as Elena, Paul Wesley as Stefan / The CW

The 2011 Teen Choice Award nominations have just been released and we’re happy to be the bearers of exciting news. The Vampire Diaries has been nominated for NINE total catetorgies. Apparently, the H-O-T Salvatore bros will be butting heads yet again as they BOTH contend for “Choice TV Actor for Fantasy/Sci-Fi,” and Joseph Morgan is competing for “Choice TV Villain” along with…Justin Bieber. (We enjoy the occassional Bieber song here and there but if he wins best villain over Klaus….OMFG no.)  

See which awards TVD is in the running for along with all the fierce contenders:

  1. Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Teen Wolf
    The Vampire Diaries? 
  2. Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Joshua Jackson, Fringe
    Jared Padalecki, Supernatural
    Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries
    Tom Welling, Smallville
    Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries
  3. Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
    Erica Durance, Smallville
    Anna Paquin, True Blood
    Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf
    Anna Torv, Fringe
  4. Choice TV: Villain
    Justin Bieber, CSI
    Jane Lynch, Glee
    Seth MacFarlane (as Stewie Griffin), Family Guy
    Joseph Morgan, The Vampire Diaries
    Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
  5. Choice TV: Female Scene Stealer
    Dianna Agron, Glee
    Katerina Graham, The Vampire Diaries
    Jennette McCurdy, iCarly
    Amber Riley, Glee
    Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
  6. Choice TV: Male Scene Stealer
    Chris Colfer, Glee
    Rico Rodriguez, Modern Family
    Mark Salling, Glee
    Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
    Michael Trevino, The Vampire Diaries
  7. Choice Male Hottie
    Justin Bieber
    Joe Jonas
    Taylor Lautner
    Robert Pattinson
    Ian Somerhalder
  8. Choice Female Hottie
    Nina Dobrev
    Selena Gomez
    Kim Kardashian
    Minka Kelly
    Mila Kunis

Remember, these are the Teen Choice Awards–meaning that we lucky viewers get to vote once a day for our favorite shows and characters. Let’s join forces and make sure that TVD bags some well-deserved wins by voting HERE

So who will you be voting for? (We won’t judge.) Do you feel that anyone was left out? Let’s discuss the nominations in the comments!


  1. Elle Said:

    What about Candice Accola???!!! Or Matt Davis!!!???

  2. Theo Said:

    @Elle Sucks that they were excluded. They were both great in Season 2. Elijah was awesome too!

  3. Camila Said:


  4. Erin M Said:

    What about Ian Somerhandler. I know Klaus was pretty evil, but Damon will always be the evil one. And might I remind you, the sexiest. Ian should have his own catagory. Ian Somerhandler <3

  5. Lennie Said:

    LET’S GO, IAN!

  6. Kay Said:

    WTH? What happened to Candy Cola and my sweet Zach Roerig? Or even Matt Davis? I don’t like this. Nevertheless, go Team TVD. Go Damon

  7. Kay Said:

    TVD all the way!

  8. Rose Rogers Said:

    A real hard choice because all the actors are there for their outstanding contribution to TV but It’s got to be TVD all the way!

  9. zoha Said:

    all the vampire diaries stars should get it…

  10. lisa Said:

    i have a feeling everyone’s gonna vote for justin bieber…

  11. Theo Said:

    @Lisa Please say it ain’t so :|

  12. natish Said:

    C’mon people! We need to make them win, lets try voting for them every single day! And tell your friends who WILL VOTE FOR THEM and who dont change their opinion for another one -___- candice and matt are missing! Thats not fair… Anyway Ian most win! And dont as the last award that he stay as nominated and some other asshole won -______- crap.

  13. Susy Said:

    Go Tvd and Ian Somerhalder!!! Matt Davis is definitely missing as well as Daniel Gillies! I’m happy TVD is being acknowledged as the great show it is and that the cast members are deservedly nominated for their work.

  14. Peachs Said:

    I think they should have added Candice and maybe even Jeremy, because he did improve as season 2 progressed….. so happy that TVD is nominated in 9 categories, they totally deserve it for having the best show EVER!!!!!!

  15. cassie818 Said:

    Vampire Diaries should get them ALL!!! :D

  16. Theo Said:

    @Natish LOVE the enthusiasm! The show and cast are amazing. They all deserve so much recognition!

  17. Kaytee Said:

    Justin Bieber as a villan.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA. that is all.

  18. lisa Said:

    @Theo i hope not :( I LOVE TVD! THEY ALL BETTER WIN! and justin needs to stop winning so much awards….

  19. lisa Said:

    I also hope joseph morgan wins for villian and NOT justin bieber!

  20. morgana Said:


  21. Jgarza Said:

    Candice Accola should be nominated also……don’t forget to vote!!!!…when will that award air?

  22. lelow Said:

    with all the tvd peeps voting the vampire diaries has to get at least like 3 of the awards they are up for!!!!!!

  23. rifa from South Africa Said:

    Candice shudhv been nominated. She was damn kick ass in Season 2.

    Sorry guys, I am unable to vote-Outside the USA. You have all my suppport one way or the other

    Go team TVD> South Africa loves you!!!!

  24. stephanie f Said:

    screw justine bieber that S/he man/girl can jump off a cliff Ian is way hotter way sexier and more a man than that thing could ever dream of being. Go Ian!!!!!!!

  25. Anna Salvatore Said:

    The Vampire Diaries for everything!!!! WHere’s Paul Wesley, Candice Accola, or Matt Davis????

  26. Theo Said:

    @Stephanie F LOL! I am cool if someone has a love for the Biebs but, seriously, there is no competition here and if Bieber wins there WILL be mayhem! :(

  27. Sasha Said:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! I so think that Joseph Morgan should get best villain!!!!!!!! SO NOT BEIBER!!!!!!!
    GO JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Theo Said:

    @Sasah ugh…ikr?!!! Crossing our fingers!

  29. lisa Said:

    @Sasha and @Theo i know right??! that’s why i’m trying to vote everyday!

  30. alexa Said:

    oh my god. nina’s dress is absolutely Gorgeous in that picture! and her shoes! im so jealous. and the Salvatore brothers, DANGGGG! love them <3 and this show! it needs to be back on soon :( well, gonna vote everydayy til the voting's over (: <3

  31. alexa Said:

    p.s. where can you get a dress like that!?

  32. DamonLover Said:

    The Best Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Show category is going to be the hardest:/ my two favorite shows (The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural) are competing against each other! But I’m going to vote for both each day;) But Ian BETTER win and not that damn, annoying girl Justin Bieber! Also not Robert Pattinson! I hate it when Twilight and Justin Bieber win everything!! >:( I used to be a big Twilight fan, but now that I found the love of my life, The Vampire Diaries, I was just like “SCREW YOU TWILIGHT!! I’m going for the hotter guys and the more suspense and romantic VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!;) I’m voting EVERY day!!;)

  33. DamonLover Said:

    I love how Damon has the tighter and lowest shirt on compared to Stefan;) HOT MUSCLES!!! <3 *drools*

  34. mary baker Said:

    ian somerhalder is a hottie and he is gonna win :]

  35. Noella Said:

    Not a difficult choice to make…………TVD all the way………Male hottie of course Ian Somerhalder……. Female hottie….. of course Nina Dobrev ……. the suspense….. fast-paced storyline……… YEAH GO GO GO TVD………. XXXXX

  36. Farnoosh Said:

    I’m not a teenager anymore but I want to vote!
    TVD should win ALL AWARDS :)

  37. Wye S. Said:

    This is the start.

    Heads up for the succeeding acting award noms and wins.

  38. Giselle Said:

    I will do my part in voting for TVD but I have to be honest I will be splitting my votes between them and my boys on Supernatural. It’s just that I’ve been loyal with Supernatural for the past 6 years and they deserve the praise just as much as TVD does but don’t get nearly as much. I’m just hoping that our boys pull through and we can put wins in Camps TVD and Supernatural.



  40. Elizabeth Said:

    Justin Bieber for villain? You’re having a laugh!!! I’ve had enough of him, I think I am becoming allergic now!!! Joseph Morgan for best villain surely!!!
    Candice Accola and Matt davis have been robbed of a nomination. Do we know when it is aired on tv?
    C’mon TVD, you can do it!!!

  41. Katie Said:

    If Justin Bieber wins over Joseph Morgan or Ian Somerhalder I swear…

  42. Katherine Said:

    Go Ian Somerhalder <3

  43. Ggena Said:

    @katie amen to that
    if jb wins … watch out world
    GO IAN

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