The Hunters: Phantom

The Hunters: PhantomPhantom kicks off the new Vampire Diaries series arc, The Hunters. Will Damon stay dead forever? What will Fell’s Church be like, now that Elena and her friends can finally return home? And with Damon out of the picture, will things finally go back to normal between Stefan and Elena? Read The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters, Vol. 1: Phantom and find out.

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  1. skatie Said:

    Okay i read this book and moonsong which is the next book in the hunters series , but what is the next book after moonsong ?

  2. Mal Said:

    Not to nitpick – okay to nitpick a little…Meredith’s last name is Sulez…not Suarez… If you’re going to let someone else write L.J.’s books – at least have her read the original series for continuity’s sake… One of the many things that kept pulling me out of the story…

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