Vampire Diaries Season 3 Poll: The Many Lives of Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman meets up with Damon at the Salvatore mansion on The Vampire Diaries

Photo Credit: Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaries / The CW

The Vampire Diaries series has no qualms about killing off pivotal characters. Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell) was first to go, and then Anna (Malese Jow) John Gilbert (Dave Anders) and Jenna Sommers (Sara Canning) got the sharp end of the pointy stick as well. (Well, in Uncle John’s case, it was a binding spell to keep Elena alive.)

However, there’s one character who keeps viewers on their toes with his impressive number of deaths and resurrections. He dies, comes back, dies, come back…all thanks to a mere ring. And this character is none other than vampire slayers slash history teacher extraordinaire Alaric Saltzman.

Here’s a complete rundown of all those moments Ric was on his last breath…and then wasn’t:

  1. Season one: Remember when Damon and Alaric used to hate each others’ guts? Well, the real reason Alaric ever came to Mystic Falls was to seek vengeance against the vamp who killed his wife Isobel. And guess who that cruel vamp just happened to be? Damon Salvatore! Long story short, Alaric confronted Damon with “you killed my wife, you evil bastard” and Damon actually admitted it (“Damn straight I did. The bitch begged me to.”). Naturally though, being the devil that he is, after Damon recounted all the gory details, he casually plunged a stake into Alaric’s lungs. Vampire slayer gone…problem solved? Not! Hours later Alaric woke up very much alive thanks to his magical ring.
  2. Season two: The motto in Mystic Falls seems to be if the vampires don’t kill you, the werewolves will.  In  “Crying Wolf,” Alaric and Damon were attacked by ravenous werewolves after Damon antagonized a pack by ripping out Mason Lockwood’s beating heart. Whereas Damon was kept alive and tortured, Alaric was killed by Jule’s pack mate Stevie. Much to Stevie’s dismay, Alaric sprang back to life thanks again to the ring.
  3. Season three: Just when Alaric and Damon were experiencing the best bromance ever, Damon ruined it all by snapping Ric’s neck in a moment of sheer rage on episode 3.04, “Disturbing Behavior.” To be fair, Damon knew that Alaric was wearing his resurrection ring at the time but murder doesn’t seem like a great way to earn a friend’s trust. Thankfully, Ric evaded death once again due to the supernatural powers of his ring.
  4. *Update*: Alaric has died not once but TWICE more. Once, by getting run over Klaus’ hybrid henchman Tony. The second, by being attacked by the mysterious serial killer in town (on episode 3.13) and having Elena plunge a knife into his rock-hard abs in order to ensure that the “supernatural murders only” ring works!
  5. *Update*: Damn yo! This poor guy is running out of luck! Although we don’t know for sure yet if he’s even been shot, a gun was indeed aimed and fired at him. Do you think the bullet went through or was it a total miss on Meredith Fell’s part?! Well, as we found out on episode 3.17, “1912,” Dr. Fell is a great shot but just a spoonful of vampire blood keeps the Grim Reaper away.
  6. *Update*: He died again!!! On Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness,” good ol’ Klaus decided to expedite the white oak dagger search by killing Alaric in an effort to bring forth his cray cray alter ego. Nothing like getting your neck snapped to start the day off! Welcome to a day in the life of Alaric Saltzman.
  7. *Update*: He died for good it seems. (Sorry. We can’t prevent these burning tears from falling.) In The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22, after wreaking havoc as a badass, crazy hunter (and bloodsucker), Ric bid the world adieu in his BFF Damon’s arms. Seeing as his link to the mortal world — Elena Gilbert — drowned beneath Wickery Bridge, Ric’s time was up. However, he returned later that night — as a ghost — to say goodbye to Jeremy, and later — in “Memorial” to sorrowfully tell his grieving pal Damon that he misses him. [Insert sad face.]

At this point (manydeaths later),  Alaric Saltzman might as well just change his name to Chloe King or Catman because he’s on his way to cornering the “nine lives” market. Poor guy—just like Caroline, he’s always a target and his deaths just seem to grow more painful!

Is Alaric running out of chances on The Vampire Diaries? Tell us in the comments and/or vote below!


  1. Susy Said:

    I think Alaric’s time is coming up! He has changed so much this season- for the worse! First, he gets downright BITCHY with Damon about Elena (DELENA)- THAT’S A NO-NO FOR ME! Then, he wants to join the council against all things supernatural?!?! HELL NO! HE’S BECOMING TO STEFAN-ESQUE FOR MY TASTE! He’s on my last nerve and it’s sad because up until now, he has been a good character.

  2. Jesse Said:

    Ric is a nice guy who died 3 times!
    He’s so lucky. But, he better watch out, he’s joind to ”kill vamps” team so he’ll probably die more.
    Hope he never forget his ring.
    Wait, what if Elena got mad at him and took the ring, that ‘ll put him in a serous situation.
    Watch your back Ric.

  3. Theo Said:

    @Susy There was something kind of sinister about him claiming the “Gilbert” spot in the council…do you reckon he’s the one who shakes things up between the Lockwood and Forbes families?

  4. Ghndor Said:

    Ok I think he’s amazing
    Doesn’t deserve to die

    he’s role is clear of being father or guide to Elena and Germy

    I really love this amazing show so much

    Also steven look so charm when he’s like a devil with carlos

    Finally I want to say I’m from kingdoom of saudi arabia
    And all my friends in love with ian LoooooL

  5. twilightgirl Said:

    I agree that Alaric Saltzman will live because of his ring & not only that Matt Davis who plays Alaric has done a great job & he is the Comic Relief of TVD & he & Ian Somerhaulder (Damon) makes me laugh!!!!!!! And when he teams up with Paul Wesley (Stefan) they make the show look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Emily Said:

    Just to point out…”Germy’s” name is Jeremy. And “Stephen” is Stefan. and “Carlos” is Klaus. Just saying.

  7. Susy Said:

    @Theo, maybe he will shake things up! Since ANYTHING is possible on TVD, who knows if there is more to Alaric than meets the eye. Like why would the council allow Alaric to represent the Gilbert clan when he is not a Gilbert by blood? Could Alaric be hiding something? Could he be related to “Michael” that Klaus and Rebekah fear so much? I’m sure the writers will come up with a doozy to keep us on the edge of our seats.Less than 3 hours to go for TVD’s sheer madness! Can’t wait!!!

  8. Ashley aleman Said:

    I cant wait for tonights epidsode …..

  9. terrie Said:

    i think it is soon damon said (it took you longer to come around this time ) on the last episode so i think after so much use of the ring it will loss its powers i hope not but that is what it sounded like to me

  10. Peachs Said:

    I can’t wait vampire diaries, it’s not on any of my channels, it’s so depressing that i have to wait till tomorrow

  11. Nian Fan Said:

    After last weeks episode.. No.. He ain’t no Gilbert, like what the mayor said, “it doesn’t work that way..” I seriously loved his character until last week. One: he is a huge burden for us Delena fans!! TWO: He has no right to be in the council. Someone needs to compel him to forget he knew about the council and to be the biggest Delena fan LOL

  12. QaisaraIDRUS Said:

    He ain’t gonna die. He’d be the one who is actually protecting the real HUMAN. Carol lockwood has a wolf baby and sheriff forbes has a vampire baby. Like Ric said, who’s looking after the real human? HIM OF COURSE ~

  13. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    I think Ric’s role is only gonna get bigger, only he is no longer in a bromance with Damon. Ric will be back to being a slayer again, possibly teaming up with Bill.

    Season three is proving to be the most intense ever. This show needs to come with a warning in big red letters. Risk of heart attack for the faint-hearted.

  14. aaclass Said:

    Omg , disturbinmg behaviour was awesome episode, i loved the part when Damon said ” i promise you , i will never leave you again” to elena … and totally diched Katherine ( literaly) :)
    man, Stefan in the end like ” I am obliged to do whatever Klaus says , i’m here to keep an eye on you two ” … elena and damon were so busted :)
    he actually was able to resist of Klaus words for some time … Elena would have ran away if not Klaus…
    and Jeremy and Katherine roead trip it , not Damon and Katherine..
    and what the hell is going on between Bonnie and Matt, they seemed more than friends for a moment …
    I loved the end , but the big shock was to see Elena in hospital ( donating blood for “good” purpose ” or “acsiddentally ” runing ( like always running into ) into Klaus …
    and stefan beeing in Mystic falls ( like at HOME ) …
    I admired the part where Jeremy And Katherine in the thomb … Katherine flashing through light, the scene was really realistic … well or at least realistic … guess MIKE is finally here :)

  15. aaclass Said:

    And the rick wasn’t in this episode at all … come on , what’s going on with the ring and the council

  16. Susy Said:

    @aaclass, OMG! What an episode- it had everything! I have to agree with you- the part where Damon promises to never leave Elena alone again- Sooo Romantic! Sooo DELENA! I thought they were going to hug, the way they were looking at each other- BUT, of course, STEFAN RUINED THE MOMENT!!! I also wonder WTH was that between Bonnie and Matt?! They did seem more than friends! The most shocking moment was Katherine AND Jeremy going to wake up Michael- vampire who is also a vampire slayer! Does she have a death wish? Or what could she be scheming?!

  17. Damon'sGirl Said:

    OMFG just watched the episode,and they just keeping getting better and better!!! It had everything-action,horror and a bucketfull of Delena and Taroline (Tyler and Caroline) romance!!! Damon was as funny as ever,him and Katherine are a deadly combination!!!
    KLAUS-OMFG!!! Hot as ever,but what he did to Tyler was awful!I felt sooooooooo bad for him! He’s a hybrid.Great.
    DDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That scene near the end was one of the best Delena moments EVER! The way Damon carried her out of the hospital was soooooo romantic!!! No lie,my eyes were watering when I saw the look on his face. And then when he told Elena he would never leave her alone again,I was going:”KISS!KISS!KISS!” Or at least HUG!!!Jesus,there is clearly a spark there and it’s shining brighter than ever,and then BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!Stefan the idiotic little bas***d comes in and TOTALLY RUINS THE MOMENT!!! Ugh,I am soooo MAD!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stefan needs to get to f**k away from Mystic Falls RIGHT NOW!!! I HATE STEFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone agree?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Susy Said:


  19. jgarza Said:

    C’mon people, be nice… need to be hating….but I had to agree too..I thought there was gonna be some kinds of a hug or a peck but our Rippa’ protector has to be on the raider……my favorite part of all was when Damon carries Elena out of the hospital just melt my heart, it was beautiful with the “Torch Song” playing…

  20. Damon'sGirl Said:

    I know,he is sooo annoying!!!HE RUINED IT! That Delena moment was one of the best ever,and he JUST MESSED IT UP!!!Argh!!!Can’t wait til Thursday!!!

  21. Liv Said:

    If we just get’s back to Alaric, I really liked him through everything, especially with jenna. But after he to Damon:” To take a beat with Elena” I’ve gotta say, he stood vert low on my list. Kill the idiot. YOU AIN*T MESSING WITH DELENA FANS.
    And stefan oh christ what are we gonna do about him, he ruined perhaps one of the best delena moments ever…. – and i hope he does not ruin this spark they have going on! But first alaric did and now stefan.. guys back off. just because they’re jalous!!
    – I hope we’ll get some delena tonight, but i’m afraid what will happen when he saves her, but i love when damon tells elena: “No one is gonna hurt, especially not my brother” (In the trailer” aaaaaw
    DAMON <3

  22. Shazy Said:

    He can’t die and thats just the end of it :) Please, please he has to stay

  23. karlen Said:

    i think as long as emily still has access to communicate with bonnie when ever she likes alaric will be able to come back to life in a supernatural cause.

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