Books with Bite: A Series Based on The Originals is on Its Way!

Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah

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Can’t get enough of those fancy yet ferocious Mikaelson family members? In desperate need of new thrills and romance now that The Vampire Diaries series has come to a bittersweet end? Well, get excited, fang fans, because Alloy Entertainment and the fantastic publishers over at Harlequin have heard our pleas and are set to release three books based on the CW’s addictive TVD spin-off, The Originals.

Compelling untold stories about Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah and all their wicked indiscretions, passionate affairs and blood-filled adventures? Yep, that’s right — in the upcoming winter months you will have the opportunity to curl up with a cup of tea and some seriously sexy supernatural drama.

Anyway, according to a recent announcement on, the books will consist of entirely fresh stories about the Original vampire characters and their pledge to remain together a thousand years ago. (Always and forever!) The books will be published under the Harlequin HQN imprint and are scheduled to hit bookstores in February 2015, April 2015 and June 2015. The timing comes along with the conclusion of the second season of the show.

So, sweethearts: Are you eager to plunge right into the heart of darkness — aka The Originals saga —  and learn more about the Mikaelson’s rise to power in NOLA? Drop us a comment and let us know what you would love to see in this dark three-part tale!


  1. agelikh Said:

    WOWWWWW…THIS IS FASCINATING…our favourite show on books…I’m thrilled..I would really like to learn all their story from the moment they turned even before..To learn everything about their life,their emotions and especially their bond over the centuries and how that bond fades from time to time..And of course to see all the original family..I’m SO looking forward to it..!!!! ^_^ :D <3

  2. Lúcia Ricardo Said:

    Very good news for the fans of the series.The beggining of the original family was never tottal explained ,it will be good to see the intire family together and the story about Tatia Petrova ,this love story is the beggining of The Vampire Diaries and the war bettewen Klaus and Ellayjah with their mother that killed Tatia .Sorry for my bad English,I am from Portugal .Bye.

  3. Adrian Said:

    This is amazing. Finally getting a detailed account of their past and its going to be inline with the series canon! This is the best. I hope to find out more about Kol and maybe even Finn especially the reason why Klaus daggered them way back when. It would be so cool the see how their bond had evolved from all the way back then and to think Mikael will still be chasing them? AMAZING!! I can’t wait

  4. Me Said:

    The question is… Who’s writing it?

  5. Ashley Schielie Said:

    2 words: HELL YEAH!!!!!!

  6. emma Said:

    as long as they are not being written by the person who writes the vampire diaries because those books were awful.

  7. Gemma Grace Said:

    Yes!! finally being able to understand the whole story and looking forward to a great books!!! yes!!!! fantastic!!

  8. Gisele Said:

    Muito bom conhece a historia mais profunda só todos eles,mas e uma pena que sera só terá três temporadas,mas se a primeira foi bom imagina o resto não vejo a hora de começa de novo.

  9. Denise Said:

    This is great news.I have watched all the shows from the originals and if i’m not home I dvr them it will be awesome to read about them as well. I watch the shows from the vampire diaries and read all the books. Us older ladies can dream too lol

  10. Lisa Said:

    WOW My favorite book company to publish Harlequin and then Originals which I absolutely adore oh my God!!! -screams of joy- I can’t wait

  11. Lúcia Ricardo Said:

    @emma… I agree with you. I have 5 or 6 books from the vampire diaries and i think that o need that money for another things.

  12. Amy Jackey Said:


  13. devery Said:

    What do you mean now that tvd series has come to a bittersweet end?

  14. Theo Said:

    @devery The TVD book series ended last year.

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