The Originals Episode 1×13 Preview: Julie Plec & Michael Narducci Introduce The Crescent Werewolves!

a werewolf hunk that looks like Kurt Cobain on The Originals episode 13: "Crescent City"While we don’t know much about Hayley Marshall’s relatives — the Crescent werewolves — we do know this: they are sizzling hot! Thanks to a new preview trailer for The Originals episode 13: “Crescent City,” we get our first glimpse of the scruffy, rugged lads of the bayou and let’s just say they certainly know how to command our attention! Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) then adds to our excitement and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) by pointing out a very interesting tidbit: it’s a full moon which means that “while every red-blooded American werewolf will be a bundle of fur and sharp teeth” the Crescent clan will be human. These poor wolves have been cursed with the reverse of the typical werewolf scenario — so when the time comes each month to shift back into their normal, Nirvana-esque forms, they grab some flannel attire, a pack of beers, and throw a big bash! (Judging by Rebekah’s flustered reaction to a Kurt Cobain look-alike, she’s eager to get the party started just as much as we are!)

Anyway, while attractive, mysterious creatures are all the rage (according to our lustful hearts at least), there’s a lot more to the ep than fiestas, shirtless hunks, and rowdy family reunions. In fact, the danger factor is an all time high thanks to Celeste’s vendetta.  In the latest promo, the show’s executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci touch upon all the upcoming supernatural drama.

“Once we vanquished Papa Tunde, in the previous episode, you’d think that everything would be okay,” Julie teases, before adding, “And unbeknownst to the Originals, unfortunately, everything is so far from okay.” She goes on to explain that there’s a war brewing in New Orleans and the witches are doing everything in their power to take down the bloodsucking vamps in town and to make the Mikaelsons vulnerable. “In fact, what [Papa Tunde] has left in his wake is a very powerful weapon,” Julie points out. “Now our unhurtable, unkillable Originals are under attack by the remaining witches who would very much like to see that weapon plunged straight into the heart of Klaus.” Uh-oh…

Watch the full producer’s preview for The Originals Season 1 Episode 13 below. Then drop us a comment telling us if you’re worried about Klaus….or if you’re just eager to get better acquainted with the show’s sexy new beasts!

The Originals Season 1 Episode 13: “Crescent City” airs Tuesday, February 4th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Tune in to meet the new werewolf studs on the show!

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