Songs from The Originals Episode 21: “The Battle of New Orleans”

Klaus smirks at Genevieve in "The Battle of New Orleans" - songs from The Originals episode 21

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If there’s one thing that can be said about The Originals soundtrack, it’s that it never ever disappoints. In the mood for some atmospheric tracks for an outer body experience? Coming right up. Need a romantic tune to play over and over while dreaming of sweet Elijah and Hayley kisses and fervent Klaus-ian stares? You got it. Are you busting a move at a masquerade ball? Hold up — we have the perfect dance track that will get your heart thumping. Or do you prefer some sexy tribal-esque music to set the tone for a vicious “kill or be killed” supernatural battle? In that case, tune in to the playlist below to see which songs from The Originals episode 21: “The Battle of New Orleans” added to the dark and ominous theme to the night.

Bones” by Ms Mr: Plays when Klaus asks Genevieve if she’s ready to proceed with the moonlight ring spell. She tells him she’s almost done, but first she needs the blood of a werewolf who doesn’t transform on a full moon in order to complete it. She nominates Hayley, but he refuses to let his baby mama participate in this ritual. Instead, he volunteers himself as tribute and watches as Genevieve slices his palm open and drips his DNA all over the black kyatic stones Francesca gave them. The track also plays when Marcel riles up his troops prior to the attack on the Mikaelsons at their compound.

We Want War” by These New Puritans: Plays when Francesca Correa reveals that she’s a werewolf just like Hayley and that the Guerrera werewolves are far from extinct. Upon receiving the stones from Genevieve, she and her brothers promptly kill their human bodyguards and activate their werewolf gene. As they transform — drawing power from the magical stones — their eyes turn yellow, fangs sprout from their gums, and Klaus grows weaker.

Freaks” by The Hawk In Paris:

So, sweethearts, which song from The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 made you feel tingly all over? Cast your vote in the comments below!

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