The Originals Season 1 Soundtrack: Top 15 Best Music Moments!

Klaus and Rebekah - music from The Originals Season 1

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There’s no doubt that The Originals knows how to deliver dark, heart-wrenching drama. The Vampire Diaries spin-off solidified its dark tone early on in its freshman season and continued to shock viewers with its sinister, action-packed storytelling. Moreover, just like TVD, The Originals was full of amazing music that further enhanced the show’s timeless themes about the quest for power, exacting revenge, and searching for redemption. From fatal showdowns to tense Mikaelson family arguments to heartrendering interactions of a romantic nature — to even jubilant festivities — music supervisor Chris Mollere and the OG editors always managed to find the perfect song to accompany each thrilling moment.

That said, how about a look at the best fifteen tracks from Season 1? Enjoy!

1. “Beginnings” by Houses: This dirge in “An Unblinking Death.” It plays when Klaus calls Marcel to inform him about Father Kieran’s passing and to ask him to temporarily return to New Orleans Marcel to comfort Cami. Additionally, it plays when Hayley and Jackson mourn Eve’s death, Oliver incites a rally down at the bayou, and Elijah pledges his allegiance to Klaus in order to help protect Hayley and the baby.

2. “Long Time Traveller” by The Wailin’ Jennys: Plays at the beginning of The Originals Season 1 Episode 20, when Klaus dreams about attending Father Kieran’s wake and getting attacked by his father, Mikael

3. “Too Late” by M83: Plays towards the end of “A Closer Walk with Thee,” when Hayley and Elijah kiss and set off major fireworks.

4. “Shallows” by Daughter: Plays when Klaus hands off Hope to Rebekah. “No matter our differences, Rebekah,” he whispers to his younger sister, “There is no one I would trust more with my daughter’s life.” Rebekah promises to protect the child and provide her with a loving, and safe home. Klaus then reminds Rebekah to find a witch to cast a cloaking spell over them, then places the wooden chess piece he used to console Rebekah with when they were kids upon his child’s blanket. “I promise you that, as sure as my blood runs in your veins, you will return to me,” he tearfully assures his daughter, whom he has affectionately named Hope.

5. “We Want War” by These New Puritans: Plays in the prenultimate episode, “The Battle of New Orleans.” With its tribal drum beats and entrancing, repetitive lyrics, this track augmented the shock of Francesca’s big secret — namely, that she and her brothers are Guerrera werewolves. The song plays as the Guerreras attack Marcel’s army of vampires as well as Klaus and Elijah.

6. “Pull Me Down” by Mikky Eko: This slow-tempo track plays during the party scene in “Moon over Bourbon Street,” when Elijah invites Hayley onto the dance floor. They engage in light-hearted conversation, but the instant he disagrees on her living arrangements, she gets angry; Jackson cuts in and whisks her away.

7. “Bartholomew” by The Silent Comedy: This track is featured in “The River in Reverse.” Klaus visits Marcel in the French Quarter and discovers that all the local vampires have banded together to take him down. They chain him up but the powerful hybrid breaks free and attacks them all.

8. “Grow Old” by The Naked and Famous: Plays towards the end of “Bloodletting,” when Klaus reminds Rebekah that he punishes people who disagree with him and that she’s better off pledging her allegiance to him.

9. “In Crimson” by Jesse Green: This haunting, melancholy instrumental is the song Tim serenades Davina with in The Originals episode 1×04: “Girl in New Orleans.” Klaus informs Cami that a person can’t be compelled to play as beautifully as Tim does. They debate about the world being an awful place — Klaus thinks people are inherently evil but Cami believes that they’re born good but something always makes them snap.

10. “Walkabout” by Augustines: Plays at the end of “Farewell to Storyville,” when Rebekah and Marcel kiss each other goodbye. They reminisce about their romance and what life would have been like had he built her their dream house. The song also plays when Rebekah drops by the bayou to give Hayley some friendly advice about her brother and to confide in her that she’s leaving. As Rebekah drives out of NOLA in a red convertible — wind rippling through her blonde hair — Klaus rifles through a treasure box of memorabilia and withdraws the knight he carved for Mikael as a little boy. He stares at it, remembering his childhood days, and is overcome with affection for his younger sister.

11. “Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Rey: Plays during the masquerade ball scene in “Tangled up in Blue.” While Marcel and Camille slow dance, Rebekah and Klaus watch them with jealous eyes.

12. “Black Out Days” by Phantogram: Plays at the very end of The Originals Season 1, Episode 6 when Camille slaps a stunned Klaus for killing the witch who hexed her twin brother Sean and vows to get even.

13. “If I Had A Heart” by Fever Ray: This haunting track is featured in “Après Moi, Le Déluge” and plays when Sabine (aka Celeste) finishes her spell after Davina dies and welcomes back the newly resurrected Genevieve, Papa Tunde, and Bastianna.

14. “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy: Plays in the pilot episode, when we’re first introduced to the charming yet devilish Marcel Gerard. He performs this song during karaoke night at Rousseau’s bar and electrifies!

15. “Open Hands (feat. Trent Dabbs)” by Ingrid Michaelson: Plays when Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus fake Hope’s death. With tears pouring down her face, Hayley feeds off a tiny bit of her baby’s blood in order to transition into a hybrid, and then bids her farewell. Cami, thinking Hope died, approaches Klaus to offer her condolences. He asks her to leave him alone because he destroys everything beautiful in his life — and she herself falls into this category.

So, loves, what was your favorite music moment from The Originals Season 1? Sound off in the comments!

*The OG Cast at San Diego Comic-Con*

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  1. Agustin Said:

    Where is JUNIP – LINE OF FIRE??

  2. elodie Said:

    Le moment le plus merveilleux pour moi c’est le premier baisé Haylijah. C’était tellement magique !!!!!

  3. Swastika Said:

    ‘up up up’ by The Mast is also very good!

  4. Quirino Said:

    Just found this blog. Love it! Perhaps it’s like looking in the morrir, or listening to an echo, so it’s vanity driving me to say this (a harsh reality). But in essence Raw is goodKeep it going and push on

  5. Tom Said:

    I love Mikky Ekko Pull Me Down, Phantogram Blackout Days, Lana Del Rey Dark Paradise….. But where is Ms Mr Dark Doo Wop?

  6. Joshua Said:

    Jetta ”Feels Like Coming Home“ – played when Freya helped Rebekah Escaped The Witch Prison. Rebekah Met Klaus At The End.

  7. celeste Said:

    “ Shallows” by Daughter and open hands, love this songs

  8. Gloria Said:

    Don’t shy from the light by Neulore

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