The Originals Season 2: See Photos from Set!

The Mikaelsons as children in The Originals Season 2

Photo Credit: Michael Narducci

It’s safe to say that The Originals finale (eerily titled “From a Cradle to a Grave”) was so full of deadly predicaments and non-stop action, it left viewers craving more! The evening was positively bursting with drama, bloody showdowns, and unexpected twists. Not only did Hayley transition into a hybrid and not only did Klaus trust his sister Rebekah to enough to leave Baby Hope in her care, but also Klaus and Marcel made amends, Davina got down with her bad self, and Mikael, Esther, and Finn (presumably, judging by the servile manner in which the mysterious man at the end of the episode uttered “mother”) all returned to the land of the living. Clearly, if these exciting cliffhangers are anything to go by, The Originals Season 2 is going to be one hell of a thrill-ride.

We honestly can’t wait to reunite with Klaus, Elijah, Davina and all the menacing power players of New Orleans — and to find out what grim surprises the future holds for them. The show rarely leaves us disappointed and now that the plot has thickened, we’re eager to resume the supernatural festivities. The only excruciatingly unbearable minor drawback? Our beloved Vampire Diaries spin-off returns to The CW in October 2014 — that’s a long way off if you ask us, and we unfortunately lack a little virtue commonly known as patience. Luckily, the show’s cast, writers, and executive producers are a generous bunch, and they enjoy treating loyal viewers to sneak peek images and spoilers. Specifically speaking, executive producer Michael Narducci and director Jeffrey Hunt recently took to Twitter and Instagram, respectively, to share snapshots from upcoming episodes. Dive into the gallery below for a first-hand look at an adorable Mikaelson family flashback, teaser scenes involving Daniel Sharman and Danielle Campbell, and eerie props from set!

Mama Drama

"More to come in season 2. #TheOriginals," Michael teased on his official Twitter account.

Photo Credit: Michael Narducci via Twitter

'New Nola Villains' Selfie?

Who's this guy breathing down my neck? ;)" Sebastian, who portrays the formidable Papa Mikaelson, teased. (FYI: The mysterious newcomer pictured here is Daniel Sharman of Teen Wolf fame. He has is set to play a witch named Caleb in The Originals Season 2.)

Photo Credit: Sebastian Roché via Instagram

There Will Be Blood

"Another day on set of #theoriginals," Jeffrey Hunt wrote on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hunt via Instagram

Davina on the Rise

Jeffrey Hunt described the mysterious scene in the caption: "Behind the scene of #TheOriginals ep 202."

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hunt via Instagram

Broken Bottles

"Things can get broken when vampires play. On set #TheOriginals ep 202 #atlanta," Jeffrey explained on his Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hunt via Instagram

Little Mikaelsons (Including Finn and Kol)!

"Big thanks to our fans. Here's a shot of happier days. #Elijah #Klaus #Finn #Rebekah #Kol #AlwaysandForever," Michael posted on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Michael Narducci via Twitter

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Get ready, sweethearts: The Originals Season 2 premieres in October 2014 on The CW. Click here to learn all about the series’ new schedule!


  1. Ally Said:

    Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to see the Young Mikaelson’s!!! Especially Young Elijah. He is so cute!!!! Please, please have a spin off of just the Young Mikaelsons!!! We want more of them! <3 <3 <3

  2. Nadine Said:

    I’m thinking the oldest two are either Elijah and Finn don’t know which one is the older one. Then Klaus being the blonde in the middle, Kole being the young boy and Rebekah being the girl, where is Henrick? He didn’t get killed by the wear wolf until he was a teenager

  3. pebbles Said:

    Hendrick wouldn’t be born yet, or maybe just a baby. Rebekah looks only 4-5.

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