Michael Trevino Joins The Originals: Tyler Lockwood To Take on Klaus in New Orleans!

Tyler versus Klaus on The Vampire Diaries Season 3SPOILER ALERT: Please do not read any further since this post highlights key events from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5: “Monster’s Ball.”

Let’s hear it for the vengeful hybrid! According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Mandi Bierly, Michael Trevino will be the first Vampire Diaries cast member to cross over to the show’s spinoff The Originals.

While fans were excited to see Tyler back in action on TVD during episode 5×05: “Monster’s Ball,” it became very clear by the end of the Halloween festivities that the born and raised Mystic Falls quarterback wasn’t planning on sticking around. Much to poor Caroline’s dismay, her main squeeze had merely dropped by to say goodbye before embarking on the most dangerous mission of his young life: taking down Niklaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) in New Orleans.

We don’t know about you, but we’re still a little depressed with the way Tyler ended his relationship with Caroline. “Be the love of my life. Stay. Love me more than you hate him,” she begged when he revealed that he’s less focused on choosing a major and more focused on driving a stake through Klaus’s cold, dark heart. After all, Klaus turned him into his little minion via hybrid sire bond, meddled in his romantic affairs and, worst of all, drowned his mom, Mayor Carol Lockwood, during Christmastime!

“I think everybody will be happy with Tyler’s reasoning when they see what he’s been up to and what he has planned,” Michael revealed to EW.

While we totally understand Tyler’s Emily-Thorn-sized thirst for revenge, there’s only one itty bitty issue with his master plan: Klaus is virtually unkillable. However, that shouldn’t present too much of a problem because Klaus is a complicated guy who appreciates a challenge.

“Klaus is just so powerful, I figure he doesn’t want to be bored all the time,” Michael points out in the interview. “If he had Tyler hunting him every now and then, a part of him might like that a little bit.”

Check out the full exclusive here. Then, drop us a comment telling us if you’re excited about Michael Trevino’s new storyline on The Originals. Even if you are a huge Klaus fan, is part of you interested in seeing the hybrid lord reunite with his first successful hybrid baby? Are you secretly hoping that Tyler’s relocation to the Big Easy lures Caroline Forbes down there as well (after she comes to terms with their breakup)?


  1. tosan Said:

    I think it is going to be fun watching tyler as he tries to kill klaus.klaus will definately appriciate the challenge.

  2. rosie Said:

    No im not interested i would of loved to see caroline there she belongs with klaus

  3. Missy Said:

    Caroline going to New Orleans would have been better. Seeing how the Baby Momma and Klau’s obsession for Caroline would make him much more human. I dont want them to change Klaus too much. He is a great character when he is BAD.

  4. Une de Mai Said:

    But if he kills Klaus, he would kill an entire line of vampires and hybrids (including himself), too. I’m not too excited about this, the whole goodbye thing was, in my opinion, completely out of character.

    I do hope Caroline will cross over, too, though, her storyline in TVD so far hasn’t been very interesting.

  5. Lilboi Said:

    I would love to see KLAUS making him suffer till his last breath


  6. Anna Toth Said:

    Klaus and Damon are the based bad boys just the tips I like

  7. Elisa Sand Said:

    I am a big fan of Klaus and bringing the hybrid Tyler to join the originals it will make it very interesting. I would really like to see how it turns out, and how Tyler the hybrid is thinking to bring Klaus down. Cannot wait to see it!!! I am very excited. I personally think that both of them are very sexy, and there is nothing sexier than to watch to sexy guys going against each other.

  8. Stacey Said:

    I think once Klaus finds out how Tyler broke Caroline’s heart and made her cry, he will be MAD! Tyler will be on the run again, he doesn’t understand that Klaus was trying to be friends with Care and he loves her that’s why it was ok for Tyler to return to Mystic Falls. Tyler was granted permission to return to MYSTIC FALLS without Klaus killing him- not just free, maybe that’s a loophole.

  9. Tina T Said:

    Having Tyler meet up with Klaus is going to get interesting, since his place in TVD had little purpose… I think the storyline and plot in The Originals is getting really developed. There will be so much more going on which is great! Having Caroline featured in The Originals will DEFINITELY please many. Klaus and Caroline have something that no other characters in TO or TVD have and putting them in the same show will be awesome!

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