Recap for The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 7: A Paranormal Reunion

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched The Vampire Diaries episode #307, “Ghost World.”

Episode 307 of The Vampire Diaries was full of shocking moments (including the random wall of hieroglyphics that Damon and Alaric discovered at the very end) but nothing could beat all the surprising cameos. ‘Ghost World”  quickly turned into exciting reunion attended by many beloved (and a few feared) characters who had been killed of in seasons 1 and 2. Let’s see who dropped by for a spell:

Malese Jow as Anna and Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW.

Malese Jow as Anna and Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW. Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Anna: Miss Annabelle continued to linger around town and, after discovering that she and Jeremy Gilbert could physically touch (and kiss), she was reluctant to leave.  The “other side” had become too lonely and melancholy for her, and she seemed to have found solace in Jer. However, because she’s Anna (in other words, thoughtful and considerate), she sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of allowing Jeremy to move forward and not be held back by an intangible relationship.

Taylor Kinney plays a werewolf on The Vampire Diaries.

Photo Credit: Taylor Kinney as Mason on The Vampire Diaries / The CW

Mason Lockwood: The dashing werewolf returned to town  and got his kicks by torturing Damon for a little while. (Just the usual methods of torture: a little sunlight to the skin,  a pole through the ribs, chaining him to a chair, and smashing a shot glass his forehead.)  However, Mason’s main goal wasn’t to exact vengeance. In a bittersweet scene, Mason revealed the true reason for his return: “I don’t need revenge, Damon. I need redemption.” Mason actually came back to help out his Klaus worshiping nephew, Tyler . (Cue the awws please.)

Lexi is Stefan's best friend on The Vampire Diaries (until Damon staked her).

Photo Credit: Arielle Kebbel plays Lexi on The Vampire Diaries / The CW

Lexi: Stefan’s best friend hurried on over to the land of the living with a crucial priority — to offer Elena a crash course in Ripper Detox 101. Even after she was unexpectedly staked by Damon, Lexi continued worrying about Stefan and couldn’t move on until she knew for sure that someone would look out for him. On Ghost World she first compelled Stefan into hallucinating (well, not compelling really…whatever new magic she used) that he had not drunk a drop of human blood in years and then taught Elena the agonizing yet necessary methods needed to break through to his former self.

Jasmine Guy portrays Bonnie's grandmother Grams on The Vampire Diaries.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Guy as Sheila on The Vampire Diaries / The CW

Sheila aka Grams: Bonnie’s grandma returned to inform Bonnie that she upset the balance of nature by bringing back Jeremy from the dead, and that it was Bonnie’s responsibility to restore order to things. (She probably was the one who opened Bonnie’s grimoire and pointed her in the right direction.) In a very poignant moment, Bonnie and her Grams held hands and did one last spell together. And right before Bonnie successfully closed the door to the spirit world, her grandmother turned to her and softly uttered the most poignant parting words, “You are stronger than all of this. I’m so proud of you.”

On The Vampire Diaries, Frederick is a tomb vampire who tried to kill off all the founding families in Mystic Falls.

Photo Credit: Stephen Martines as Frederick / The CW

The Tomb Vampires led by Frederick: Not all of the ghosts who returned had the best intention. The Tomb vampires resumed their mission from Season 1…namely to kill every last member of the Founding Families. They murdered Tobias Fell. Then, they went after Carol Lockwood. Luckily, Vampire Barbie aka Caroline aka The Ghost Slayer intervened and saved her hybrid boyfriend’s mom for becoming ghost bait.

Pearl and Anna finally reunite on Ghost World after having overcome many challenges on The Vampire Diaries.

Kelly Hu as Pearl, Nina Dobrev as Katherine in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW. Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Pearl: All Anna wanted in season one was to free her mother from the tomb. Unfortunately, she lost her to vamp-hating John Gilbert a few weeks after she got her back. However, near the end of Ghost World, when the ghosts went poof one by one, Pearl appeared wandering the streets along and stumbled upon her daughter. Pearl and Anna then embraced and teared from the joyous realization that they were reunited for good.

“Ghost World” proved to be a beautiful episode in the sense that many characters received closure. All the ghosts that reappeared in episode 307 were tethered to the world of the living by big-time unresolved issues (some good some ugly). By the end of the episode though,   Lexi, Pearl, Anna, Grams and Mason finally found peace knowing that their loved ones were capable and well-taken care of.

Looking back at TVD episode 3.07, “Ghost World,” which character were you most excited to see? Leave the name of your Vampire Diaries apparition in the comments!


  1. aLe7 Said:

    Lexi <3 Can they make her a main character ? we just LOVE her !!!!!!!!!

  2. lelow Said:

    @ Nikita when a vampire is stronger than another vampire they can compel others.

  3. Dego Said:

    @ lelow , its not compulsion , only Originals can compel other vampires but stronger vampires can get into other vampire minds but can’t compel

  4. Keira Said:

    @ Nikita, I guess anything can happen in this show, from dead people coming to life as ghosts till vampires becoming werewolves or contradictory storylines who only writers can figure out…

    BTW I always thought Dracula was the Original vampire…

  5. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    Good point Nikita. Does any episode tell how old she is? I doubt she is an original, I mean a stake thru the heart killed her. But maybe the older the vampire is the more gifted they become.

    Oh. I know. Maybe the witches gave her the power to help him because her time was so short. In her own power, when she helped him before, she actually locked him up for as long as it took. This time it had to be simulated.

    AND … just an observation, but it was mentioned that Lexi helped Stefan reform his ripper ways in the 20’s, but the it only showed her help him soon after his transformation in the mid to late 1800’s. Perhaps he slipped and she had to help him a second time.

  6. Jenn Said:

    I have really gotten into this show, starting to read all the books now. This eposide was amazing great job to the actors and writers. Loved seeing the old characters again, LOVE Lexi and am so happy to see Stephan on the path to possible recovey. I love him as the gentle, sweet and caring vampire. I have not cared for him as the ripper. One bad brother and one good one is they way I like this show. I hope with time they will turn Elena into a vampire like the books. Lexi is a great character, would love to see Jenna back too.

  7. Morgan Said:

    Something I noticed… Elena’s necklace symbolized hope for Stefan. How he said, “it’s ironic it’s about to get destroyed or whatever”.. well, that means his hope did not get destroyed either! END RIPPER STEFAN.

  8. Jodie Grundy Said:

    Episode was good Still loving how great Klaus is as a enemy also love damon i kinda miss Stefan and dont reli like his bad boy hopefully elena will get him back and dont give up i wonder what has happened to Katherine i dont think she will die this soon i hate how selfish she is but love how shes always schemin and playin games Nina Dobrev is a good actress

  9. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    I believe that when Lexi helped him before, in the mid to late 1800’s when he first turned, and again in the 20’s apparently, Lexi had more time to detox Stefan.

    With that said, perhaps when Lexi came back as a ghost, knowing she wouldn’t have much time, she got a little help from a witch. She had to squeeze several years worth of Stefan torture in a matter of hours.

  10. Marlaina K Said:

    Epic episode. love that lexi, grams and mason were back, would have liked to see Jenna though :(
    What is up with that necklace?
    And the end reminded me of smallville, Clark finding the hyroglyphs, they even looked simular. from the same set perhaps?

  11. aaclass Said:

    Ripper Detox 101. Got to love it.. man, Lexi was so freaking awesome. Bring her back once more, please… She rocks and she kicks,,, she totally was handling Stefan, so did Elena in the end… man, the words i won’t love a ghost FOREVER… if that doesn’t touched Stefan. I don’t know who will…
    And all the writings in the cave.. Thanks for telling Mason. Really , he did a great job.. as the rest of ghosts, i mean Grams, Anna ( it was tough for her to leave Jeremy but she found her mother so she found peace ) , Lexi ( already mentioned about making a great job) …
    The biggest shocker was the medalion, i really for a moment thought it was gone… And i expected to find the some kind of gun in that cave , not a history lesson :) Although history is my favourite subject( gosh i sound like Bex now :) ) …Well good that we have Rick. Hope he can help with those pantings.

  12. aaclass Said:

    P.s didn’t though Jenna will return, and so she didn’t… well Rick better luck next time.

  13. Chelsea Said:

    LEXIE!!! And to Nikita, I think its some sort of trick she learned from curing Stefan all those times. Or maybe! It would be soooo cool if Lexie was an original!!!!! :P :D :) :O :O :O

  14. Chelsea Said:

    Oh! And I <3333 This qoute:
    (In the "hole" thingy)
    Damon: So, which way?
    Mason: I don't know. Left?
    Damon: Well aren't you all "knowing"?
    Mason: I'm a ghost, not God!

  15. Jade7269 Said:

    i feel like there are a lot of girls that look like Nina! :D some people have told me that i remind them of nina, probably cause i also have long dark brown hair and similar facial features ;D

  16. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    Katherine is all dried up in the tomb where Mikael was. Someone will look for her, or maybe a stranger will go in and Katherine will drain them and be back to her old bad self.

  17. Elen Said:

    I was glad to see Lexi again. So, she was really friend for Stefan, because she, being twice dead, tryed to help him again, She tauhgt Elena how to wake up Stefan’s feelings.

  18. Meeru Said:

    I love Anna!! Anna and Jeremy together!! I wanna see her back please!!

  19. stefanlover97 Said:

    I really enjoyed seeing Lexi. She is obviously a true friend of Stefans to worry about him so much. I really would have liked to see Jenna though. I thought that she would have came back for Elena and Jeremy but guess not. And what about Isobel? You would think she would have came back to check on Elena because of the way she talked to John on the phone in an episode last season. I mean, that is their daughter! And John, what about him? Where was he in this episode? I love TVD. The story line is amazing and well put together but I think it would have been nice to see those characters. Seeing Grams come back was pretty amazing though. Bonnie really needed closure and I think that really helped. Anyways, rock on TVD!(:

  20. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    Yes, seeing all the ghosts was cool. Bla bla bla
    I am looking forward to this weeks episode. Bring on the originals!

  21. Claudia Said:

    @Anne W. Clarke
    Anne don’t YOU GET IT?
    The Originals WEREN’T Vikings and i looked at the video and Susy waz right soo props to you Susy :P
    But anyway the pictures show the Originals in Medieval times (The new ones not these sorry if u get confused) not the Vikings time. I am confused that they are saying it’s Viking writing but putting Klaus and Rebekah as humans in Medieval times. i think the Werewolves had a witch helping them and she saw into the future a horrible, cruel monster (Vampire) coming and defeating the werewolves, so they make a bad-butt weapon that kills Originals. now maybe they might say that Klaus and Rebekah weren’t born yet when the weapon was made and the Vikings were making it for Original Vamp mummy and Original vamp Daddy. Or for Micheal we don’t know that guys deal. We just know he mad Kathrine a Kit-Kat. But allllll will be explained on Thursday. And there weren’t enough Delena scenes BTW. DELENA will happen though <3 :D

  22. Claudia Said:

    @ Stefanlover97 John hasn’t been in Mystic Falls in a while. AND he isn’t dead so how can he come back? Think it through they never killed off his character he is still out there running, jumping with who knows? But they didn’t bring Isobel back. That’s who i was sorta expecting to pop-up besides Lexi of course. Anywho i just can’t wait to find out the Original’s stories. :)

  23. Susy Said:

    @Claudia, thanks! I’ve been redeemed! Now, back to my original question, what role do the vikings play here?! I agree with you, Claudia. I don’t think that either Klaus or Rebekah were born during the vikings time. Their clothing look from medieval times. Maybe, the vikings knew the original parents? Or maybe, Mikael is from viking times himself?! So many crazy possibilities- the writers will have us guessing and in the end, they will shock us! Also, DELENA HAS TO HAPPEN!!! Now, since there are 2 Claudias writing to this website, I’m not sure if it was the same Claudia,who wrote that John isn’t Dead?! John traded his soul for Elena’s because Elena HAD DIED- so he did die! Nobody can walk around living without a soul. Unless you’re a vampire (which John wasn’t) or unless you’re a zombie (Lord, I hope TVD’S writers don’t have this idea in mind)! To the two Claudias, please add an initial after your name so the rest of us could distinguish you. Off subject, on EONLINE, they posted that the FINAL NEW EPISODE OF TVD FOR 2011 WILL AIR NOV.10! That episode will be the “HOMECOMING”! Then, we have to wait until January 2012! HOW WILL STAND NOT HAVING TVD FOR OVER A MONTH?!

  24. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    Well then Claudia,perhaps I stand corrected. It wouldn’t be the first time I have been wrong, and not likely the last. We only have a few more days to find out who is right.
    That is what I love about this show. It is so hard to predict.

  25. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    Just to attempt redemption about the originals being vikings.

    #1. When Becca strutted her bad self into Ric’s history class, her opening line referrenced vikings.
    #2. My husband is a HUGE history buff and I just asked him about vikings being around 1000 yrs ago. He said yes. Around 800 to just over 1000 AD vikings were in their prime. They were all in Europe and some say they also came to North America.
    #3 Wasn’t that same time period around Medival times? So the clothing they wore in the pictures would not contradict my theory.

    So there. : P LOL.
    Lets not forget that this is fiction and all in good fun. If we find out I am dead wrong I will gladly appologize to those who disagree.

  26. Faith Salvatore Said:

    Okay! People! Mikael killed Katherine! She’s dead! Before he killed her, she untied him and she asked “what do you eat?”, then he killed her. Maybe if you were paying attention, you would’ve noticed that no one has heard from Katherine in along time.
    And those weird “kitsune” fox spirits with 2 tails? that’s so dumb! I would never watch TVD again!

  27. Ggena Said:

    AND KATHERIEIEN is not dead he just fed on her. Mikael is a vampire that only drinks vampire blood.i have seen HOMECOMING shes in it and she is not DEAD

  28. Ticath Said:

    Loooove Anna, miss her :'(

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