Spoiler Recap for The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 10: A Heartmelting Moment

Damon and Elena grow closer on Vampire Diaries episode 3.10, "The New Deal."

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SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched The Vampire Diaries episode 3.10, “The New Deal.”

The Vampire Diaries may only be an hour long show but the writers certainly know how to infuse plenty of oos and ahhs within each episode. And tonight’s episode was no different! From a paranoid Elena elevating her heart rate by casually sprinting around town to Klaus undaggering — then redaggering — poor Rebekah (whose homecoming dress looks remarkably spotless considering she’s been spent the last month face down in Dungeon de Salvatore) to Jeremy’s heartbreaking exit from Mystic Falls, episode 3.10 was rich in memorable moments!

Nevertheless, “The New Deal” scene stealer award goes to another unforgettable moment…one that Delena fans cheered their hearts over. Here are some clues: A porch. A longing. A kiss. Yes. That’s right. Damon Salvatore seized the night and the girl he’s been desiring ever since Vampire Diaries season 1 and he smooched her good! You could practically hear Elena’s heart thumping away: “He got that super bass / Boom, badoom, boom / Boom, badoom, boom bass Yeah that’s that super bass.”) Moreover, judging by the fire in his eyes and the way Elena’s hands ever-so-gently grazed his luscious, raven hair it seems like their kiss ignited some considerable fireworks.

Do note though, that as sweet as it was, this one kiss doesn’t necessarily mean that Damon and Elena are going to elope, raise Renesmee-esque cherubs, and live happily-ever-after. If there’s one thing to understand about Mystic Falls, it’s that everything is way more complicated than it initially seems. With Klaus on the prowl, Bonnie dreaming about coffins and haunted houses, and Stefan still brooding about (looking pretty damn delicious to say the least), there are more important issues at hand…issues that take priority over hookups. Additionally, unlike Katherine Pierce, Elena’s not so brazen about switching Salvatores. Believe it or not, it’s not her innermost desire to forge a reputation as a brother lover…just saying.

But the intimate moment that Damon and Elena shared tonight was memorable indeed and a much needed relief from all the pain and suffering that they usually endure. Even if it was just a lingering kiss on the lips and not a full on affair (think Katherine and Stefan cave sex dreams from season 2), it was sweet to see Delena experiencing a romantic minute or two.

Here’s to hoping that all the amazing Mystic Falls residents enjoy at least one equally knee-melting bliss on future episodes of Vampire Diaries season 3!

Was the kiss the most shocking moment from “The New Deal”?  Were you cheering them on…or upset that Damon would do that to Stefan? Leave your feedback below and don’t forget to tune in next for Vampire Diaries episode 311, “Our Town”!


  1. Jennifer Richard Said:

    Wow! Am so happy that they got to have that moment i’ve been waiting for since the ending of season 1 and season 2! It really makes them especially elena realise that she has feelings for damon even though she luvs stefan. I always wanted them to hav that moment.

  2. Theo Said:

    @Jennifer Aww! We’re so glad. Yea…the build up was definitely there. Elena and Stefan have undeniable chemistry…but so do she and Damon. Must suck having to choose between two hot brothers! ;)

  3. peaches Said:

    I have so much to say about this episode, first of all… omg i really hope Jeremy doesn’t leave the show forever, i really hope they bring him back, but the way he killed that Hybrid, OMG… second of all, I’m still a Stefan and Elena fan, so Damon kissing Elena, not really my most favorite moment, i mean i like him because he’s being nice and all, but i want Stefan and Elena. I kinda don’t like Stefan’s “ripper” attitude and the way he’s acting, I don’t even know what to say still, AMAZING WAY TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS SHOW

  4. Susy Said:

    I FREAKING LOVED THAT SCENE! The look of wonder on Elena’s face and the way she caresses Damon’s hand as he kisses- it was worth the wait! Finally, Elena showed there was something within her heart towards Damon! But the shocking moment for me was Jeremy beheading that hybrid- it was totally unexpected. He is starting to show a maturity that scares Elena because he is her only living relative (that we know of). Also, finally we see “Meredith” introduced. Wonder what twists/turns her character will bring to TVD?!

  5. meril Said:

    I loved the end scene between Elena and Damon!!!! <3 <3 And I am very sad that Jeremy is leaving town :(

  6. jab3205 Said:

    That was the BEST part!!! Well that and when they introduced Merideth (however it’s spelled)!!

  7. Natalie Said:

    My favorite episode EVER!! I have waited to long for that amazing kiss:D and I really dont want to see Jeremy leave:( Delena all the way!

  8. Amber Said:

    I was not surprised, but super happy that Damon kissed her. She may not take the bait, but she should! I have to admit, when I saw it, I had to watch it a couple of times. I’m just hoping it’s not he end for Elena and Damon.

  9. Natalie Said:

    Is Jeremy really gone forever or will he come back?

  10. AveDanielleNavarra23 Said:

    DELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anvistern Said:

    You all -most of you at least- already said it: DELENA forever ^^
    But well I think as much as I loved the veranda-kissing-scene we will have to wait long time to see something amazing like this again. (Not that I was wrong as I didn’t see that kiss coming ;) )
    Can’t wait for next weeks episode!

  12. Dorrin Said:

    I LOVED that!!!!!! That was amazing!!!!!! It was a very beautiful scene!!! & I hope they be together!! But I thing we should wait for sth surprising again!!!
    But I hope DELENA be forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Elena Said:

    I actually prefer Stelenaa!! I would like a season of Delena, but in the end Elena should end up with Stefan!

  14. Bumsy Said:

    OMG,i love this episode and especially the kiss between Damon and Elena long waiting kiss. I can’t wait for the next episode. DELENA forever!!!!

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