The Ten Best Stefan Salvatore Moments from The Vampire Diaries TV Series

We here at are Team Salvatore all the way. Damon and Stefan’s brotherly trials and tribulations consume us with laughter, tears, and nostalgia. We honestly couldn’t have one without the other. That being said, we decided each brother deserved a moment in the spotlight without comparisons or romantic speculation — so we turned to respected fans in the TVD community to represent each. And representing Team Stefan is the fabulous Sharie from Paul!  Stefan Salvatore has experienced a great deal of change throughout the first three seasons of The Vampire Diaries television series. Some have been heartbreaking, some romantic and others downright terrifying and gripping. Join Sharie and other amazing Team Stefan members as they review their ten favorite Stefan moments on TVD!

TVD Episode 3.05: The Reckoning (@j_lafferty23)

Stefan Salvatore is a martyr. He's selfless. You see the desperation in his eyes? He's fighting off compulsion and resisting the urges to feed on the love of his life with everything he's got in him. He loves her so much he was willing to stake himself before ever letting himself drink from her. That's selfless. He needed her to run. She was everything to him, the reason why he hasn't given up yet, and he could never let himself hurt her in any way. But, the "Ripper" took over in the end and we hoped and prayed the Stefan we knew and loved would come back to us.

TVD Episode 1.08: 162 Candles(@j_lafferty23)

Stefan's greatest moments are not always in times of suffrage and pain, or confusion. Some of his greatest moments include Lexi, and they're some of my favorite Stefan moments. He is his best self with her. Look at him. He's carefree, he smiles more often, he can be himself with her. She jokes around with him about seeing Bon Jovi and he wonders if he'll remember them. There's not many people who can make Stefan let loose and Lexi is the main one. Best friends for 100+ years.

TVD Episode 3.01: The Birthday (@jackietvd)

As Stefan’s eyes fill with tears hearts start breaking across the TVD fandom.
After giving himself over to Klaus to save his brother, we learn about his Ripper qualities. Has our Stefan surrendered to his dark side and become a shell of his previous self? But then in that one moment he reaches for his phone and makes the call that tears us apart. He is silent but no words are needed! His emotions let us know that deep down inside our brooding, romantic, and loveable Stefan is still alive!

Pilot Episode (@jackietvd)

He mysteriously strolls across to the school, getting a glimpse of his hot backside all just to tease us.
Then comes the moment we finally see the mystery man revealed. He runs into Elena coming out of the bathroom and we instantly know this will be they guy we crush on. He’s intensity and piercing eyes leave us wanting more. Who is he, where is he from, and what will happen with these characters. The first 30 seconds we set eyes on Stefan and we are instantly hooked and unable to walk away!

TVd Episode 1.10: The Turning Point (@paulwesleyfans)

His eyes show everything. He is letting himself be venerable, open and letting all shields down on who is really is. He is in love with this girl and this picture shows Elena, this is who I am. A monster, a killer but someone who can love you. Take me as I am and I will love you forever. Elena touching his face as he changes into a vampire is showing acceptance and compassion for Stefan being able to show here this side. 'I know what I want. I want you'

TVD Episode 2.06: Plan B (@paulwesleyfans)

Here Stefan knows the truth, what he must do for the love of his life. He knows that even though they love each other so much, right now it's better that they break up for the safety and love for who Elena loves. He just doesn't love her, he loves everything and everybody she loves and is willing to do anything to protect that. Even walk away from his true love.

TVD Episode 3.12: The Ties That Bind (@Mus1c_ )

"I kissed Damon".

First of all, allow me to say how much I cried during this scene. Without uttering a single world, Paul Wesley conveyed all the emotions that Stefan was feeling in that moment. And it takes some brilliant subtle acting skills to express so much with nothing but the eyes. The sadness, the pain, the realization that the love of his life was slipping away from him, it was all over his face.

Which leads me to Stefan. This tragic hero. Tragic because he's loosing the love of his life. Even more tragic because I'm sure he'd do the same thing all over again if Damon's life depended on it. And that's why Stefan didn't show any kind of anger towards Elena. Because he'd never doubt about Elena's loyalty, and blames it all on himself. Tragic indeed.
"Every time I move, the wood shifts inside of me. I can feel it scraping against my heart".
Ironically enough, while Elena was fessing up, she was also pulling the wooden bullets out of Stefan's heart. Ironically because when he heard the words "I kissed Damon", I'm sure the physical pain caused by the wooden bullets was nothing compared to the emotional pain he felt in his heart.

TVD Episode 2.01: The Return (@Mus1c_)

Damon: "I kissed Elena."
Stefan: "Because you feel something for her, because you actually care. And I'm not gonna let Katherine come in here and destroy that part of you that is finally after all of this time willing to feel something."

I chose this scene to depict the relationship between the two Salvatore Brothers. Why? Because it shows that no matter what happens, Stefan will always choose his brother. Even over Elena. Let me explain... As Elena's boyfriend, Stefan would have every right to be mad at Damon. But instead, he brushes his jealousy aside to let Damon care again, after all these years that he spent shutting off his emotions. Because Stefan would give everything (and he did) to have his brother back ; the one that was in touch with his humanity ; the one that taught Stefan how to play football back in 1864; the one that was not only his broter, but also his best friend.
And if letting Damon develop feelings for Elena is what it'll take to have his big brother back, then Stefan will step back and will let Damon fall in love with the love of his life. Because for Stefan, his jealousy is not worthy of destroying Damon's (albeit slow) redemption.
Can we hand Stefan the award for "Best Brother Of The Century" already?

'Under Control' or not so much... (@sunchick116)

One of the running themes of TVD has been the ever changing question of good vs. evil and whether that's born or made and that's first touched upon in season 1 when Stefan is kidnapped and tortured by the tomb vampires. He's saved by Damon and Elena and to help heal him, Elena thinks she's helping by feeding him her blood to make him strong and make a getaway. Technically she is but she's also opened Pandora's Box in the sense we blow the lid wide open on Stefan's control or lack thereof on human blood. 'under control' is a fascinating character study watching Stefan wrestle the balance of how much blood he needs as a vampire and how much he wants as a person. Elena dutifully stands by his side, helping him through his struggle and in this heartbreakingly beautiful scene; Stefan's face of control starts to crumble. We start to see his resolve fall apart as he confesses to the pressure he feels to be a better person not only for himself but for Elena. Paul Wesley's emotional resolve is brilliant as we see him wrestle with the tortured conflict running rampant in his mind and the moral dilemma he faces if he doesn't get his act together. His candid confession that he doesn't even trust himself around the love of his life, and his lack of confidence in himself, coupled with her resolve that she trusts enough for the both of them, breaks hearts everywhere. His heartbreaking delivery of 'I love you so much', his voice laced with emotion and fear, heartbreak and conflict, really drives the point home of how much he fears losing this girl if he can't get himself together. Her reassurance and faith in him is all that's keeping him from falling apart.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (@sunchick116)

As a vampire, one of the things Stefan has to subscribe himself to is the idea is that as much control he thinks he has, his body has more. It's the eternal conflict to try to maintain the balance of wanting to be emotionally human but physically vampire. A moral dilemma that runs rampant through the show is how much of these supernatural creature's actions can be attributed to the urges they can't control and how much is the not so nice side of their own personalities coming out to play. Never was this dilemma more apparent than In season 3 when Klaus compelled Stefan to turn off his emotions. The lines became blurred for a few episodes as the viewers questioned how much was the compulsion talking, and how much was Stefan's real personality, that had supposedly been well contained for many years, coming out to play. Fed up with Stefan not acting like Stefan, Elena calls on his friend Lexi to help through the detox process of making Stefan, Stefan again. The brilliance of Stefan's conflict, and again Paul Wesley's amazing acting, comes out to play when Stefan pleads his case in attempt to stop the suffering Lexi is causing him to make him break his compulsion. Stefan borders bipolar schizophrenic as he switches from good guy to bad guy in no time flat, lacing his voice with love adoration and emotion towards Elena in an effort to get him on her side to free him. He sounds like old Stefan again as he coos at her 'I love you so much. I'm sorry. I'll change. I'll be better', begging and pleading his case like a lost child. As someone who chalked up his behavior during his ripper stage strictly to the compulsion, Elena has more resolve than I would have, not believing him at all. I would have ripped those chains right off him and carried him home, soothing him the whole way, but I am a sucker for the adorable vampire. Elena keeps her emotions in check and with good reason, because just like that, Stefan switches again when she refuses to believe its really him talking, and what do you know, its not as he gets angry and threatens her again Paul Wesley's dynamic acting at his drop of hat attitude change is amazingly apparent here.

What has been your favorite Stefan Salvatore scene to date? Chat about it in the comments below!


  1. cinseg1 Said:

    Theo , I can’t fight the temptation to answer this post!
    My favorite Stefan moment was when he was GONE from MF earlier this season!
    It was the most fun I’ve had watching TVD !

  2. VampireGirl12 Said:

    @cinseg1: There is something wrong with yuh in the head!!!!

  3. Monica Kouza Said:

    I am part human and part vampire I don’t like so much is hurt my eye I going to troy center in troy Michigan my name is Monica Kouza. I am 19 years old. I like run fast in gym time in school. I watch your show vampire diaries. I like Stefan salvation. He so awesome and so cute.I live in troy Michigan.

  4. Louise Said:

    My favorite stefan moment is
    Well most of it he was with elena :”)
    Especially in season 3 the last episode which elena chooses stefan instead of damon
    And also the part when elena is dying in season 4
    I love that part ‘ couz he definitely show her love
    For her..
    Stefan love for elena is undying,true, they have the real relationships
    Where they undergo ups and downs, love and lost…
    Well i totally hope and i faithfully wish that in the
    End of vampire diaries Elena will end up with Stefan

  5. kendall and cassidy Said:


  6. Zayaan Abrahams Said:

    TeamStefan? Definitely yes!!! Stefan is the most sweetest,hottest etc person in the world..I love the part when Elana chooses Stefan over Damon..and I hope at the very last season of Vampire Diaries that Elena and Stefan will end up together..I love yoyou Stefan Salvatore AKA Paul Wesley

  7. Aliya Said Said:

    Stefan Salvatore has always been my favorite. My all- time favorite was when Elena chose him and NOT Damon! ;) I honestly feel like im connected to him or something. ugh, when he was pushed in the ocean, i cried. I can honestly say, he is my favorite character ever.

  8. Chardone Said:

    I’m not a stefan fan really, I’m a lot more of a Damon fan, but the relationship stefan and Elena had was really something special, he knows how to love and he truly cares about her and he’s a real sweetheart!! But Damon and Elena are really made for each other!! And Damon will love Elena 10 times more than Stefan, Damon has done just as much and possibly more for her!! But stefan he’s a great guy and I like him!!

  9. Jessel Said:

    plainly love this character of yours Paul Wesley

  10. i love salvatore brothers Said:

    ja navezala sem se da je elena z damonom toda ko vidim to faco od stefana kar zmrznem kaj pa vem taka sem po pravici je imel stefan tudi pravico tako kot damon da jo je pridobil bi jo stefan lahko nazaj elena in stefan sta se ujela in to je tisto zaradi katerega gledam to serijo da je manj grozljivih delov sicer pa sta mi všeč bolj kot damon in elena če odštejemo katharine <3 <3 <3

  11. i love salvatore brothers Said:

    ;) :) =) *-*

  12. Arjun Said:

    My favourite steafan moment is when stefan compells Liam Grant to drink his wifes blood true legend The Ripper of Montere (Season 3 Ep 3 03 The End of the Affair)

  13. Becca Bonse Said:

    Stefan and Elena are the best vamp couples ever. I think they should be together instead of her and damon. Stefan is passionate about Elena and when hes with her it consumes him. Stefan dont know how to be with her and not become the ripper but he controls it. Stefan and Elena have this most epic relationship and I love them both. TEAM STEFAN!!!

  14. faith mafestoe kayz Said:

    Stefan is de best .he’s very cute n sexy he de only reason I watch vampire diaries .he is pretty cool

  15. hanie Said:

    Stefan and Elena must end up together. Stefan is the only reason that I watch TVD. True love conquers all. Stefan possess true love to Elena despite the hardships they have. TVD must be a story worth remembering. Please don’t forget the season 1 when Stefan and Elena are together. I don’t care about Damon. Damon is always jealous on what Stefan has. Stefan has made so many sacrifices for Elena. Writers please don’t forget season 1. Stelena forever!

  16. Bella Said:

    I Think That Stefan And Elena Are Best together.Stefan Would Be Be Best Choise Elena Could Ever Make.

  17. stefan lover Said:

    i honestly love stefan im a huge fan

  18. damon lover Said:

    i love damon im a huge fan

  19. holli phillips Said:

    Hiya your totally amazing your body really hot…I love you so much Stefan its hard for me to say please may you get to me as soon as possible thankyou x

  20. destianna smith Williams Said:

    Why did Stefan die he was not supposed to he supposed to be the living one that is a bad choice to let stefan die

  21. Prerna Bhatia Said:

    Oh no I’m crying again. This article is beautifully written. Wish Julie Plec or Paul or whoever it was that killed Stef from the series realised his worth. :( He’s priceless, perfect.

  22. Anonymous Said:

    Well,i think elena and sefan are M_F_E_O they make a cute couple i hope they end up together go team Selena

  23. sara Said:

    Fak you stefan!

  24. sara Said:

    my cousin say:my love is stefan,but I don’t thinks that…Damon is THE BEST!Sorry,but you are …

  25. sara Said:

    stefan is a vampire but,something wrong vampire!

  26. haggai Said:

    Stefan is the best..the part I love most was when he was compelled to kill Elena buh his love for her was strong tha he couldn’t do it and I 1da what damon would have done if he was in stefan’s shoe or maybe we should count hw many tym he saved damon’s ass esp when he was compelled..damon hates everythin stefan and I knw stefan being held by klaus was his happiest moment to show elena love at least let’s say all he eva wanted was to take stefan happiness and it was actually mission accomplished and that’s y I hate season 4 partially…all I jus want is for them to com bak again in the end cos if nt its gonna b d worst tragic movie I eva watched…

  27. haggai Said:

    I neva knew damon and elena dated real life buh broke up buh all d same paul gaot more/better actin character than Ian…if want to knw watch were he was a ripper,compelled to protect Elena and when his brain was was fried by d witch or mayb those tym he was abnormal and u will c a reason to love him even much more..his hunger for blood makes him hot and cute esp d way he looks at his prey bfore biting or suckin…

  28. DamarisssAtrizcooo Said:

    LOVE YOU❤❤❤❤❤

  29. cheyenne hall Said:

    Stefan wins Elena love instently his love was hope and compasenent she wanted a love that comsumse her he’s was there when she needed some one the most she magily him
    fell for him that’d true love and they had it
    Team stelena

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