Torrey DeVitto Chats Vampire Diaries and Husband Paul Wesley

Torrey DeVitto is currently portraying Dr. Meredith Fell on Vampire Diaries Season 3.From Tree Hill to New York City to Rosewood, Torrey DeVitto has been living it up at some of television’s hottest destinations. And, as of late, Mystic Falls has become her temporary abode. Torrey is currently portraying Dr. Meredith Fell on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 — a doctor with unconventional medical cures who just happens to be falling for one very handsome history teacher (cough*Alaric*cough). However, there hasn’t been much background info on Meredith so far, and there’s a whole level of intrigue and mystique surrounding her character.

Luckily, Entertainment Weekly’s Mandi Bierly got the scoop straight from Torrey. Check out what she had to say about her new role and how she feels about her husband’s (Paul Wesley’s) turn as “bad” Stefan this season!

EW: We saw her in a heated discussion with medical examiner Brian Walters, who was telling her she’d ruin her career and asking if she knew what she was messing with. I assume she’s not interested in Alaric’s supernatural healing abilities and vampires to find a cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer.

Torrey: [Laughs] Well, it’s really interesting. There’s a lot of little twists and turns when it comes to Meredith, and it’s so hard for me to say anything without giving it away. Even I, when I read that in the script, didn’t know. What’s happening? Why would he say that? I had to wait until the next episode that I read. Let’s just say something I like about her is that she’s fearless in a sense. She’s a very strong-willed woman, and I enjoy playing women like that.

EW: What can you tease about what Brian might have meant when he told Alaric that Meredith was a “psycho case?” I know you won’t tell me if she’s the one who murdered Brian.

Torrey: Now, if I told you that, I’d be giving away so much. I think calling her that is all up to interpretation. All these things that you see, they don’t just come out of nowhere. Things will definitely start to piece together as the season goes on. Brian’s death will definitely play a part down the line.

EW: What do we have to look forward to when she starts sharing scenes with Damon?

Torrey: When you have two strong personalities in the room, they kind of go back and forth with each other because neither one of them is gonna back down. She doesn’t fall for the lure that is Damon. She’s obviously attracted to his friend Alaric. She’s not even scared of Damon. She doesn’t buy it. I think all his little tricks and things don’t work on her like they do other girls. Damon is protective over Alaric as a friend, as he should be. The guy has a really tragic love track record. Damon wants to figure out what this girl’s all about. Is she gonna be trouble, is she not gonna be trouble? Are her intentions true, are they not true? He’s just really trying to scope her out.

EW: I talked to Paul last week about his Bad Stefan arc, and he said you told him, “I’ve always enjoyed watching Stefan. But now that you’re playing him as the bad guy, it’s, like, infinitely more entertaining and pleasurable to watch.” What have you enjoyed most about that arc for him?

Torrey: I think he’s such an excellent actor, and I don’t just think I’m being biased. I think with this arc, he’s just able to do so much more and show what he’s capable of. It’s just been so fun to watch him in that light, completely opposite of what he’s been doing the last couple of seasons. But yeah, it was kinda funny, because me and all my girlfriends are like, “God, this is great. This is great.” And Paul and other guys’ take on it is, “This is such crap. We’re so nice for so long and none of you care, and then all of a sudden we’re these jerks and every girl’s swooning. What’s wrong with you females? You guys are all sick.” I can’t even disagree, really. It’s true. Why do we go for the bad guys? It’s a mystery.

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Well, after reading all that can be said is that Torrey DeVitto is seriously giving Nina Dobrev a run for her money for being the luckiest gal in the world. Not only is Torrey gorgeous, talented and married to Paul Wesley, but she also has some of the most memorable and exciting roles on television. We can’t wait to see what dark secrets will be revealed about Dr. Fell!

So, what’s one thing you’re absolutely dying to know about Meredith Fell? Tell us below and catch Torrey DeVitto on all new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars!


  1. Susy Said:

    Why the medical examiner called her psycho? What does she really use vampire blood for? Something tells me we might have another mad scientist-a la Frankenstein on hand! Who is she using this blood on and why?! Endless questions!

  2. Theo Said:

    @Susy OMG! That would be kinda of phenomenal. Sort of like “No Assembly Required? Personally, I don’t buy her “I’m here to save the patients” act. Klaus is building an army of hybrids. Maybe Dr. Fell is building her own sort of army creations as well.

    P.S. This is why I avoid watching the weekly screeners. Although it makes my job easier it takes all the fun out of theorizing and piecing the clues together! :)

  3. Susy Said:

    @Theo, glad you like my theory! I figure we have all kinds of supernatural creatures: vampires, werewolves, hybrids, originals, etc.- why not… Zombies?! Or vampire-blood enhanced zombies?! Oh Mystic falls and the gang- Brace yourselves! Might have to change town’s name to Mayhem Falls!

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