TVD Contest: Win a Ring Like Bonnie’s!

Katerina Graham as Bonnie. Andrew Eccles / The CW © 2009

In Shadow Souls¸ L.J. Smith’s 6th TVD book, Bonnie receives a beautiful opal ring in a diamond setting. It’s Bonnie’s ring in the book—but now you have the chance to win one of your own!

L.J. Smith is holding a contest, and one lucky TVD fan will win a ring that looks very much like the one described in Shadow Souls.  It’s made of 14-karat gold and 14-karat white gold, and features an opal surrounded by diamonds.  It’s worth $700—and it could be yours!  To learn more about the contest and how to enter: click HERE.

L.J. Smith says that Bonnie’s opal ring takes on even more importance in her next TVD book, Midnight. Have you got any theories about how Bonnie’s ring will make an impact?  Tell us what you think!


  1. Alice Salvatore Said:

    OMG!!! I would like a ring like that! :D Bling! However, I’d like a silver and lapis lazuli ring like Damon Salvatore better. Damon Salvatore. BLISS.

  2. wahinetoa Said:

    YES! Oh, yes please! I loveLOVE Bonnie Bennett!
    How the ring might be important, maybe to do with Fells church or the Salvadores through Emily. Hoping it’s got something to do with Damon. The two of them are HOT!

  3. liona Said:

    i would love a ring i love the vampire diaries it is so good keep goin everyone i luv the seasons <3 :D

  4. jennifer canton Said:

    please i love bonnie bennett sooooo much she is a brilliant actress and i would love to have her ring (well somthing like her ring anyway) sooo please pick me i watch the vampire diaries every day and im still team bonnie and damon ever since the 1st episode ever woooo go bonnie….*******…..******….
    from jennifer canton
    go ian s ans kg

  5. jennifer canton Said:


  6. Cindy Johnstone Said:

    i think that there will be an energy that comes from it that allowes her to use more magic

  7. becky wattenbarger Said:

    i love vampirer diaries i have all the books posters dvds everything im there number one fan if yall stop the shows i will die
    your number one fan

  8. becky wattenbarger Said:

    i need bonnies ring to add to my collection i have everything vampire diaries its my life im always watching the show and bonnie rocks shes the best i love that ring so please i really need it so much

  9. becky wattenbarger Said:

    also the email i gave you is my old one are internet turned off
    you can contact me at (423)351-4149 i need this ring so much please please pick me to win

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