Damon Consoles Elena in ‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Preview Trailer

Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 preview trailerAre your eyes red and swollen from a spontaneous burst of tears? Are you trying to suppress the urge to scream while doing a happy dance at the same time? Is your heart pounding with excitement? Do you suddenly find yourself wanting to marathon five seasons worth of Mystic Falls drama? If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, then just like us, you’ve probably watched the first preview trailer for The Vampire Diaries Season 6!

Though the teaser trailer is much too quick (just a mere 20 seconds for crying aloud), it’s better than nothing. Moreover, we get a brief-yet-interesting glimpse at some of our beloved characters, including Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and a drunk Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen), so we’re pleased to say the least.

That said, what is everyone up to and how are they dealing with the pain of losing their friends and family, specifically Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett? Hint: They’re not. And it appears as though Elena (Nina Dobrev) is having the hardest time letting go. In fact, in one particular moment in the promo, Stefan (Paul Wesley) actually tells Elena over the phone that she needs to “say goodbye” to Damon. Damon is his brother and Stefan is as loyal as they come, so we wonder if he’s taking his own advice, too.

So does all this commotion mean that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is alive or is he a ghost? Well, while we know it can’t be the latter since the Other Side was destroyed in the Season 5 finale, anything is possible in the supernatural realm. And call us crazy but we have this feeling that Elena has found a way to communicate with her beloved. “I need to see Damon,” she growls at Luke (Chris Brochu) in one tense scene. She appears borderline manic and even gets aggressive, shoving the poor witch into a dresser. Considering how TVD episode 6×01 is titled “I’ll Remember You” it doesn’t seem too far fetched to imagine her going to dangerous lengths (dark magic? magical mushrooms?) to find a way to chat with him as though everything was fine and dandy.

“Elena, move on,” Damon tells a grief-stricken Elena, who apparently spends her days now feeding on innocent bystanders. However, despite his advice, he himself looks upset that he can’t no longer console her with a warm embrace.

Watch the “Bite Back” trailer to see for yourself!

How exactly do you think Elena is able to see and talk to Damon? Also, where in the world is Matt Donovan? Post your theories in the comments!

Get ready, fang fans, and be sure to have plenty of tissues handy! The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premieres on Thursday, October 2nd at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW!


  1. @vampentries_24 Said:

    I can’t really think right now. All I can do is FEEL. My automatic thought, though? Does Damon not know who he is? He’s…Damon Salvatore, badass, bad boy, eternal stud, heart of gold incased in snark and snappy retorts, Damon Salvatore . There is no moving on. There is no getting over. Ever. You must come back. Period.

  2. Sara Yasmyny Said:

    Pra ter sucesso amor, tem que fazer direito. Que bosta de trailer.

  3. Sana Siddiqui Said:

    Plz bring them back
    Do some spell or wichi hokas poks but bring them back no one is ginna watch it without them..

  4. Too Cool For You Said:

    HOW THE FUDGE DO YOU MOVE ON FROM DAMON SALVATORE. I CAN’T… Of course imma still watch it. I don’t get how people only watch it cause of Ian. I find that stupid, honest.

  5. Dou Said:

    Come on people, I know its sad. I love Damon too and want them to be together until the end, but you just have to go with it because anything is possible life even or supernatural.

  6. casey Said:

    I got a feeling that the new ‘villan’ as such is matt, if he has disappeared then the chances are he is going to turn his back on his friends, as he is pretty much the only human left…elena and damon will hit it off again accidently or damon will try to stop elena from Being even more like what he was… probably the only reason they didnt that was because nina and ian have called it quits. I love them together any one else want nian back together?♡♡♥

  7. Anonymous Said:

    Omg I literally dont know what to do, I’ve been literally dying and re watching the whole seasons IM GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!

  8. Isabella Said:

    I don’t like Damon and Elena together but I need Damon in dis season he can’t be dead he has to come back one way or another. never tot I will cry over Damon.

  9. Anonymous Said:

    I really need Damo back, he is just part of the whole story..but i wonder what the end of the final episode in season 6 would be because it has to be better, with more emotion than the last one and that is literally not possible..bring damon baack :(

  10. Zara Said:

    whats song is it? can anybody tell me? ;)

  11. steph chitty Said:

    Elena need to move on maybe thats because i hate her. Just get over yourself you manipulative bitch.

  12. sarah Raquell Said:

    everyone wants nina and ian together TVD <3

  13. susan Said:

    i think it will be like bella in twilight ,the more danger she puts herself in the more she will see damon ,],like bella did with edward ,

  14. VoodooGhostRider Said:

    This show simply does not work without it’s most popular character. Damon Salvatore is 9.9 times out of 10 EVERYONE’s favorite character because he’s everything we sll wish we could be. Young, handsome, witty, hilarious and of course bad the f’n bone! He’ll be back. Somehow, someway Elena will bring him back. Maybe even Bonnie too

  15. Rally Said:

    PLEASE we need Damon back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and everyone should NOT move on, but find a way to BRING-HIM-BACK. Tvd is not tvd without Damon in it.. And a looot of people will stop watching without him.. including me. We lost Kathrine and, if we lose Damon…. So if you bring Damon, Bonnie AND Kathrine back this it’ll be E-P-I-C. But first things first – DAMOOOON!!!!

  16. Laura Said:

    OHH MY GOD! I’M DYING! Can’t wait for TVD to start again! I hope Elena doesn’t turn in to someone that resembles Katherine because that would be an absolute no go for me! I mean…we already had a Katherine…and she’s gone…and I want her back…. Elena could never be as good as Katherine. Or as bad. Not ever. I miss Damon, too…and I know she’s in love with him and misses him terribly and all that jazz. But I hope she stays good. And hope we get a bit Klaroline Love in Season 6! I need it.♡ 

  17. SaM Said:


  18. Abu~Yaseer Palladan Said:

    REallY, the SeRiES HaS BeEn GreaTlY NicE, LiFe In VamPiRE DiARIes withOUT DeMOn is As uNusual As Watching It wIthoUt DireCtIoN.

  19. Jennifer Said:

    I loved this TV show when it first came out but i don’t now because its over played, like old news. To be honest no one i know watches this anymore for the fact its like the director or who ever has over done the idea of the tv show. Its so not anything like the book that i don’t even try to figure out what is going on anymore. I like the first season but the others are in my opinion are not worth watching.

  20. Imene Said:

    I think it’s just an illusion or a dream. Idk really but I can’t wait to see it :( <3

  21. Kristýna Said:

    Musíte je přivést zpět jinak už to bude nuda a hodně lidí to přestane sledovat, protože spousta ženských na to kouká kvůli Damonovi

  22. kc Said:

    I hope we ger another problem and not one that cirkels around Elena. Feeding on people after getting upset, angry or sad is Damons thing! Kind of boring that Elena despite (Bonnie and Damon having a big spotlight this year)everyting is the main focus and is the one that habe a hard time. I would like to se anyone in VD that`s having a really bad time without Elena getting in even mote problems or situations. Sorey all Elena/Delena fans but I have stoped being that because the story stands still!

  23. Aqua~ Said:

    I srsly need damon back and i think its sweet elena is trying to connect with him, but damon is once of the main characters and TVD if damon isnt back by season 6 finale i’m gonna stop watching it (family) Bonnie has to come back because jeremy lost her twice already and i hope he can get her back. ( Damon salvatore )

  24. DNA Cowboy Said:

    There is NO way that Damon would tell Elena to ‘move on’, the Damon we all know and love would fight through heaven and hell to find her and I don’t Elena to react any differently.

  25. mckyla Said:

    Ithink they willbring damon and bonnie back somehow

  26. Paula Said:

    OMG!!!! I don’t know what to say right now. I have literally watched this about 20 times. All i have to say is that DAMON MUST COME BACK!!!!!

  27. Jralla Said:

    Thanks to certain people the show has been ruined and now it sucks. Who cares when it’s on!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. DESTINY Said:

    OMG I NEED DAMON AND Bonnie TO COME BACK THEY MAKE THE SHOW I THINK ELENA IS GOING TO BE LIKE Katherine because katerine was in love with Stefan and she do anything to get to him so I see her point. poor Stefan he misss his brother. And poor Jeremy he misss bonnie he was in love with this girl im sure they going to find a way back together I cant wait???!!!!

  29. Abbie Said:

    Am I the only one who still kinda wants Elena and Stephen together?
    I know it will probably never happen due to what has happened through the seasons, but I hate Damon, he would always say ‘I love you, Elena’, then go off and shag some random vampire chick!
    Stephen is so much more loyal, but i can’t help feeling that Elena and him have changed so much since the first season that they are no longer ‘soul – mates’, yet i still want them to be together!

  30. Chrissyplum Said:

    Damon has to come back..,.he just has to.
    He is the best character on this show!
    I need him back…in the flesh not as a stupid ghost.
    If he goes this show will be totally ruined.
    I would love to see Bonnie come back too but
    I just don’t see how that will play out….I mean
    She’s already been through this twice. I really
    Love this show and I just won’t be able to bear
    Damon being gone………plz come back Damon.

  31. Emily Said:

    The song is ‘sorry’ by clooney:-) I’m honestly DYING right now waitmg for season 6! October 2nd needs to hurry the fuck up. Like seriously. And come on. We all know Damon will be back.

  32. Odalis Said:

    Well, dahh!!! Damon has to return!!!!!! and be with Elena!!!!

  33. atenas Said:

    No I Want Elena to get with stefan!

  34. alejandra Said:

    Bah at the end Damon messed up Elena so much she got crazy…Amara 2.0

  35. Revon Said:

    Honestly guys, I don’t like Damon, I never have, but I do believe that he’s an amazing person and a very important character. I hate how Elena won’t let him go, that’s being childish, I hate who Elena became, I miss the Defan moments. I want Damon to come back but not for Elena, but for Stefan, he needs his big brother, their relationship is stronger then any other relationship in TVD, in fact I believe that Elena should just leave the show, she interferes with Damon and Stefan’s relationship.

  36. Revon Said:

    There is no bloody way that Damon is everyones favourite character, Stefan is my favourite character, any who the reason I want Damon back is for Stefan to have his big brother again, not for Elena to come between again, she has ruined TVD for me, the only reason I’m watching this show is because of Defan, Klaroline and also because I have a little bit of hope for Stelena, that is it.

  37. Jéssika Soraya Said:

    Sim Damom tem que voltar mas nao por Elena ou por Stefan e sim por ele. A história tem que ser como nos livros Elena e Stefan juntos por que o destino ja escreveu a história. Bonnie e Damom juntos. O ódio se transformando em amor… Sou fã do casal Stefan e Elena. Eles tem que acabar juntos. Por que as copias estão predestinadas a isso….

  38. MJB Said:

    I, like a few others, think that the show has lost its way. Stefan and Elena should be together. Seasons 1-3 were perfection but since then it seems to continue to decline… Sad as this was my favourite show.

  39. PJ Said:

    I think Bonnie’s Grams will find a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back. This was hinted at in the last episode when she said she had made her peace and had been working on a way to help Bonnie. Was the other side really destroyed? Will Grams be the new anchor?

  40. Lydia Said:

    What’s the name of the song???

  41. M.C Said:

    OMG I need Damon Salvatore back… he needs to come back ASAP, I think Elena going a bit over board but that’s love in it. Caroline and Stefan should totally get together in this series LOL
    yeah Damon should come back

  42. gwen vaughn Said:

    bring Damon back he makes the show. and give carol to stefan they make a good couple and let klaus make his grand entry every now and then klaus
    keep you on the edge of the seat

  43. Sarah-Jade Jones Said:

    OMG you have to be kidding me! Damon is gone? How can he be gone I mean he was 1 of the best characters. Damon has to come back! I mean it he NEEDS TO COME BACK!

  44. Melanie Billingsley Said:

    Definitely want Damon back, not just in spirit form. Somehow we need to get that lively character back to the show. He and Stefan and Elena and Caroline make this show really good. Love Jeremy, Bonnie and Matt also! But want Damon back on the show!!!!!!!!

  45. Dee Dee Said:

    I like all the TVD characters; after five years they feel like real people and I need to know how life works out for them. But I’m not ashamed to say that Damon has always been my very favorite – he had me from “Hello, brother”. He’ll be brought back somehow in Season 6. I think in the first few episodes we’ll see him with Bonnie wherever the hell they are. That should be interesting, given their history. After that, where or what he’ll be, and how it will happen, I have no friggin’ idea.

  46. Bria Said:

    NO IT IS NOT OVER! Damon And Elena had great times together now its falling apart :( (( SAY GOODBYE? REALLY STEFAN????!!??!?!?!? DELENA WILL NEVER END!!!

  47. We wantBamonBack Said:

    We want bamon back, and we want delena! Not Bamon!

  48. Its a secret Said:

    I want to see Sterolin develop and Damon to come back along with Bonei because her and Jeremy were so perfect together!

  49. Andyconda Said:

    I love the show but Damon is most of the reason I watch now so if he goes I go! He brings the only humor & comedy on the show to the table.

  50. Kimber Said:

    They really gotta bring Damon back! He is a maker or breaker of the show… I am in lust over Ian anyway… But come on guys… Damon is way too important of a character to kill him off….If Damon goes, so does my Vampire Diaries days

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