‘Second Star’ Author Reveals Wishlist for The Vampire Diaries Season 6

This article was written by Alyssa Sheinmel, avid TVD/Originals fangirl and author of the novel Second Stara tantalizing reinvention of the classic Peter Pan tale. Follow her witty musings on books and television at @AlyssaSheinmel.

Okay, it’s been a couple weeks.  We’ve had some time to recover – or, at least begin to recover – from the earth-shaking revelations and devastation of the season finale.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started imagining what those brilliant writers might have in store for us in The Vampire Diaries Season 6.  And maybe I even have a couple ideas of my own. Okay, more than just a couple.  Not that I don’t think the writers know what they’re doing, but sometimes a girl can’t help but put together a wish-list!  And so, here are just a few of the things I’d love to see happen next season.

1. I am totally excited to find out what’s going to happen to Damon and Bonnie on whatever is left of the Other Side. What is Grams’s mysterious plan? Will they run in to Lexi in the peaceful place?  Or Katherine in the not-so-peaceful place? I would like all of them to team up in a Wizard-of-Oz-follow-the-yellow-brick-road-type quest through the other side, with Damon playing the part of Dorothy, Katherine and Lexi as some sort of Scarecrow/Tin Man/Cowardly Lion amalgam, and Grams as the Great and Powerful Oz. Bonnie can be Glinda the Good Witch and Markos can be the Wicked Witch of the West. Say it with me, Damon:There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

Bonnie and Damon in "Home"

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries/The CW

2.  Steroline. I am really rooting for Steroline. I was hoping that we’d get a little bit closer to an actual kiss between Caroline and Stefan in the finale – at least, I was hoping they’d talk about their feelings for each other or something. I mean, I totally respect why they didn’t – both Caroline and Stefan were much too busy and traumatized for romance – but I cannot wait to see what kind of progress Steroline makes in season six. (To be honest, I’m torn between rooting for Caroline to end up with Klaus or with Stefan. Wait, that should totally be the world’s next great love triangle. Can you say Originals crossover?)

Stefan and Caroline dancing at TVD prom

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries/The CW

3. Speaking of which….I really want another Originals crossover episode!  I loved how the shenanigans on the other side ended up affecting the plotlines of The Originals – so now I’m excited to see what kind of effect Damon and Bonnie’s journey home might have on the supernaturals who’ve died on The Originals in the last season? (Let’s face it, that show has a pretty high body count.) What will it mean for Mikael and Davina’s plans for him?  Will Rebekah and baby Hope have to make a pit-stop on the outskirts of Mystic Falls on their way to wherever it is they’re headed?

Welcome to Mystic Falls

Photo Credit: Fan Art

4.  Okay, so when Tyler came back from the other side, he was no longer a vampire. This raised all kinds of questions.  Would the journey back from the other side affect Stefan or Elena’s powers too? How will Tyler adjust to being back in werewolf-only mode? Will Caroline somehow convince Klaus to get him one of those moonlight rings (that is, after Klaus gets one as well)? (Another crossover opportunity!) Will Damon and Bonnie’s journey through the other side and back home somehow restore Tyler’s vampirism? Discuss.

Tyler and Caroline in "Home"

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries/The CW

5.  And, while I’m wondering about powers that have come and gone (and might come back again)…I want Bonnie to get to be a witch again. This whole being-the-anchor thing has been so hard to watch, and in the last few episodes, I found myself loving and respecting this character more than I ever had before. When Jeremy was calling her name, desperate to say good-bye…oh my goodness, my chin is quivering just thinking about it!  The poor girl needs something good to happen to her. I want her to have her powers back. She seemed so lost without them.

Bonnie Bennett gives Klaus a full blast of her powers in TVD Season 2

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries/The CW

So there, you have it, just a few of the things I’d love to see come October.  Which isn’t that far away, if you think about it.  Just imagine it…leaves falling off the trees, kids planning their trick-or-treats, and new episodes of TVD coming back into our weekly rotation where they belong.  And in the meantime, I’m here all summer to discuss our collective TVDPTSD. Hit me up on Twitter (@AlyssaSheinmel) or visit me at AlyssaSheinmel.com.

Second Star by Alyssa SheinmelAlyssa B. Sheinmel was born in Stanford, California and is a graduate of New York City’s Spence School and Barnard College. She now lives in New York City where she works in children’s book publishing. She is also the author of The Stone Girl and The Beautiful Between. As for her new YA book Second Star, it has been receiving tremendous praise, including this review by Anna Godbersen, bestselling author of The Luxe series: “Second Star is gorgeous: at once sun-soaked and haunted, elegant and strange. As perfect a book about loss, love, and California as I can imagine.” Order your copy of this dark-yet-magical beach read here!


  1. Ashley Said:

    I want to see Stephen. And Elena get back together. Lexi, Damon, and Bonnie to come back.

  2. Sacha Said:

    I don’t want Stefan and Caroline to get together.. I like them just being very good friends. I think it should stay that way. Not every friendship has to end in a relationship..
    I would like to see Caroline and Klaus together! (And see Klaus returning more often!)

    And of course I want Bonnie, Damon and Lexi to come back:)

  3. sunehree Said:

    i want Elena and Stefan to be together <3 STELENA <3

  4. Jennifer Said:

    I would like for Caroline and Tyler to restore their relationship on friendly terms rather than as a couple. I think Caroline and Stephan should remain just friends. I would like to see Caroline and Nicklaus as a couple. I want Bonnie to come back as the witch she is supposed to be. I want Damon back with Elana and Lexi together with Stephan. I don’t know what I want for Enzo. He is having so many dramatic issues going on inside of him.

  5. Lia Said:

    STELENA 100% !!!

    Caroline & Stephan should remain friends
    Bonnie = Witch
    Enzo … More of Enzo
    More of Matt <3

  6. Rachel Said:

    Did anyone notice that Damon was unable to lift the object that was on the Sheriff in the finale and he needed Alaric’s help???? Is Damon going to come back human ?? It is possible.

  7. Amber Said:

    Our wish lists match perfectly!!!!!!

  8. Aswathy Menon Said:

    Tyler stopped being a vampire due to the no magic spell.

  9. TEUPOO Said:

    J’aimerai voir héléna et damon ensemble caroline et klaus enfin lexi et stephan

  10. DELENA LOVE Said:

    Delena needs to get back in season 6!

  11. Lily Said:

    My wishlist for season 6:

    -BRING DAMON BACK (Bonnie as well. BUT FIRST DAMON!!)
    -Crossovers with The Originals *_*
    -Reunion of Delena ♥ It’s endgame guys, admit it!
    -I’m not sure about Steroline…but everything’s better than Stelena, that’s just over..I like Stefan, but him and Elena..no, it’s over…
    -Some funny scenes with ALARIC ♥ and Enzo :D
    -Let Matt survive, whatever will happen :D
    -Give Jeremy his girlfriend back, it’s not fair that he loses them everytime…

  12. Lauren Said:

    BRING DAMON BACK, Elena and Damon stay together,perhaps he comes back human!
    She’s Elena’s best friend she can not do that.
    We need more klaus. And most of all, I want Elena to be human !

  13. Reese Said:

    Stelena<3 im soo over delena I want the old elena back! More of enzo, Caroline an Tyler back together. Lexi, Damon, an Bonnie back but as a witch! I think the show should leave their original personalities the same for the most part not change them extremely I love the chatacters for their original characters, I love watching the old episodes but they all have changed too much esp Elena.

  14. Joy Said:

    I want to see Damon back with Elena, Bonnie with Jerr and would also like to see the orginals make some guess spots on the show as well. But I truly feel without Damon and Elena together the show won’t be any good.

  15. luckyld Said:

    bring Damon s. back the tv show vampire diaries won’t be the same without this vampire character !. ian somerhalder is Damon s. !!. he is the main good – bad vampire in mystic falls !.

  16. Karina Said:

    Stelena back toghether!

  17. Diana Blanaru Said:

    I just want Damon back and a really emotional Delena love story like it’s suppose to be. Refering at Caroline, I think that she could make a wonderful couple with Klaus or Enzo! And Bonnie should have finally her love story with Jeremy

  18. Lj Said:

    i want damon back as a vampire.
    i want to see dalaric n enzo together as frns.
    i want delena back together.
    i want bonnie to come back as a witch.
    i want steroline to b together.
    i want lexi, silas, katherine to come back.

  19. pinky Said:

    I want Damon back for season 6 buh should find happiness without Elena
    Stefan and Elena should be together <3
    Caroline with Tyler as Klaus is out of game.
    Bonnie and Jeremy should be together.
    Bring Jenna back n set it up with Alaric again plz

  20. Natasha Said:

    I would love to see Stelena back and an Originals cross over, I don’t think Steroline should be a thing because Stefan still loves Elena and Caroline is Elena’s best friend and that seems wrong to me! I’d love to see Bonnie, Damon and lexi back and alive! Although, I’ve heard that Lexi won’t be back apart from the occasional flash back.. But Delena needs to be over! They’ve had their turn and I’m getting bored of it, and I think a lot of other people are too..

  21. Paige Said:

    Ok Stefan and Caroline definitely don’t need to be together. Damon needs to come back and Bonnie needs to be a witch. And I’d honestly like Caroline to be with either klaus or Enzo.

  22. Sue Danacko Said:

    Damon and Elena to be together again spolu.Oni are amazing!!! Well just Delena <3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Damon is sexy! ♥ ☺ They must be together!! MUST!!!!!!!!!!!! DELENA<33 :-* ♥♥*

  23. Jane Leiper Said:

    I don’t mind what happens to the other characters but without Damon there is no Vampire Diaries :'(

  24. delenacrazyfan Said:

    I don’t give a damn about anything!!! I just want my DELENA back!!!! They’re perfect and the only reason I watch this show!!!!

  25. delenacrazyfan Said:


  26. stephanie Said:

    ,bring back DAMON on the sesason 6, because im not over for DELENA’s lovestory…elena and damon should be together otherwise TVD will never be exist in my collection…im a very great fan of this show and so the characters, s0o better bring back DAMON or i will never ever watch TVD…got it??

  27. ope Said:

    No vampire diaries without damon and bonnie. Bt I wnt every1 to move on and accept their deaths before they make a comeback. Thus setting up a sort of closeness between bonnie and damon. They look cool together, so donnie, steroline, jeremy and liv. Matt and elena cn gt new love intersts.

  28. Lil Said:

    end ships:
    Damon & Elena
    klaus & Caroline
    stefan & Katherine
    Jeremy & Anna
    Bonnie & ???? enzo?
    Elijah & Hailey
    Alaric & lexi
    Tyler & Rebecca
    and I hope bonnie gets her powers back and DAMON, katherine,lexi, Bonnie, and anna come back.
    I have a feeling that due to the death of damon, elena and stefan will both react in different ways. one of them will be focused on damon back and the other will go completely off the rails. ive heard rumors that elena might try to kill herself too.

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