Official Announcement: The Vampire Diaries Season 7 is a Go!

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 poster

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Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve come bearing incredible news today — The Vampire Diaries Season 7 is happening! It’s OFFICIAL! The CW recently posted an announcement declaring the return of our precious supernatural series. What does this mean for loyal fans worldwide? It means we’ve got the following things to look forward to: more Mystic Falls mayhem, more sizzling romances, new twists, and plenty of heartwarming Salvatore brother scenes. And we’re celebrating the good old fashioned way: with 20 entertaining Vampire Diaries fan-made GIFs.

Enjoy, sweethearts!

Let's get this party started!

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Did someone say season 7?!

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Elijah ripped out a few hearts in honor of this glorious occassion.

Jeremy's still in shock!

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Even sassy Kat's bee bopping!

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Damon's doing a happy dance!

Klaus is bringing out the bubbly! Nothing like fine champagne to savor delicious news!

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Is it just us, or is Bonnie just bursting with excitement?

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Tyler's not surprised. He knew season 5 was a shoo-in!

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Break it down, y'all!

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Caroline's just full of glee!

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Stelena rejoices the only way they know kisses!

Season 7?! Right on! Elena and Damon celebrate their own way...

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Bonnie looks super relieved! ('Express' yourself!)

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Woo woo! Party in the house!

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Ric's beaming with pure joy at the good news!

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Whoa there, Matt! Take it easy, buddy.

Damon and Stefan are overcome with emotion!

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Grinning from ear to to ear!

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Woohoo! We can’t wait to see what crazy twists and turns the future holds for the residents of Mystics Falls.

Now, we know that The Vampire Diaries Season 6 hasn’t ended yet, but we can’t help but wonder: Which character do you hope survives this year’s epic finale? Are you rooting for any specific hook ups? Also, which storylines do think The Vampire Diaries Season 7 should explore?  Let us know in the comments!

TVD airs Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW!


  1. Anonymous Said:

    Nooooooo pLease make damon and Elana stay together and stephan and coralline and bonnie back with jer

  2. yasmin Said:

    bonnie needs to come back and i think bonnie and Damon should be together

  3. steven Said:

    people lets not forget the show is about vampires,Damon needs to go on a killing spree and Elana needs to take her clothes of way more.

  4. TiaraTiaa Said:

    Please let Elena and Stefan get back together. Season 1&2 they were amazing and so cute, and Damon and Elena are always in disagreement. Stefan was the best thing for her, but that’s only my opinion

  5. JJ Said:

    Yayyy !!! :D

  6. Dawn Sanford Said:

    I want to see the Salvatore brothers have to keep The newest baby Hope Michaelson safe

  7. Theo Said:

    @Dawn Sanford Omg that would be so precious! :)

  8. sammy young Said:

    i think stefan and elena should get back together.. bonnie back with jeremy…and damon ……we all know what damon does,a serial killer.he is good at that.

  9. Angie Said:

    i’ve been watchin all those seasons over and over again.i think some blood and may be some evil people would be nice :P

  10. Anonymous Said:

    Bring back Klaus!!!!!! I know he has the originals but maybe a trip back to mystic falls would be best

  11. Margot Said:

    they should do a Originals and Vampire Diaries merge episode! Where the VD cast goes to New Orleans or vice versa! That would be epic and maybe it should be an hour long and count for both shows as a new episode

  12. Anonymous Said:

    Klaroline or Carenzo
    Bonnie to come back
    TVD/TO crossover episode
    More background for Enzo
    More background for Stefan and Damon
    And Katherine back!!

  13. farhana Said:

    we all know that want delena togather , slepping togather , have fun .we want steroline togather , more history flashback , we want carenzo moments , truth about the past of klous , we want the originals with the vd . and more evil in mystic falls .

  14. Hrudanand Said:

    Damon is……Damon he is always good in his way.He is perfect with any girl but Elena and stef must be together

  15. kaye Said:

    stefan and elena should be together,their love story is amazing they love each other in the beginning.please we missed stefan and elena being together.

  16. Kinsey Said:

    Stefan and Caroline all the way! They’re soul mates. :)

  17. Rahul Said:

    Stefan and Caroline will have to evolve their relationship & more evil mysteries and supernatural stuff would be better.

  18. Ameesha Said:

    I think Stephen and Elena should get back together and demon and bonnie should be together and Matt and that new girl Sarah should get together they really suit each other demon and elena are not right demon is a killer he is best at killing. Stephen and elena and their live for each other there are just no words to describe their love

  19. Anonymous Said:

    stefan and elena should be back together!

  20. Kayla Kashuba Said:

    Oh god! I am sooooo excited! I really hope Stefan and Caroline get the terms of their relationship down, I wanna know what this means for them! I love them together. I think Tyler or Matt are going to die on the season finale even though I really don’t want either of them too! Gah! Too stressful. Can’t wait to see what season 7 brings.. :)

  21. Mikaela Said:

    Elena and Stefan back together please!!!!!

  22. jade Said:

    I think that Damon and elena should stay together and Caroline and stefan and BONNIE should come back and get jer to come back which means they get back together, however klaus should come back then Caroline falls in love with klaus then stefan gets really angry kills klaus then Caroline goes on a killing spree and elena goes after Caroline and Damon starts getting worried because elena hadn’t called for a couple of days damon calls elijah to come help to find elena and Caroline and elijah helps Caroline get back on her feet, or that’s what you think elijah goes back on his word and kills Caroline stefan and elena go crazy mad and upset that they turn of there humanity damon then trys to help elena switch on her humanity but she doesn’t listen and there is a new Vampire character with elena falls for…

  23. Melitus Joy Said:

    please bring elena nd stefan back together.. I want klaus infact the originals back into play in the vampire diaries..

  24. karishma sayani Said:

    stefen elena
    damon bonnie
    klaus caroline(somehow would never happen lol)

  25. tinkh Said:

    Damon and Elena are the best thing im V.D. They are great.

  26. Camryn Said:

    At first, I couldn’t get over the fact that Stefan and Elena were no longer together. It broke my heart because I thought that they were epic and they were meant to be together. But then, damon and Elena grew on me. The connection between them was so much more than anyone else and it was amazing. So I became team delena instead of team stelena. I’m sticking by that decision and I hope that damon and elena stay together nomatter what.

  27. Stefan and elena.. Said:

    please, please, please…!!!!!! get elena nad stefan back together they were sooo qute and bonny and ger, and damon i dont know, but please elena nad stefan back!!

  28. Giselle Said:

    I’m really happy that there’s going to be a season 7, TVD is a show that
    i never get sick of, i watch the seasons over and over again.
    I understand why a lot of people want to see Stefan and Elena back
    Together but we never got to really enjoy Damon n Elena together..
    And their love story is beautiful, i would love if Elena could get
    All her memories of Damon back.
    Plus it wouldnt make sense for stephan and elena to get back
    together, because of season 5 ep. 18… Markos broke that bond or whatever.
    Damon n bonnie dont make sense together, them being bestfriends
    Is a much btr story.
    I would really like a season that covers werewolves
    and where they originated from.
    Thank u for the amazing show:)

  29. tvd fan 101 Said:

    Katherine must come back , stefan and caroline should just be FRIENDS. Damon or Stefan should get back with kat and that’s it. It would be interesting to see how she copes with basically losing everything how she’ll build her life again tvd is not the same without her .

  30. isabel Said:

    bring back stefan and elena.they look so sweet together.and damon and elena was ok but now it is just boring their relation.and more blood and horror please like in firs season it was more interesting.

  31. isabel Said:

    KLAUS and CAROLINE, definitly! caroline needs Klaus and they’re so cuute :3
    delena and stefan and Katherine! :)
    that’s my opinion…bonnie look cute with kai (I think)

  32. maryann Said:

    Kai and Bonnie should be together! I love Bonkai so much it drives me crazy!!

  33. Nick shukes Said:

    bonnie should get back to jeremy and elena to stephan.enzo stay with caroline

  34. Kiboi Jr Said:

    man.. I really love the DELENA thing…but since there is no more Jeremy.. I’d love to see Bonnie and Damon hook up!!!!! Team Delena though

  35. Vici Said:

    Damon and Elena ❤ Forever

    xoxo Bitches

  36. Vici Said:

    Bonnie is not good enough for Damon❤.
    Their just good friends and thats how it should stay.

    Sorry Bon ;8

  37. Haley Cochran Said:

    I think stelena should really get back together because they were just so cute together and I think that tyler should come back to town as well so him and caroline can get back together. Damon could find someone else instead of elena

  38. Kinnley Said:

    I think that Elena and Damon should both turn off their humanity… I want to see how they would do together if they both didn’t have their humanity. Like how in season 6, Stefan and Caroline try to kill each other, Damon and Elena should be opposite, they should team up and go on a killing spree.

  39. Kinnley Said:

    I have an awesome idea for season seven!!
    Baby hope from the originals should show up all alone but she’s older now, she is 8 years old, Elena temporarily adopts her to keep her safe, but she doesn’t know how powerful the child really is.. She is a three-way hybrid.. She is a witch, vampire and werewolf. The girl starts saying a bunch of crazy nonsense and nobody understands her. Elena just keeps taking care of her. The girl starts losing control of her witch powers, and Elena and Damon start to think she is only a witch so they get Bonnie to see if Bonnie can teach her how to use her powers. But soon the m girl starts losing control of her vampire side, she starts killing people, but she still has her humanity and she doesn’t mean to do smany of this. Then her werewolf side begins to show. Elena and Damon try to figure out what she is but can’t come up with an explanation, they try to help the girl but she ends up nearly killing one of them. It is very obvious that the girl is scared. She runs away one night, and the only clues to where she has gone are in her words that she said to people before she ran away. Later people find her trying to commit suicide, but before she can they save her. She spits it out that the reason she ran away from everybody, including her parents is because she didn’t want to hurt anybody. They ask her who her parents are and she tells them that her father is klaus michaelson…..

  40. Kinnley Said:

    P.S: if u think my idea about baby hope was a good idea plz email me? I just want to know if it’s good or not… THANKYOU

  41. alesha Said:

    I love this show, I’d like for it to keep going. Crossover with originals but most of all Elena and Stefan need to get back together!

  42. Olivia Said:

    Bonnie, elena and Caroline are leaving!

  43. Claudia Said:

    Stefan and elena need to get back together!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Mish Said:

    What i think is that Kai and Bonnie should be a thing…Tyler and Liv…Damon and Elena…and Stefan and Caroline…because they are all meant to be couples…oh and jeremy should be with sarah salvatore…

  45. Anonymous Said:


  46. Unknown Said:

    I think they should have a time jump you know instead of going to the past the skip a few years later that would be a great and interesting season

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