Vampire Bait of The Week: The Dancing Men of Magic Mike

Channing Tatum & Alex Pettyfer - Magic Mike StarsAfter Damon and Elena’s passionate kiss and Caroline and Tyler’s wild and sexy reunion on The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness, it’s safe to say that we’re feeling very hot and bothered a wee bit flustered. So, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to share even more delicious treats with you…sizzling pictures and footage of Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Rodriguez and True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello shaking their drool-worthy assets in The Magic Mike movie!

Known to many as “The Channing Tatum Stripper movie” (allegedly based on Channing’s own experience with turning bachelorette parties into epic affairs of lust and physical stirrings), Magic Mike boasts a star-studded cast of hunks and plenty of spectacular dance sequences. Although the trailer did make us cringe at certain parts with its cheesiness and shameless misuse of Rihanna’s hit “We Found Love” — and the cliche-filled dialogue leaves much to be desired (TVD’s rich stories have certainly spoiled us) — we still can’t help but feel a delightful tingle in our hearts each time we hit the replay button. Plus, it’s not like Magic Mike is aiming to be an Oscar contender — it just wants to bless audiences with a steamy, good time! And judging by Matthew McConaughey’s leather cowboy ensemble, Matt Bomer’s luscious blue eyes, Channing Tatum’s pop and lock swagger and scenes filled to the brim with Hollywood’s hottest abs, we’re betting that major fun will be had by all!

Watch the Magic Mike preview trailer and check out images of the hunky cast below!

Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum chat over drinks.

Rock hard bodies like these deserve to become the 8th and 9th world wonders!

Is it just us or is it getting hot up in this joint?!

Who needs a shirt when you've got a great tie.

Matthew McConaughey gets all patriotic.

Adam Rodriguez and Joe Manganiello feel the beat!

We don't think anyone would object to being handcuffed by Alex Pettyfer at a party...

So much eye candy we don't know which stud to drool over first!

The best sort of camo is a bare naked set of abs.

Matt Bomer works hard for the hard for it honey!

Channing Tatum goes on a shirt protest.

A man who can properly booty tooch is a winner in our eyes.

He got dem moves like Jagger yo!

Ride 'em, cowboy!

Are you planning on seeing this saucy flick? Which of the super fine men from Magic Mike are you most excited to see shirtless and dancing up a storm on stage?! Tell us in the comments and nominate a Vampire Bait honoree for next week’s edition!


  1. Taliyah mitchell Said:

    Sexiness ever lasting

  2. Taliyah mitchell Said:

    Please lord we need you I’m about to die because I don’t think I can handle the sexiness

  3. Theo Said:

    @Taliyah Mitchell LMAO! Your comments are killing me!

  4. kim campbell Said:

    I will love to see magic mike in person if only for one night love the Boby and wine that he does

  5. kim campbell Said:

    Just want to see magic mike in person love that boby the way he dance makes me wet I just need one night with him

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