Vampire Diaries Doppelganger Alert: Ian Somerhalder and Rob Lowe

Is it just us or is looking at Rob Lowe like getting a sneak peek at what Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder in twenty years?

Ian Somerhalder and Rob Lowe

Photo Credit: Splash News

With their raven hair, piercing blue eyes and chiseled jaws, Ian and Rob are hands down two of Hollywood’s most handsome men. Obviously though, Rob has a two decade head start on the 2011 Green Game Changer…so, technically, he and Ian aren’t exactly “doppelgangers.” Rob and future Ian definitely are though! (Damn! Ian is going to age well!)

What do you think? Is Ian a mini Rob Lowe? Are there any other celebrities out there who resemble this TVD hunk? List your Ian Somerhalder doppelganger sightings below!


  1. ricki grelk Said:

    Damon is way hotter though!

  2. VampireRed Said:

    They look nothing alike!! And you got one thing right Ian Somerhalder is WWWAAAAAYYYYY hotter!!

  3. misskitty Said:

    Ian is soooooo much hotter

  4. RJ Said:

    Initially I thought it was Rob Lowe and that he was a real vampire by which time has not passed

  5. isha Said:

    NO no no..did i mention NO :)Rob Lowe is wonderful,but Ian doesn’t look like Mr.Lowe..Ian has beautiful light brown hair and his lips and eyes are different..everything’s different!

  6. Andrew Lacey Said:

    I’m Going To Too Say Between Chase Crawford Or Rob Lowe To-Be A Father Of Damon As Well As A Doppelgangers Also To Come In To Look For Silas & Amara

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