Vampire Diaries Look of the Week: Caroline Forbes’ Girly Style

Damon Salvatore has a sassy nickname for practically every Vampire Diaries character, and it’s no sheer coincidence that Caroline Forbes was crowned Vampire Barbie. Caroline is the epitome of a fashion doll, and she loves showing off her fun and girly outfits around town and/or during a vampire versus werewolf showdown.

Check out our favorite Caroline Forbes looks from TVD Seasons 1 through 3 below!

Queen of Accessories

Despite the blood smeared across her pretty face, Caroline's outfit is picture-perfect. Her glamorous, chiffon scarf and leather belt definitely add pizzazz to her overall look!

Lady in Red

Vampire Barbie slipped on silky, smooth dress for TVD homecoming. The red wine color captures Caroline's classic femininity to a tee!

Jackie O-nista

Caroline throws it back to the 1960s with this sophisticated and classic ensemble. She definitely knows to work a tailored suit and add her own girlish flair to it!

Into the Woods

Watch out, Tyra Banks, because a super fierce vampire is strutting her way through the woods! Despite roughing it with a hike, Caroline manages to stay pretty with rosy pants, pink short, and fitted Floral Moto Denim Jacket from Top Shop!

What do you love most about Caroline’s style? Tell us in the comments and/or chat fashion in the Vampire Diaries viewers lounge!


  1. Teah Jackson Said:

    Caroline and Klaus are or would be an epic couple. Look at the 101 resons Caroline and Klaus should be together.

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  3. Eduardo Said:

    Caroline minha vampira preferida adoro ela *-*

  4. sara Said:

    Caroline is beatiful and so sweety!

  5. Bianca Hercules Said:

    I like Caroline. She was a bitch in the beginning of “The Vampire Diaries”, but then she changed. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bianca Hercules Said:

    I think that Caroline and Stefan should be together. They are as good a couple as Damon and Elena. I’ve been waiting for them to kiss since Season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They finally kissed two seasons later!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Natalie Said:

    I don’t understand why people are being so rude about the show? Especially when half of you can’t even spell most of their names or basic spelling. It’s not about Ian somerhalder, they are both above that childishness! It’s a shame but I’m sure the story will still be epic of the salvatore brothers!

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