Vampire Diaries Music Monday Playlist: Songs from “Homecoming”

My Morning Jacket on The Vampire Diaries

Photo Credit: My Morning Jacket

It’s Monday, and you all know what that means –- more tunes from The Vampire Diaries! And get excited because this week’s playlist is chock full of songs by My Morning Jacket, the awesome band that Tyler Lockwood hired to play at his Papa Original’s “wake” (after he so conveniently flooded the school gym at Klaus’s request). So whip out those mp3 players and get ready to add a savory TVD playlist to your week.

Tune into this week’s Vampire Diaries playlist based on songs from “Homecoming”:

  1. Free Like You Make Me” by Cary Brothers: Plays while Rebekah and Elena talk (before Elena literally stabs her in the back).
  2. Don’t Stop (Bit Funk Remix)” by Only Children: Plays while Tyler and Caroline are glittering up a van and he tells her that they should go grab some “lunch” (aka feed on a human).
  3. You Wanna Freak Out” by My Morning Jacket: Plays when Tyler tells Stefan that “it’s not a party, it’s a wake.”
  4. First Light” by My Morning Jacket: Plays when Elena tells Matt to not raise Caroline’s suspicions at the party.
  5. Holdin On to Black Metal” by My Morning Jacket: Plays when Klaus reveals to Tyler that he’s invited some hybrid homies to the party.
  6. The Day Is Coming” by My Morning Jacket: Plays when Klaus approaches Elena at the party and points out that she’s nervous.

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Which track from “Homecoming” are you obsessed with? Tell us your favorite Vampire Diaries track from this week’s episode in the comments!


  1. Ahmad Said:

    well 4 me i think,holdin on to black matal was the best in that episode.

  2. 1 Said:


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  4. faith mwagale Said:

    I love u guys a great deal you do an awesome job btw am a very huge fan of you guys from Uganda but really you make my days bright. I love you so so so much.

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