Vampire Diaries Music Monday: Songs from Episode 3.12, “The Ties That Bind”

The Boxer Rebellion was one of the many awesome bands featured on the Vampire Diaries music playlist for episode 3.12.Episode 3.12 of The Vampire Diaries was chock full of intensity and heartbreak. From Elena telling Stefan about her steamy porch kiss with Damon to Bonnie reuniting with her long-lost mother, “The Ties That Bind” took viewers on an unforgettable emotional journey. Along with its share of triumphs and supernatural shockers — including hybrid reconditioning and Elijah stopping by to bid Klaus a “pleasant” evening — TVD episode 3.12 featured a steady stream of soul-stirring songs!

Tune into this week’s Vampire Diaries music playlist based on songs from “The Ties That Bind” below!

  • Code Red” by The Boxer Rebellion: Plays while Dr. Fell and Alaric are enjoying lunch at the Mystic Grill, and when Damon talks to Ric after Meredith leaves.
  • Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys: Plays while Klaus listens to the song at the Salvatore mansion while conversing with Stefan.
  • Money Saves” by Delta Spirit: Plays when Damon interrupt’s Alaric’s workout to tell him that Meredith vervained him and stole his blood.
  • Rewind (Acoustic)” by Diane Birch: Plays when Stefan essentially apologizes to Elena for kidnapping her and for all the terrible things he’s done in an attempt to get back at Klaus. It also plays while Bonnie’s mom reveals she wants to get her powers back.

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Which track from episode 3.12 stood out for you? Name your favorite Vampire Diaries music moment in the comments!


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