Vampire Diaries Music Playlist: Songs from TVD Episode 3.07, “Ghost World”

"Ghost World"--LtoR: Nina Dobrev as Elena, Paul Wesley as Stefan, and Matt Davis as Alaric (back to camera) on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW. Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries continued its steady streak of mind-blowing surprises with a blast-from-the-pastepisode.” “Ghost World” welcomed back some much beloved characters –in Casper-ish form of course. Some ghosts returned for closure and some for redemption. And the only thing that seemed to warm the chilly ghost air was a stream of nostalgic beats! Find out which song played during each emotionally stirring scene!

Tune into this week’s Vampire Diaries playlist based on songs from TVD episode 3.07:

  1. Changing” by The Airborne Toxic Event: Plays when Mrs. Lockwood speaks to the Night of Illumination volunteers.
  2. Fever Dreams” by Nurses: Plays when Jeremy searches for Anna at the ‘Night Of Illumination’ gathering.
  3. This Woman’s Work” by Greg Laswell: Plays when all the ghosts, including Lexi, Anna and Pearl return to the “other side.”
  4. Come On, Come On” by Michael Johns & The Ontic: Plays when Lexi tells Elena she can help out with Stefan and Mason asks Damon for an apology.
  5. Hitchhiker” by Empires: Plays when Jeremy and Anna meet in the restroom at the Mystic Grill.
  6. In Front of You” by Quiet Kind: Plays at the end of the episode, when Stefan and Elena are alone in the prison.

Tune in to the haunting cover of “This Woman’s Work” (also a Kate Bush classic just like the song from the Vampire Diaries pilot) below:

Which song from “Ghost World” was your absolute favorite? Cast your vote in the comments and tune in for an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries this Thursday at 8/7 c!


  1. aaclass Said:

    “This Woman’s Work” by Greg Laswell … yeah , I am first one to coment. :)
    I favourite this song since it ‘s beautiful and the moment the song was palyed was good too… I mean it was hard for Anna to let go Jeremy, but she found her mother, i love that moment besides it was sad to say goodbye to Lexi , but she was set free from her duty… “Ripper detox 101″ … i love that frase. :)

  2. Claudia Said:

    This Woman’s Work” by Greg Laswell i LOVED this song when i heard it on the show i was like YES!! :D They have good taste in music. It was really heart-warming when Anna let go of Jeremy and then when she thought she was all alone again she sees her mom and that was just so sweet of the producers to do that. It made you really understand how alone you are when you’re a ghost.

  3. aaclass Said:

    Claudia, coudn’t agree with you more,
    i was waiting till i will hear this song again. :)

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