Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler: Will Caroline and Klaus Dance The Night Away Again?

Caroline and Klaus - "Dangerous Liaisons"

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Want to spoil your Vampire Diaries appetite — just a teensy weensy bit? (Psst. We won’t tell anyone if you’d like to bite into delicious nibblet of insider info!) Well, if you do, we’ve got the perfect Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler treat for you to enjoy courtesy of Matt Webb Mitovich over at TVLine!

When an avid Vampire Diaries fan (and apparent Carolaus shipper) wrote in to inquire about the state of Caroline and Klaus‘ seemingly fragile love affair, Matt went straight to a reliable source — TVD executive producer Julie Plec — for the scoop! And although Julie couldn’t reveal too much about their potential romance, she did offer this juicy nugget of info:

“Klaus definitely presents a seductive allure for Caroline, but she claims her heart belongs to Tyler — and in Episode 20, at the school’s decade dance, we’ll see that put to the test.”

Whoa whoa whoa. As we revealed earlier, this year’s Vampire Diaries decade dance is actually a Roaring 20s theme — full of luxe fashion and stunning visuals. And now we have a sexy relationship predicament involving Caroline, Klaus and Tyler to look forward to? Color us excited for sure!

Are you excited to learn that Tyler could potentially return on episode 20 of The Vampire Diaries or are you hoping Klaus sweeps Caroline off her feet at the dance? Leave your feedback below and chat more Vampire Diaries spoilers in the viewers lounge!


  1. Susy Said:

    I’m rooting for Klaus to sweep Caroline off her feet, since their chemistry is undeniable. Plus, I think Caroline can bring out that caring side that Klaus seems to have but tries so hard to hide. From the scoops I’ve read, there will be a hybrid showdown between Klaus and Tyler- so this is going to be juicy indeed!

  2. Keyra007 Said:

    I like Klaus with Caroline, I love their chemistry and she’s already bringing out the best of him. Could anyone imagine Klaus drawing Caroline? I was blown away when I saw that! I think he can have true feelings for her, but he’s so changeable and dangerous. How can any girl hang out with him quietly? Anyway, if there’s a girl able to catch Klaus, that’s Caroline! One week to TVD…

  3. Regina Said:

    im against anything klaus. So im totally against klaus and caroline together. Im still rooting for tyler.

  4. Susy Said:

    @Keyra007, @Arwen1, and all TVD fans- go to vampirediaries and read the synopsis for an upcoming episode! OMFG! It is going to rock our world!

  5. Marie Said:

    I’m TOTALLY in love with Klaus and I ABSOLUTELY adore Caroline so I can’t wait for them to have more scenes together. With the chemistry, their style, … They’re gonna be awesome!! Sorry Tyler, I love you man but Klaus has his british accent and his charism working for him… ;-)

  6. Keyra007 Said:

    @Susy, you mean episode 18 synopsis? Heartbreaking moment between Stefan and Elena? BBL

  7. Susy Said:

    @Keyra007, yes! Rebekah tortures Damon! That skank- somebody needs to stake that sorry bitch!
    That heartbreaking moment between Stefan and Elena? I’ve been thinking- I read somewhere that we’ll see the accident where the Gilberts died. I was wondering since Stefan “saved” Elena from the accident- could it be that he CAUSED the accident in the first place and that is why he saved Elena? Out of guilt?! Wouldn’t that be a serious twist? The ultimate end of Stelena! What do you think?

  8. Keyra007 Said:

    @Susy, that would be a definitive twist for Stelena. Too tragic I guess… I doubt the writers are so brave as to lead Epic Stelena to that point. And if they do it to take Elena back to Damon’s arms again, I don’t want it. I want Elena to choose Damon over Stefan because she truly loves him and acknowledges all the good that’s in him, everything he’s done for her. And I don’t want to see her running to Damon just because she finds out her Epic love killed her parents.

    Do you really think the writers will be able to turn St. Stefan into a bad guy by killing Elena’s parents? St. Stefan had a justification for being a ripper, he has got an excuse for making every bad thing in his whole life since there’s no way Stefan can be a bad guy, so I doubt the writers take him there.

    Anyway, if it happened as you predict, I’m sure that Elena, the Queen of compassion (at least with Stefan) would find a way to forgive him.

    Going to bed…

  9. Susy Said:

    @Keyra007, I was just throwing that idea out there. I too want Elena to choose Damon out of real love for him and all he has done for her. I want Elena and Damon together because they love each other completely, not as a consolation for Elena losing Stefan. Besides,it would be the cruelest thing for Elena to have loved her parents’ killer. But this is TVD- expect the unexpected; more twists/turns than anything imaginable! I hope I’m wrong, but it would be the “shock fans to the core” twist no one would expect!
    Thinking back from the beginning of the show, when Stefan met Elena- did he tell her right away that he’d been the one to “save” her? No, he didn’t, yet the opening “I have to know her”? Why? We assumed it was the resemblance to Katherine- what if it is something else? Guilt over the accident? Elena lost her parents over the summer and she met Stefan that fall. Coincidence? I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see!

  10. Keyra007 Said:

    @Susy, But Stefan was almost a saint when he met Elena, he controlled his bad instincts and was on bunny diet, I mean what would be the point for Stefan to provoke a car crash to Elena’s parents with her inside the car? wouldn’t it be too risky?

    If he indeed provoked the car crash to get rid of Elena’s parents, that would be awfully cruel, unforgivable. Stefan is like the spoiled child for the writers, I can’t imagine they take him to that edge.

    Anyway, Stefan met Elena at the school, he really didn’t have to get rid of her parents to meet her and, like you said, since TVD started we’re being told that Stefan wanted to meet Elena because of her resemblance to Katherine. It does make sense. I actually would love that you were right and they showed Stefan’s real evil nature (for once, he would be a true villain)but I doubt the writers take that way.

  11. Keyra007 Said:

    @Susy, I use to lurk in a TVD forum, there’s a girl posting over there who is a friend of someone working in TVD’s set, she’s been commenting in the forum for a time so I think she’s reliable, she just posted this yesterday SPOILER 3×16 “but I can tell you its a good episode for Damon and Damon/Stefan.. DE do share a scene at the beginning.. and Elena confesses to Matt about her feelings for Damon” O_O hope it’s true!

  12. Susy Said:

    @Keyra007, about causing the accident, I meant Stefan might have been looking for prey- one of his “weak” moments where he gave in to his lust for human blood- not intentionally. I didn’t mean to imply that he killed her parents in order to meet her- that would be to morbidly sadistic. But I question why he pretended not to know her- why not tell her he’d saved her life? Who knows? Maybe he wanted Elena to not feel indebted to him for saving her life.
    Go to,, and they have the scoop on “1912” and upcoming episodes. On, they even suggest there might be a “third choice” for Elena. I’m also following Ian and Julie Plec on twitter. Ian is doing a GQ photo shoot. Julie said she will be writing the last script for TVD season 3- where “her heart will break a little”- I wonder what that means?! Write back after you’ve had a chance to read the articles.

  13. Keyra007 Said:

    @Susy, ” I question why he pretended not to know her” That’s a good point! If he had introduced to her as her saviour, it would have made things easier. I don’t get it… maybe we should watch the pilot again… vomiting.

    After reading quite a good bunch of articles and scoops, we can figure that some Delena goodness is coming up. Thanks God. It’s understandable, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise, after all the time they’ve been building up such a wonderful bonding. Also, there’s a lot of unresolved sexual tension between these two…

    A third choice for Elena can be, either remaining single and going to Europe, away from the Salvatores, like she teased yesterday hehe or Matt, I can’t think of anybody else. But Matt is not a solid option, nothing to do against the Salvatores… Matt can be an amazing friend but not her boyfriend. Sometimes they throw us hints or possible twists just to make our brains spin… what do you think?

  14. Keyra007 Said:

    Hmmmm I forgot Julie’s comment. If Julie is, indeed a Stelena fan, it’s amazingly good that she says “her heart will break a little” :D isn’t it? However, Julie as a producer shouldn’t ship neither team, she is supposed to be neutral, so that hint can go both ways but I’m more inclined to think it goes for Stelena. They can’t pick Stelena and repeat over and over their cheesy scenes, it would kill the show. Now it should be time for Delena… or for Elena to remain single, would that break a little Julie’s heart?

  15. Susy Said:

    @Keyra007, I agree that as the producer Julie has to remain neutral,but even she has to spice things up- what better way than Delena? Ha ha!
    About the third option/choice, I agree it’s not Matt- next to the Salvatores? No contest! Matt can be a good friend, but not boyfriend. Elena would walk all over him- like she has done with Stefan. She needs a man who loves her, but who can also be firm when he says “no”! Damon is that man- no doubt about it! But the third choice? I’d say Elijah, who is very similar to Damon in his ability to say no when it is necessary!

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