Music from The Originals Season 1, Episode 3: “Tangled Up in Blue”

A playlist featuring all the songs from The Originals Season 1 episode that aired on The CW on October 15, 2013.

Camille, Rebekah, and Klaus in Tangled Up in Blue - The Originals Season 1 Episode 3What happened at Marcel’s fancy masquerade ball in The Originals episode titled “Tangled Up in Blue?” We came. We saw. We danced. And, yes, Camille called Rebekah the “b” word, Marcel banished Thierry to “The Garden,” and Klaus snapped a witch’s pretty little neck. Oh, and the mayor came to check out the action! Overall, the event was a success as far as supernatural soirees go. Best of all, aside from getting to ogle vamps in suits, we were treated to some soul-stirring songs! The beautiful music from The Originals Season 1, Episode 3 just gave and gave until it could not give anymore, and we were left emotionally spent by the end of the night.

Find out what gorgeous, unforgettable tracks were played at the fang-filled gala and in the mean streets of New Orleans in the full playlist below!
“Long Way from Home” by The Heavy: Plays while Sabine led a tour group around the French Quarter and Marcel gets fitted in his suit.

“From the Night” by Richard Boulger: This little number is what Thierry was toot-toot-tooting on his trumpet. The song made Marcel swoon and forced Klaus to roll his eyes.

“I Need You, Baby” by Eddie Kirkland: Plays while Rebekah hits up Rousseau’s to schmooze with Camille and to invite her to Marcel’s masquerade ball.

“Mercy” by Hurts: Plays when all of Marcel’s party guests makes their way into grand hall.

“Raise the Dead” by Rachel Rabin: Plays while Marcel and Rebekah chat at the ball and Klaus and Camille observe them with great interest.

“Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Rey: Plays while Marcel slow-dances with Camille and Rebekah and Klaus watch them with jealous eyes.

“A Case For Shame (feat. Cold Specks)” by Moby: Plays while Thierry tries to explain why he killed one of Marcel’s vampire minions. However, Marcel doesn’t care. He sentences him to 100 years in The Garden.

“Grow” by Rae Morris: Plays when Klaus spots Camille enjoying a beer by her lonesome, utters some lovely things about broken hearts and broken trust, and then compels her to forget seeing Marcel’s aggressive side.

Which of these romantic songs from The Originals episode 1.03 made you feel light-headed? Hit the comments to let us know which music moment was your favorite by far!


  1. Ana Rivera Said:

    Omg…my fave show!! Luv the music….its the best!!

  2. Pixipi Said:

    Had to buy ‘Raise the Dead’, best 99pence(Sterling) I’ve ever spent!!! Would never have found it without you so thank you =) =)

  3. Theo Said:

    @Pixipi No problem! The music on this show is just amazing, isn’t it?

  4. bob Said:

    Thx for the links. Musics for this episode were really nice.

  5. Damon Said:

    Keep up the great work guys!!

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